Pre-birthday Shoot and Family Pictorial Experience at iBaby Photography

I love pictures. I always like the feeling of looking back to old photos and reminiscing the past, especially the good ones! I also love how the technology evolved in the past years. When I was still a child, we are mostly anxious when using the traditional camera because the film shots are limited. But now, we should give thanks to digital age. We can already shoot a thousand photos and keep them in our storage devices. If it’s blurry, we can just delete it and take another shot. Unlike before, every shot must be picture perfect so as not to waste the film. Oh, those days… Hihi

My love for taking snapshots grew, even more, when I gave birth to my son, Gabriel. I wanted to capture every smile, every laugh and every milestone he will achieve. I even got myself a 2nd hand smartphone that takes photos as fast as possible (some phones have delays in capturing photos) so I am sure that I am documenting my son’s life as much as possible through photos.

He looks like a shawarma here! Haha!


My first born is about to turn 1 year old in less than a month from now. Though I am not emotionally ready for it, I have to swallow in the truth that I will be having a toddler soon enough than I have thought. He’s even so playful and malikot already!

As I have originally planned, I searched for businesses that offer Baby and Family Portrait Photography Services. I want Gabriel to have his pre-birthday shoot and I also want us to have our first ever formal family photo that is worth hanging on the walls of our humble home. As much as I love pictures, I am a no pro when it comes to taking snapshots of it. I have to avail a professional service so we can have great photos!

Good thing, I chance upon a comment thread in one of the mommy support groups in Facebook wherein a mommy is recommending iBaby Photography in Parañaque for professional Photography Services. I immediately searched them on Facebook and saw beautifully captured photos of cute little babies! Aside from Baby Photography, they also specialize in Family Portraits so I availed their iLike Package that includes both.

iBaby Photography is a business of two mothers who are also the photographers. I was like – “wow! It’s great to have met two super woMOMs here!”. I really admire their perseverance in growing their humble business, which turns out to be their hobby-siness (hobby plus business). Another wow factor for me. I like meeting people who pursue their dreams and earn money out of it. It’s like never having to work a day in their lives because they simply love what they are doing! I wish I can also do the same. Maybe soon! Hihi

Anyway… On the day of the pictorial session, we went to their home studio because I don’t want an outdoor shoot in this kind of blazing hot weather. Good thing, their home studio is just nearby our home and we didn’t have a hard time going to their place.

Come the pictorial session time… I didn’t know that it will be that hard to have a baby pictorial! Now I know why some Baby Photography Services are costly. I thought it was just a snap and print session. But NO. I, together with the two Mommy photographers, were making this silly pabebe voices and I almost have danced just to make Gabriel laugh or smile. He’s even irritable at first as he might not be used to the place and people he was seeing. He wouldn’t let go of me even though there are teddy bears and toys around him. Boy, it really was very hard! Have I known it, I should’ve eaten a lot of meal before the appointment because I feel drained right after our pictorial! I have almost lost my patience. We only have a limited time in the studio and Gabriel was not that cooperative. It’s not how I pictured it in my mind. But Mommy Brenda and Mommy Nica were very, very patient! Well, I guess they are really professional baby photographers as they are used to handling situations like this. 🙂 Kudos to them! (It somehow comforted me that Gabriel’s attitude on the day of the shoot is even better than the other babies. Some were even fuzzy ALL THE TIME of the pictorial. Whew!)

In spite of Gabriel’s not so good mood, they were able to take very nice angles and snapshots of him. When I received the 1st 10 photos of my baby and the 3 of us, I felt kilig and once again, very much in love! My son is also very adorable in his solo sessions!

Gabriel pre-birthday photoshoot at iBaby Photography's Home Studio
My adorable cutie patootie showing his 4 front teeth!!

I chose the Bear Theme for my Gabriel. He is sooooo cute here!! And here’s another one:

Gabriel pre-birthday photoshoot at iBaby Photography's Home Studio
I just love this little man very, very much!


And for the family portrait, we chose the Formal Theme.

Gabriel pre-birthday photoshoot at iBaby Photography's Home Studio
A candid shot of full of LOVE. #LaFamiliaAdriano


Gabriel pre-birthday photoshoot at iBaby Photography's Home Studio
#LaFamiliaAdriano happy family!!!


Those are just some of our photos taken last April 10. It is a really nice experience and pictorial with the iBaby team. They are nice and accommodating even at the time that we are exchanging Facebook messages and emails for my inquiries.

If you are a Mommy who is also planning to have a baby photo shoot, maternity shoot, a family pictorial or an event photo coverage (for birthdays or baptism celebrations), I highly recommend iBaby Photography. They have several packages to offer which includes an indoor or an outdoor shoot.

It was indeed a pleasant experience for me and family. Thanks a lot to them for capturing my son’s pa-cute and smiling face.

For inquiries, you may visit their:

Facebook Page:


You may also reach them at
Contact Numbers: 0925-7203070 / 0917-5152884




  1. Wow cute pictures. Baby pictorials were not yet “uso” when my boys were still babies and sadly they don’t have any, but we did took lots of pictures and videos of them growing up. We even thought their yaya’s to use cameras to take photos of our dear boys when hubby and I are at work. My hubby burned select photos and videos of the boys in CDs and view these as a family every so often.

  2. I love the candid shot out of all the photos. Family portraits are really great for home displays. Advanced Happy Birthday to your little boy!

  3. Kat | Petite Momma

    Such a beautiful family! 🙂 We are also planning to have our family portrait taken soon. We don’t have yet a decent picture together with our bunso.. Advanced happy birthday to your little angel! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, you should have a potrait with your family and hang it on the walls of your home. 🙂

  4. Oh, these are lovely photos! These should be printed. 😀 Advance happy birthday to your son! Mine’s about to turn 2 next month as well.

    1. Oh thank you. Advanced happy birthday to your son as well. I’m actually excited to have the printed photos and hang it on our wall. 🙂

  5. interesting! Even after 5 kids, hindi pa namin na expereince mag pa pictorial 🙂 will keep ibaby photography in mind if ever 🙂

    advance Happy Birthday to your baby 🙂

  6. Me too I love pictures! All the iphone pics of my twins, I have them printed. We were also lucky that I won from Blogapalooza 2014 and we got a free family pictures from Imagine Nation Photography! Love the pictures!

    1. Oh nice! Ang swerte mo naman that you have won the raffle. Sobrang bihira ako mabunot or mapili sa mga raffle.

  7. Oh I’m familiar with iBaby. I interviewed them for Smart Parenting last year. They’re one of the most reliable baby photography studios in Manila. Love your photos!

    1. Wow! Really? I am amazed with how humble they are saka super nice talaga sila. I agree that they are very reliable and professional. 🙂

  8. Happy birthday to the little boy. I once believed that photoshoots are a waste of money. I could always do the shoot myself was my reason. But when we chance upon a photo shop and saw cute portraits of babies, I was enticed to try it. Now, i find photoshoots not a waste but investments. Surely we will have one before my baby turns one this August.

  9. Love the photos. I have never tried getting photo services such as iBaby since my brother is a photographer himself (though more on wedding photos and vids, moving to documentaries up north). But given his tight schedule, it was really hard to schedule a shoot for my little boy. 🙂

    1. Oh! You’re lucky you have a family relative who’s a photographer. It means discounted prices of his packages or may be free pa nga hihi

  10. den

    Your baby is so gwapo and his smile is super adorable. 🙂 You have a beautiful family! Advance Happy Birthday to your little one!

    1. Thank you!! Kinilig ako when you said he’s so gwapo. 😀

  11. We love taking pictures and you’re right you can easily delete and retake pictures.

  12. Great shots, definitely a must-hang on the wall! 🙂
    We haven’t tried a formal photoshoot session with the kids yet. I don’t know how they’d like it if someone else is taking photos of them I tend to do my own photography kasi. The problem with that though is it’s always of them and no family photo. Hehe.

    1. Yun nga eh. Yung phone ko din 95% are my baby’s photos. Ganun na yata talaga pag nanay na hihi

  13. rollcoastermom

    Really great pictures! We don’t have a decent family photo yet that we can hang. When our fourth child is born later this year, I’m gonna schedule a session with iBaby. I love that they’re just right here in Paranaque. 🙂

    1. Yes. Their home studio is in Merville lang. Plus game na game din sila sa outdoor shoot. Professional and nice pa. 🙂

  14. Ayi

    Simple but nice pictures 🙂 We don’t have a family portrait for now. Hopefully soon 🙂

  15. Hi Mommy Michelle, I love your blog! You share a piece of your world or knowledge in a nice and unique way. Keep it up, I’d love to come back!

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