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Writer’s Forum and Blog Sharing Meetup Experience!

Until now, I am still overwhelmed (in a very good way) with the recent Writer’s Forum and Blog Sharing Meetup I attended just last Sunday, November 20, 2016. You know, as an introvert momma, it helps that I get to attend small group sessions because I tend to shy away and keep my thoughts to myself sometimes when I am …

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Letting Go New BeginningsMommy Life, Mommy's Reflections, WAHMommy

Of Letting Go And New Beginnings

Hey there! I am back! I have been idle for the past few days because a lot of things happened that sapped out the energy out of me. I thought I should share it so here it is. Last Wednesday has been one of the hardest days in my career life. It was a day full of mixed emotions that …

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How To Deal With Blogging Stress And Blues

Do you ever feel like blogging has become a task that is needed to be done? Like a task that needs your time and focus for you to accomplish. That it creates pressure on you to produce a sensible and substantial blog post so you won’t lose your followers and readers. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? I, myself, is going through …

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