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Terry’s Shoes Anniversary Sale | The Best Deals Ever!

I don’t own a lot of shoes. Especially nowadays that I am mostly at home (because I am a WAHMomma). But if you’ll take a peek at our home’s shoe rack, you’ll see that most of the boxes are the ones labeled with Terry’s Shoes in it. Ever heard of Terry’s Shoes? Terry’s Shoes of SLTE Marketing is a Filipino-owned company that …

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My Little Man’s First Halloween Trick-or-Treat Experience

I didn’t intend to attend any Halloween Trick-or-Treat events with my son. Aside from the fact that I never even experienced it way back when I was still a kid that’s why it doesn’t seem to excite me as a Momma, I am also avoiding activities which might give me the awful pregnant exhaustion. Lol. Tamad talaga minsan ang buntis …

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How to Raise Money-Savvy Kids

Teaching children the fundamentals of financial literacy need not be difficult. Even if you don’t have a professional background in finance, it can be easy to guide your kids through the basics of money, budgeting and saving. Allow me to draw on my experiences and share the following few simple tips on how to raise money-savvy kids.   Set a …

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Confessions Of A PTB Disease Survivor + PRESS RELEASE By SHARP Plasmacluster Technology

Maybe some of my family and friends are a bit shocked by the fact that I was indeed a Pulmonary Tuberculosis survivor. I have to admit that when I learned I have the disease, I was so depressed! The first thoughts I had in mind were: I am going to die!!! I have a contagious disease! Nakakadiri ako, I don’t …

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Health Care: 6 Anti-Aging Tips By Dr. Pao Bellosillo

Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo, International Fellow of Integrative Medicine and American Association of Integrative Medicine, sat down with us one rainy afternoon to discuss and talk about one of the biggest concern of beauty lovers. AGING. Doc Pao as he is fondly called was kind enough to give us 6 tips on how we can age gracefully or if possible, …

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