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Quarter Life And Two Babies

I’ve anticipated this since last year. That by this time of the year, I am again a Momma of a newborn baby. That I will, again, have to slow down. I will have to lose sleep. I will miss long shower times. Well, not really that long. But showers less than 10 minutes are, I guess, pretty short. So how much …

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Life Lately…

Why hello there! I’m back! I barely have time to write and share anything for the past few weeks. My mind and body aren’t cooperating. I blame the fact that I am in my last and final trimester of pregnancy. The exhaustion’s just way too unbearable. Haha! So life lately has been, well… pretty much busy. I’ve got a lot …

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Blessed 25 Joyful Years

There’s so much to love about the month of March. It’s the month when I and the husband get a year older. (Yes, we’re both Martians! :P). Time flies so fast! It’s like I was just 18 years old when my husband and I entered into a relationship as BF/GF. And now, we’re 25 and 27 years old, married, with …

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For The Not-So-Good Mommy Days That I Needed To Cry

We, moms, all have THOSE days. We have happy mommy days and the not-so-good mommy days. The not-so-good mommy day of mine happens to be today. As I sip into my cup of coffee and bite into my slice of cake at the moment, I can’t help but feel bad about myself. I shouted at my little man. I was …

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One Word For 2017: Joyful

I’ve given it a thought even before December 2016 ends. I just got very busy that I had to set aside writing for a while. But here I am, in the middle of February and I am about to share how I came up and why did I choose this One Word to live by for 2017. Surely most of …

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