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Why I’m Excited For My Son To Try Nutri10 Plus

I’ve been giving my son vitamin supplements ever since he was still under 1 year of age. I know I am a breastfeeding Momma, and they say that when you’re breastfeeding your little one, there’s no need for you to administer vitamins anymore. I do believe that but because I was a working in the corporate Momma before, I don’t …

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Confessions Of A PTB Disease Survivor + PRESS RELEASE By SHARP Plasmacluster Technology

Maybe some of my family and friends are a bit shocked by the fact that I was indeed a Pulmonary Tuberculosis survivor. I have to admit that when I learned I have the disease, I was so depressed! The first thoughts I had in mind were: I am going to die!!! I have a contagious disease! Nakakadiri ako, I don’t …

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Momma Tries BeautyMNL: Every Women’s One Stop Shop For Beauty Needs!

BeautyMNL has been in my facebook newsfeed for quite a while already. I am always attracted with the colorful lipsticks they advertise! I just have a thing for lipsticks talaga because I feel so pale when I don’t wear one even a tinted lip balm man lang. It adds up to the losyang feels! Lol. That’s why when I got invited for a …

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Recommended Baby Photography Services in the South

Are you someone who adores a baby photo? Because why not? A baby’s photo can suddenly lift a bad mood away, right? Even the sight of a photo of a sleeping baby can give you the coochie-coochie mushy-squishy gigil feeling it will leave you giggling and smiling at the same time. That’s actually how I feel. Lol. When I discovered that I was …

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Mommy Milkshare – A Milkdrive For The Moms Who Care

I have a secret to reveal. After I became a Momma, it’s always been my dream to be able to donate breast milk! Yep. It’s true. But sadly, I wasn’t blessed with abundant milk supply and I never experienced  expressing more than 4 oz of milk per pumping session (that is done every 2-3 hrs). That’s one of my insecurities …

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