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Planner Mommy Talks: What Is Bullet Journaling?

I have to admit, I always get caught off-guard, forgetting things I should’ve kept in mind or feeling anxious because I think I’ve forgotten something I should be doing. That’s the reason why a notebook and a pen are a staple to my daily living. Aside from the fact that I love writing, I easily remember things when I write …

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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Be A WAHM

The decision of leaving the corporate world didn’t just happen overnight. The thought of resigning from my corporate job has been running in my head for more than 6 months already until the time I’ve finally handed over my resignation letter to my manager. I’m sure many, if not all, of the working mommas have their fair share of stories …

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Break Free And Start With Your “Employee to Employer” Goals

Ever heard of these phrases? “Reach for your goals.” “Go for what you really want to be in your life.” “Never give up on your dreams.” They all sound familiar, right? But sometimes, we get stuck in a situation which hinders us from making those dreams come to life. We’ve set our goals. We believed in it and in our …

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Help Getting Pregnant Fast | Tips by ConceiveEasy

When a couple is trying to get pregnant, some get easily frustrated because the result is not as fast as they thought it would be. There are many factors that can affect a couple’s fertility and sometimes, timing is the key. Either way, there are some things one can do in order to get pregnant fast. Weight control – being …

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Why I’m Excited For My Son To Try Nutri10 Plus

I’ve been giving my son vitamin supplements ever since he was still under 1 year of age. I know I am a breastfeeding Momma, and they say that when you’re breastfeeding your little one, there’s no need for you to administer vitamins anymore. I do believe that but because I was a working in the corporate Momma before, I don’t …

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