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My Little Man’s First Halloween Trick-or-Treat Experience

I didn’t intend to attend any Halloween Trick-or-Treat events with my son. Aside from the fact that I never even experienced it way back when I was still a kid that’s why it doesn’t seem to excite me as a Momma, I am also avoiding activities which might give me the awful pregnant exhaustion. Lol. Tamad talaga minsan ang buntis …

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Lactation Cookies For The Nursing Mommas

I have always been dedicated on breastfeeding Gabriel. My goal is to at least breastfeed him up to 2 years and it actually is one of the factors why I chose to  quit my corporate work and find online opportunities because I think that setup would work best for me and my family as we are yaya-less. My commitment to …

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Do you know who Mang Raul of Las Piñas is?

If you ask Las Piñeros where the best barbecue place is, they will probably tell you it’s at Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus! I have visited the place a lot of times already with my family, friends, my ex-boyfriend-now-husband and it’s still my go-to place when I feel like craving for barbecue and chicken isaw! Their place is really well known …

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A Short Lunch Date at 8 Cuts Burger Blends, Salcedo, Makati

My husband is an ultimate burger lover. We usually try burger chains and once we love the place, we keep on coming back whenever we feel like craving for burgers. We have a list of some of the burger chains to try and one of it is 8 Cuts Burger Blends. As a matter of fact, we’ve been eyeing their …

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Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage Experience

Easing stress became the goal of our Valentine’s day when we chose to go to Nuat Thai. We just wanted to get rid of traffic so we opt for the places nearby our home and besides, we have been longing for some relaxation. I think treating ourselves with a whole body massage is the best option. Nuat Thai is just …

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