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How to Raise Money-Savvy Kids

Teaching children the fundamentals of financial literacy need not be difficult. Even if you don’t have a professional background in finance, it can be easy to guide your kids through the basics of money, budgeting and saving. Allow me to draw on my experiences and share the following few simple tips on how to raise money-savvy kids.   Set a …

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Lactation Cookies For The Nursing Mommas

I have always been dedicated on breastfeeding Gabriel. My goal is to at least breastfeed him up to 2 years and it actually is one of the factors why I chose to  quit my corporate work and find online opportunities because I think that setup would work best for me and my family as we are yaya-less. My commitment to …

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4 Things You Can Do To Help Your Loved Ones Quit Smoking CigarettesArchives, Parenting

4 Things You Can Do To Help Your Loved Ones Quit Smoking Cigarettes

My husband and I met each other when we were still in college. He is already a smoker by then. Of course, I didn’t mind it at first. Not until our relationship has gone to a deeper level. I became more concerned of his health and well-being. That if we end up marrying each other and he’s still a smoker, …

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How To Deal With Blogging Stress And Blues

Do you ever feel like blogging has become a task that is needed to be done? Like a task that needs your time and focus for you to accomplish. That it creates pressure on you to produce a sensible and substantial blog post so you won’t lose your followers and readers. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? I, myself, is going through …

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Online Support Groups Are Amazing!

I am a practical momma. Whenever I want to buy something or go to some place for the first time, I would first open Google and search for first-hand reviews, comparison of products and places or even listen to recommendations I read from forum discussions. I don’t just dive into something without knowing what I am up to. What if …

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