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Who takes care of you, tired Momma?

“I don’t feel tired at all!” – says no Momma, ever! Long before I gave birth to Gabriel, I already knew I will feel overwhelming love and joy, and it’s not unknown that most days are draining and that I will definitely have to endure a lot of sleepless nights. But I know that I will be able to get …

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How To Deal With Blogging Stress And Blues

Do you ever feel like blogging has become a task that is needed to be done? Like a task that needs your time and focus for you to accomplish. That it creates pressure on you to produce a sensible and substantial blog post so you won’t lose your followers and readers. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? I, myself, is going through …

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The Importance of Trusting and Supporting Your Child’s Dreams

Two weeks ago, I’ve watched a viral video in Facebook wherein two siblings named Niana Guerrero and Ranz Kyle is dancing – or perhaps grooving to the 2015 Hit Songs Sibling Dance. I really love their style and the little girl got that swag! They are really awesome dancers that I wanted to dance with them, too! Unfortunately, I’m not even …

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