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Pens and Papers | Start of my BuJourney and some Bullet Journaling Ideas

January 2017 came by pretty quick! I’ve been meaning to create a post of my December and January spreads for my Bullet Journal. But the previous months has caught me off-guard and I ran out days to catch up. The next thing I know, I already have to create my February spreads. Anyway, I would still share how am I going along with this BuJo thing. I am all new to this planning system – still a newbie. Hopefully, some of you may be able to get some Bullet Journaling ideas and feel free to share your thoughts about my BuJo with me, too! 🙂

As I’ve shared from my previous entry for Pens and Papers (see Why do I Love Journaling and Planning?), I’ve decided to try Bullet Journaling not because it’s becoming a hype nowadays, but because I find it challenging and pretty much different from a conventional style of ready-to-use planners in the market. I love how flexible the planning system is and I could just put in whatever works for me.

Bullet Journaling is quite challenging. Hindi kasi ako creative and whenever I see how other creative planners’ have designed their spreads, I would feel a little bit of envy because they’re obviously gifted and talented when it comes to designing their planners! Hahaha! But as what I’ve repeatedly been told to, and have read from what other BuJo-list had to say, your planner is your own. It’s up to you what to make out of that notebook and pen, and create something that really works for you.

So anyway, without further ado, here’s a sneak peek of what my Bullet Journal looks like.

I bought a Victoria’s Journal Notebook with plain cover and in color teal (I now love the color teal!). It’s one of the most recommended notebooks for beginners like me in one of the Facebook groups that I am a member of.  It has 178 blank pages, hard-bound cover and a pen loop. I chose the medium-sized notebook (I forgot its exact size) because I feel that it’s just the right size for someone like me who has diapers and extra baby shirts in my bag. Haha! I’d like to be able to bring my BuJo whenever and wherever I am in case an idea pops up into my not so mindful momma mind. Lol.

Bullet Journaling Philippines
Ready BuJo-ing! Am I? Haha

I was honestly so intimidated to write anything on it at first! I am so afraid that I might ruin the notebook. Many of the planner or creative planning enthusiasts would agree but sometimes, the notebook’s just so beautiful, you just want to stock it in your shelf, or desk, or in your crafty area and never use it just to preserve its beauty. Hahaha! I have notebooks in my desk, too, which I wasn’t able to use yet because I find it too beautiful for a blot of a pen or anything. (But since I was introduced to Bullet Journaling, I now have an idea of what those beautiful notebooks could be of use for me. Hihi)

I actually started Bullet Journaling December of last year. I just wanted to try and have a feel of what Bullet Journaling is.

Bullet Journaling Ideas
Bullet Journal Key
Bullet Journal Keys
I am obviously, really trying hard to make it look cute, right? 😛

Apart from the Index and the December Log, I also prepared my Bujo Keys which will be my indicator throughout this BuJo Planning journey. The second page on the right is my first weekly spread. I prefer weekly spreads. I would’ve created a daily spread, too, only if I wasn’t a busy momma. Hahaha! Ang hirap pagkasyahin ng oras, bes!

Then I’ve decided that a weekly spread in one page is not enough, I tried re-inventing my weeklies into a two-page spread.

Bullet Journaling Ideas - Weekly Spread

I also allotted one page for my year-end review for last year. It’s where I’ve written everything that happened in the past year which I later on posted as: Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Bullet Journaling Ideas

I’ve said earlier that I like bringing my BuJo anywhere I go because I would love to jot down any idea that makes sense to me. It’s because after I became a Momma, I became more forgetful of things. Even ideas – great ideas – gets erased suddenly in my head so I need to write every single idea that I think is great either on a paper or on my phone and set a reminder for it. Haha! That’s why I also created a Random Ideas Corner in my BuJo for me to make use of! 😀

Bullet Journaling Ideas

I have two personal favorites in my BuJo. One is the Blogger’s Corner and my Gratitude Log.

Bullet Journal Pages and Collections
These pages remind me of how I love being organised and at the same time how sentimental of a human being I am.

I’ve set up my Blogger’s Corner so I can arrange my blog posts schedules and blog ideas (again, so that every idea is recorded haha). And obviously, my Gratitude Log is a corner for me to write every single thing I feel very thankful for. There’s always something to be thankful for. It makes us appreciative and grateful of a person whenever we write those things.

Then the last is a page that has the list of things I’ve learned in December.

Bullet Journaling Ideas

Writing down the things that you learned which made a great impact in your life is a great practice. I believe it will help someone become wiser in life. Whether the learnings were learned the hard way or attained from a pleasant experience, it’s still a lesson learned, right? 🙂

That’s it. That’s how I started my BuJourney. My sheets weren’t the best (and I don’t opt them to be). But I know I just did what actually will work for me. It’s just the way I like it. Somehow, this Bullet Journaling thing is like designing my own life. And I love how relaxing the activity of creating lists, pages and collection is.

I’ll be sharing what I did in my January and February BuJos and how it all turned out that way. Maybe as soon as my time permits! Lol. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  1. Whenever I see planner or journals, part of me wants to do the same kasi parang ang ganda. Then I remember, hindi rin ako ganoong kacreative and hindi kagandahan sulat ko. hehehe! But I like planning so okay na ko sa sulat-sulat lang sa notebook.

    1. Other planner girls/mommas are really creative! I wish I could do the same, too. But BuJo is simpler and it’s what works for me. 🙂

  2. I tried BuJo earlier this year but unfortunately I was too lazy to keep on track hehehe. I really admire people especially mommies who’s into BuJo. They are very organized and I wish I can do that lols.

    1. It really depends din talaga. I have friends who prefer mobile phone reminders and sabi nga nila, napaka-tiyaga ko daw on writing on a planner. Hahaha

  3. Janice

    I’ve always wanted to try Bujo but I know I’m going to miss some aspects of my own type of creative planning in my travelers notebook, like the stickers. Haha! But because I wanted my planner spreads to be more functional (not that it wasn’t already before) I’ve decided this month to incorporate some Bujo techniques in my TN. Let’s see how it goes. 🙂 Best wishes on you Bujo journey! 🙂

    1. I am so in love with your planners. Pag nakikita ko sa IG, nakakainspire mag-creative planning. But I guess, stickers aren’t really for me. BuJo style is what really works for me. I will soon be trying TNs, too. Hopefully magwork on my part.

  4. Awesome BuJo-ing! I started doing BuJo February of this year lang – I have both a ring planner and a bullet journal. While the latter takes more time and work than the former (admittedly), I like the flexibility of having a BuJo. I can use the pages however I like!

    1. That’s true! It’s my one way of de-stressing din. Kahit hindi magaganda ang outcome palagi, nakaka-relax na activity ang paggawa ng bawat pages.

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