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Behind The Scenes Of A WAHM’s Life

I can’t believe I’ve been a work-at-home mom for more than 8 months now. It seems to me that it was just a week ago only when I resigned from my corporate work.

No, I don’t miss it at all. I love the choice that I made. But truth be told, sometimes I would find myself staring, if not at my peacefully sleeping child’s face, well… at the walls of our home thinking of all the possibilities of the path I’ve chosen to take on.

For quite some time, my WAHM life has been satisfying and overwhelming. Satisfying – because I get to do other household chores instead of being stuck in the carmageddon of Manila. Overwhelming – because the list of my To Do’s doesn’t seem to wane. Hahaha!

The WAHM life is what I’ve always really wanted ever since I became a mom. When I was still working in the corporate office, I would be reading WAHM’s blogs and feel envious that they get to live their life as a mom fully while pursuing their careers at home. And of course, being able to pour their hearts out on their blogs like it’s already a lifestyle. While I, stuck in the traffic for almost 2-3 hours (that’s usually a one-way trip only) and dreaming that I could be spending those hours into something more productive instead (like writing on my blog or cooking for dinner), or cuddling with my little one.

The idea of being a full-time working mom at home was so enticing to me. And a lot of working in the office moms, if not all, are also dreaming about that kind of life. So I pushed through with it and took the risk. Because after all, I do believe in my capabilities and that I know I will be able to find something that will let me also earn for the family even though I am just at home.


And yet here I am. At home for most of the time. Still tired. Still unable to tick off everything I listed on my daily planner. Still unable to finish a blog draft without being interrupted by my toddler, or just because I am simply uninspired to write anything just because I am too exhausted already.

Most WAHMs highlight the benefits of living this kind of life as if it’s the way to live. But only a few have shared the real deal about being one.


Don’t get me wrong. I love this life! I wouldn’t want to trade it for anything else right now. But sometimes, it can get too overwhelming that I end up crying because of exhaustion. It happens. It’s the reality.

WAHM life is beautiful, yet not all the time glamorous.

I remember the feeling of envy I used to feel for other WAHMs and how I wished I was able to live that kind of life. How fearless those WAHMs for exchanging the stability and security of their office work life with the uncertainty of working remotely at home. The endless possibilities of earning bigger money through freelancing… The idea of being able to accomplish a lot more things with more time being spent at home has a big impact for someone like me who has a lot of ideas and a long list of To Do’s.

Until the time that I’ve finally decided to take on this path. I remember how happy I was that there’s no room for any negativity in my mind. Yet, after some time, I’ve realized that this life wasn’t too different to the life I used to have when I was still working in the corporate office. Right now, I think the only difference is that I am not enduring the long hours of being stuck in the traffic. I thought I would be able to have more time for myself and for my blog and be able to take care of the family, too, while also working and building a career at home. But no. I can’t even finish a blog draft because I am too tired or uninspired to do so. I can’t even shower for more than 5 minutes, max! I can’t even go out of the house for a quick mani-pedi session! Lol.


I get tired, too.

Most people see us, WAHMs and SAHMs as the lucky ones because we get to just stay at home like we’re doing nothing. Honestly, I used to have that kind of thinking, too. That somehow, the WAHMs/SAHMs are so lucky they have more time to relax after accomplishing the things they have to do. That they don’t have to battle the everyday traffic and cross the flooded roads whenever it’s rainy season. (I’m so sorry, fellow WAHMS/SAHMs!)

But that kind of thinking changed when I finally had the chance to fit into their shoes. Whether you’re a WAHM, a SAHM, or a work-in-the-office mom, the level of exhaustion is just the same. That’s why it’s so unfair when someone tags a WAHM/SAHM as someone who’s just at home doing nothing! No. Those people have no idea what those moms, including me, have to deal with – every single day. Well unless you have 10 yayas taking care of all the household chores and your kids – then maybe that’s another case. 🙂

I, in my case, am yaya-less so alam n’yo na mommies ano’ng hugot ang meron ako. Hahaha!


I would sometimes feel crazy speaking only to a toddler for more than 12 hours – in a baby-like tone of voice.

When I was still in the office, lunchtime means eating along with my officemates, relaxing while chit chatting, making the most out of that 1-hour break allowed in the office. Now that I am a WAHM, lunch time means having to chase an active toddler who can’t keep still while eating. Not to mention that he would sometimes be picky with what he eats and ignore the food I’ve prepared. So I end up thinking of another meal to cook just to get my little one to eat and fill his tummy. Lol. And I, on the other hand, would try to finish my meal as fast as possible.

Being at home with my 21 months old toddler is what happiness means to me. We get to play together, laugh together, watch movies and nursery rhymes together. We also fight sometimes. Haha! Napapagalitan ko na s’ya. But when he’s already asleep, sometimes I would feel alone. I’ve no one to talk to anymore. The baby talks are on pause and so I need to get back to work again or do other household chores waiting in line.

When the husband comes home from work, he’s tired or too distracted with his mobile games or the joystick in his hands, and I feel a bit sad. It drives me crazy when no one bothers to ask how my day was. With how I’m doing with my life. I’m an introvert so I don’t bother being alone that much. But being an introvert doesn’t mean being disconnected all the time. We only keep a few real connections and communicating with the people we care about matters to us as well.


Bottomline, I honestly thought that choosing to be a WAHM would allow me to have more time for myself than what I used to have when I was still working in the office. Turns out it’s the other way around.

When working in the office means that my manager could be around watching every move I make, now being a WAHM means working while my toddler is sitting on my lap.

He would sometimes tend to move my fingers away from the keyboard trying to play with me. There was this one time where I was in a live chat session and he was pulling my arms away so I ended up the chat like this:

Hahaha! Buti natapos ko yung sasabihin ko.


Before, my shower time used to be in a rush because I am trying to leave the house as early as possible just to avoid the madness of Manila traffic and get to the office on time. Nowadays, shower times are still being done in a rush because I am afraid that my son’s already eating something he has picked up from the floor. Shower time means going to the bathroom while the baby is asleep. Shower time, sometimes, also means every other day. Hahaha!

Well, you see, there’s always something more than what meets the eye. I would occasionally post something in the social media highlighting my life as a WAHM or sharing what meal I’ve cooked for the day and it would seem like I am doing just fine being at home. But the thing is, there are still a lot behind the scenes. The details aren’t all revealed. All these that’s happening in my life are the things I didn’t expect so much when I was still hoping I could be one of those WAHMmies.

I still wish I have more time for doing other things than feeding, changing nappies and putting clothes on to my toddler and then jumping off in front of my laptop to work and earn money. I still wish I have more time for showering, resting and sleeping. I still wish I have more time for blogging or reading books or watching K-Dramas. But 24 hours is never enough in a mother’s life, I guess.

Maybe, the WAHM life becomes glamorous somehow when the time comes that the children are already at school and with that, I can have some more peace while they’re away. When they are already a bit more independent and could do things without tripping or injuring themselves, maybe that’s the time that the pressure will be unloaded from me a bit. But right now, I just have to juggle everything with my two bare hands and good thing, the husband is willing to help when he’s at home. But the moment he leaves the house to go to the office, my WAHM life becomes a roller coaster ride already. Especially for a yaya-less, with a toddler and currently pregnant with my second child WAHM like I am. HAHA!


If you’re a WAHM/SAHM reading this, then virtual hugs to you mommy! This life is tiring. But I know you’re thankful just like I am! Even beyond grateful. So cheers! 🙂

To end this, I am sharing with you the life verse I am holding on to whenever I think that life, this WAHM life’s just too much to handle already.



  1. I used to work at home when I was a ghost writer but I stopped. Most of the time kasi nasa computer lang ko and naawa naman ko sa anak ko na di ko nalalaro because I’m busy. Pag medyo malaki na anak ko, I will try working at home again. Kudos to WAHM moms and nakakaya niyo imanage yung time niyo. 🙂

  2. hahaha. I feel you, Michelle. I am often left at home with an 18 month old boy. We would tell stories and eat together. We sleep together often and play a little. I could clean his mess and the more he will mess things up. He will join me as I go to the comfort room or anywhere else within the four corners of our house. He is excited when I dress him up and I wear my carrier. He knows we will be out somewhere. I cannot relate much on the WAHM part as I do freelance writing only which does not eat much of my time. But then again, I get you a lot on the being with a baby most of the time. And facing the laptop, too.

    Good luck on your job. Stay pretty.

  3. I agree with everything you mentioned. I considered myself as a SAHM rather than a WAHM since I don’t earn regularly from blogging and my makeup artistry. I’ve been in this situation for almost a year and so far, I’m enjoying it. I love every moment with my son as I can see his development day by day. I never felt bored din because sometimes I have to go out for an event or makeup gig. Lucky to have a yaya na mapag iiwanan. Sometimes, I thought of getting a homebased job for a regular income but with a clingy toddler, it looks impossible lols. Cheers to us! 🙂

  4. This is just my two cents. I think, may you be a mom working in the corporate world, or a stay at home mom, or a work at home mom, you get overwhelmed pa din. Because summing it all up, you are a mom. you think about your family and not just for yourself.

  5. Janice

    It really is a misconception that WAHM life is a walk in the park. It can be tiring but the good thing about the WAHM set up is that you can actually choose how busy you want to be. First, know what your priorities are. Is it to earn or to tend to your child and household? Knowing my priorities made it easier for me to tailor fit a WAHM lifestyle that works for me and my family.

    For instance, I know I wouldn’t be able to accept a full time position because my priorities are to take care of my two sons (one baby and one 5 year old). That includes homeschooling my older son too. So, instead of accepting full time work-from-home jobs, no matter how attractive the offer was, I chose to freelance instead. Freelancing gives me the freedom to set my own schedule. I work around my family’s schedule instead of the other way around.

    Don’t give up on being a WAHM just yet. 🙂 You’ve been doing it less than a year pa lang so there’s still lots for you to learn. It can be done. 🙂

  6. Oh yes, being a WAHM is no walk in the park, I once gave it up because I badly want to be a SAHM. But by the grace of God, he has restored JOY in my Work-from-home, homeschooling, maid-less circumstance . ?

  7. INA nanay kikay

    I can really relate to everything you said. I have been a stay at home hoping to get a job working from home but it did not happen. Two kids one year old and four year old took most of my time that I ended up putting up a sari sari store instead. Lol! But true! My laptop is just at home umaandar pag nag watch ng movies mga kids. I do my blog post on my phone and right now i am just thankful to get an office day job na malapit lng sa house namin. Nalalakad ko lng. Good luck sa career and God bless sis!!!

  8. Exactly my thoughts! Ang hirap pala maging darna noh? hehe. I myself is a SAHM, and don’t want to go back in the corporate life. Good for you that you still have work sidelines. Hopefully I can also find work at home opportunities so I can stay at home and “enjoy the perks” of being a homemaker. Good luck! 🙂

  9. I am a full time employee (yup the 8-5 hours kind of work). I have always imagined being a SAHM or WAHM too, to take care of my family, but I am too shared to make the jump.

  10. Josephine

    Amen to that. Can relate much. Haha WAHM/SAHM and working mom both have their own advantages/disadvantages. 🙂

  11. amethystineblue81882

    I’m more of a SAHM than a WAHM, but sometimes I’m both. It’s really a tiring job, but very rewarding. I get to spend quality time with my children. Yeah, when you have tasks and the kids need you, that’s when the craziness starts. Keep up the good work momma! 🙂

  12. I feel you, mommy! I’ve been a SAHM/WAHM for seven years now, with two (homeschooling) daughters, an OFW husband, and no helper. I really had a difficult time adjusting too, especially when I had to let go of my girls’ yaya during my first year of being a WAHM, plus I didn’t really have a support system since my relatives and friends live far from me.

    At that time pumapasok pa ‘ko sa school for my MA. Looking back, para ‘kong pinarurusahan ang sarili ko – childcare, house chores, the pressure to get high grades to keep my scholarship sa grad school, plus deadlines sa work (home-based, of course). The “WonderWoman / independent me” mindset kept me going for some time, but I later on accepted the fact that I just had to let go of my scholarship and file for LOA sa grad school. Binawasan ko rin yung projects na tinatanggap ko sa work, even set aside the business that I had started, and begun spending more time with my girls instead. After all, they’re the reason I am a mother.

    I’m sure that sooner or later you’ll also find a system that will work for you. I hope that you would always find comfort being near your child, too. *hugs* You could not have picked a better life verse, by the way. God bless ü

  13. Virtual hug to you too! I’m a SAHM and I enjoy being one because I hate Metro’s traffic. But this year I am planning to look for online work or go back to tutoring neighbor’s kid to earn extra while my son is at school.

  14. I feel you… Being a stay-at-home mom has been my life for almost 6 years now. And most of the time, it stresses me out, hahaha! Especially now that I don’t have a yaya. I can relate to all your woes! My advice: always choose the kids but allot me-time as well. There will always be time to clean up or fold the laundry but the kids will not always ask you to join their play. Well, sometimes I need to tell them to wait because I need to finish what I’m doing but I don’t feel guilty about it. Or when I leave them for an hour to just be on my own. You’re doing a great job 🙂

  15. At least you don’t have to contend with traffic 🙂

  16. OMG relate na relate! Have you seen the video of the dad being interviewed by BBC then suddenly his kids came barging into his, I assume, home office? Grabe that was so funny for me because it’s so real! We can do this!

  17. RJ Dancel

    I feel you! I used to do full time WAH and now I’m doing part time and it’s not all too glamorous but being around my son more now pays my efforts off 🙂 Thank you for this heartfelt entry and honesty. I’m sure a lot of moms can relate!

  18. Being a mom, whether a working mom in a corporate world or at home is overwhelming and i think its one reason why we were gifted with multi tasking skills because we will never run out of having a full plate…

  19. I still want to try to be a WAHM in the future. But for the mean time, I still go to work. Parang I can’t resist the call of the bed if I work at home.

  20. Hello there, fellow yaya-less wahm! The very core of my being can relate to your post. Hahaha! Today is the last day of a 9-day vacay that included a 4-day outing in Bohol with my online company and our families. When we came back to Manila, I told my husband, “Gugulong na naman kami ni P sa Monday”. It’s both rewarding and tiring at the same time, but I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to stay home, work, and do mom and wife duties. We’re so good at multitasking. Hahaha! The office is hardly ever clean because my son keeps making a mess, but all’s good.

    1. Ahaha! I agree with the multitasking. I would sometimes cook meals while I am working or chasing a toddler who’s about to go upstairs unattended! Oh, the realities of a WAHM life, right?

  21. Oh I totally feel you. Yaya-less WAHM here too! Silver lining is we get to spend a lot more time with our kids.

  22. It is overwhelming to be a WAHM! You never know where work ends and where household chores begin. haaayyy!

  23. I feel you! Cheers to WAHM life! 🙂

  24. den

    When I was in my maternity leave I tried being a WAHM, I was hesitant to go back to work because I wanted to be with my bunny all the time. It was then that I realized that even though I can do it, I flourish more when I work with people around me. I salute you for taking the risk and really all moms are hardworking regardless if we are WAHM, SAHM, or full time working moms. 🙂

    1. I have some friends, too, who admits that they can never enjoy and thrive being a freelancer or a work-at-home professional. So it’s a choice din talaga or depende sa preference. I guess most moms prefer to work-at-home lang din talaga. But I must admit, I would sometimes miss working with other people, but whenever I remember Manila’s traffic, kahit yung thought of it lang, parang napapagod na ako eh. Haha!

  25. Ayi

    Been working at home for years already and I must say, it is challenging. Sure, you get to work at your own pace, then there are deadlines to meet na nakakastress. Don’t even get me started with the chores :))

    1. Haha! I’ve been reading some of your blog posts, too. And I must say I think you’re doing a pretty good job, mommy. And about the house chores… Nah. Let’s not talk about it. Hahaha!

  26. Oh Michelle my Michelle (that’s my name too) this is just the tip of the iceberg so just hang on there and for sure in no time you’ll be more happier than tired. I’ve been working at home for 20 plus years (now you have an idea how old I am). It was my choice out of love for my family. It entails sacrifices, a great deal of patience and a huge heart to make such choice. Long before the 3 kids came in- I begun working at home to take care of my Lola. Then the kids came but I still chose to work at home. Perhaps it is the security that I feel that I am close to my loved ones and the convenient also that I am able to be on top of the home front and foresee details of what is going on with each family member. In all honestly, being a WHAM is a choice- there are some women (like my mom) who thrives in the corporate arena and she was happy about it and now retired. Unlike me, tho I am highly sociable, I rather work at my own phase where the concept of me-myself-and-I is very applicable. I tried working outside for a few years and was not happy with it. Life is short really to regret on things that we should have done so do things that will make you happy but for now enjoy the moment with your baby- for all you know kids grow up so fast these days. I love how you write with such honesty..I feel you my dear.

    1. Hello katukayo! 😀 Wow, you’ve been working at home for 20 years na! I’m in awe. 😀 Thank you for sharing your insights, I really am thrilled to hear about it and thank you din for the encouragement. I know that this is only just the beginning.

  27. Oh, yes, a mom’s work never ends! I feel you, sis. I’ve been a WAHM since 2008. Back then, I still had a yaya to take care of my son and do household chores, but I’ve been without one for 4 years now, so I do everything at home: work while managing the home and tutoring my son when he comes home from school. The load became too overwhelming so I decided to take a leave of absence from work in 2015. But since school’s almost out, I’ll be looking for a new job again. God help us. Lol!

  28. I have discovered as well for myself that challenges are there whatever path we choose whether as a WAHM or an office employee. We just need to choose which path would be worth persevering in.

  29. I’ll be entering this WAHM zone soon. After being employed for more than 15 years, i needed to take care of my 4 year old and another one coming soon. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have to prepare myself for the real deal of being a WAHM. At least I have an idea on what to expect.

  30. I’ve been a WAHM for I guess more than 10 years na but I never felt ever to go back in working in a corporate environment. There are millions of challenges, and most of the times, the guilt of being in front of the computer most of the times than being able to be with your kids, na halos parang invisible ka na din, I will still prefer to be there, be available for them whenever they need me. And the ideas are endless because you are the master of your time.

  31. Being a WAHM does have its own hardships, different from the ones we encounter in the corporate world. I can relate on the showers. I’ve had a 3-minute shower lately, the quickest one yet, as the baby was crying already. Good luck! 🙂

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