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Eight Weeks Postpartum | A Throwback To My Birthing Story

Every momma’s birthing story is different from one another. Some go through it pretty easy, others experience it way too hard. But one thing’s common with all the mommas who choose to get pregnant and face the day of giving birth.

Nakabaon na sa hukay ang isang paa ng isang ina tuwing sila’y manganganak.

And that’s true. Pregnancy and childbirth are both wonderful and life threatening experience. You will never know what will happen next.

I remember when I was in the nesting stage of my pregnancy, I was organising everything I could put in order before I give birth. The clothes, things at home, all the stuff that needs to be turnover to my teammates. Even my bank account! I transferred my personal savings account funds to my husband just in case something happens to me during childbirth. I know it sounds OA. But there’s a possibility, not that  I have anticipated it. But I could die in an instant. And I wanted to be ready somehow. Haha!

But thank God I’m alive! I’m alive and coffee-fueled, writing this post before my newborn wakes up again and demand her milk. So I thought of sharing my childbirth experience with my pretty little Daeny.

May 5, 2017 – Midday and still around 2cm dilated.

My tummy’s 38th week. I was already waiting for my baby’s arrival. One advantage for me is that I am working-at-home, so commuting to and from work is never an issue. It’s the “close-the-laptop-and-go-to-the-hospital” kind of setup for me.

On that day, I was waiting for the constant contractions to happen. Like the one that I felt when I came to realise that I am already in labor and I was about to give birth to my eldest. And since there was no sign that I will be going on to labor that time, I did the usual things I do on every weekday. I worked and finished everything I needed doing before the D-day.

Honestly, that time I wanted my pregnancy to be over so I ate pineapple during lunch as it is said to be a good way of inducing labor. I ate a lot because I wanted my tummy to contract already. Also when the afternoon came, I’ve gone on a walk with my husband and my son and when we got home, there was nothing unusual. I did feel contractions but it wasn’t that constant for me to be sent to the hospital and there was still no bloody show. So I told myself that maybe it isn’t going to happen that day.

May 5, 2017 – Evening

Evening came and I took another bath. Being pregnant on a summer time is really stressful for me! I can feel twice or thrice the heat that normal people would feel. And it’s one of the reasons why I wanted my pregnancy to come to an end. I somehow wanted to feel relieved from the summer heat. Haha! Going back, while I was in the bathroom, I noticed I lost my mucus plug. It’s one definite sign that labor is about to happen anytime soon! Yay! So after I took a shower, I ate my dinner and worked again.

May 5, 2017 – 11:30 PM

I closed my laptop and felt like I needed to pee so I did. After I stood up from the toilet bowl, I felt a sudden gush of water and I knew it wasn’t urine. “Did my water bag break already?” For a moment, I wasn’t convinced but when I stepped out of the comfort room there was water dripping again down to my legs. From there I knew I had to go to the hospital already.

It was a scary feeling knowing that my water bag broke first. I was so afraid of what ifs because there were no constant contractions or labor pains yet. What if my water bag broke too early and I am still not yet dilating? What if my water runs out and my contractions didn’t happen? Will I undergo C-Section? But I have to shrug off the thoughts and focus on one goal – to deliver my baby girl safely. That’s the priority!

May 6, 2017 – 12:30 AM

I was admitted to the hospital. It was the same hospital where I gave birth to Gabriel so almost everything was familiar. The same labor room but this time I was alone. Husbands aren’t allowed in the labor and delivery room, sadly. And there was no other pregnant woman inside other than me.

When the OB on duty checked me I was already at around 3-4cm dilated and she told me I might wait a little longer for me to progress. I guess if my water bag wasn’t leaking at that time, I might be advised to walk around the hospital. But for us to prevent my water bag from draining out, I was just lying there feeling nothing but worry.

My contractions are already being monitored using a machine I cannot recall what it’s called. Lol! I just know it will be used for them to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and how active she is inside. From time to time, it would beep loudly which made me feel nervous. I would always ask the nurse if my baby’s still doing well and they will just say that yes, she is fine and that I must try to sleep and take a rest to prepare myself for the delivery. I think it was around 4 AM when I fell asleep but I’d be waking up every hour or so feeling no pain still.

May 6, 2017 – Around 9 AM

I started feeling a bit uneasy. The pain of contractions is becoming more intense but tolerable by this time. When the OB checked me, I was already at 5-6cm and my baby’s still high. So the anxiety from waiting goes on and on, too. I texted my husband to come over yet it took him about an hour and a half before coming in. I guess he was asleep that time.

By around 10 AM, the contractions are really the only thing I feel. Every time my tummy would contract, I have to hold on to anything be it the metal on my bedside or the pillow, I do not care anymore. I just have to grip on to something while whispering what I consider my life verse: Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The pain is so intense and it’s true when they say that labor pains are like dysmenorrhea which is 10-20 times more awful! The resident OB checked on me again and she noted that I am still at 6cm.

My husband finally came at around 10:30 AM and I can’t even finish a sentence while talking to him because of the pain I feel. I think I was almost just whispering. The OB told him that her estimated time of my delivery might be around after lunch time as I am slowly dilating. And honestly, when I heard that, I was already cursing at the back of my mind. I mean, it really hurts so bad already and I have to endure it for another 2-3 hours?

I was almost going to ask for an epidural already in between the contractions. I told the OB that it really hurts so bad so she offered if I wanted to receive an anesthesia to lessen the pain that I feel. I, of course, immediately agreed! The nurse immediately injected the anesthesia and noted that I will feel sleepy thereafter. But surprisingly, the pain became more intense and the contractions felt like they are coming close to each other in a 2-3mins interval. It’s like the anesthesia has no effect at all.

When the OB checked on me, I was already on 7-8cm dilated and noted that she thinks it won’t be long until I’ve gone to 10cm and crowning stage so she called my OB and instructed the nurses to get ready. My husband was instructed to go outside as I am being prepared.

I know I am so close to giving birth already. Nothing matters to me now, just the pain and the anticipation of my new baby. I don’t know what time it is already but I can sense that everyone in the O.R. is rushing things. I heard someone said that my dilation suddenly progressed. It was 7, then a few minutes later it was 8 coming close to a 9. I can feel their tension, too. Because my OB’s still on her way. They’d ask me from time to time if I feel like pushing already and I would nod my head.

The nurses then transferred me to the delivery room while saying random things like what kind of lipstick am I using and I said I’m just wearing a lip tint, and they suddenly discussed what the difference of a lipstick and a lip tint is. That is, I think, to divert my attention while waiting for my OB. I was sleepy, I was groggy and it’s because the sedative component in the anesthesia they gave me earlier was already taking its effect. I really do not care anymore. All I really want is for that moment to be over. To finally deliver my baby and then rest.

I tried my best to stay awake. I can feel my baby’s head already crowning when they announced that my OB is already parking her car and that I wait a little bit more before pushing. When she finally arrived and I heard her wearing the gloves, with no doubt I tried pushing already. It was an attempt of 3-4 pushes if I remember it right then my baby’s finally out at 11:29 AM as told by my OB.


My Birthing Story
And she’s out!


My Birthing Story
Her first cry. <3

I recall seeing my beautiful baby girl for a few minutes then I fell asleep.

My Birthing Story
Lol – that face!

May 6, 2017, 2 PM – Recovery room

I woke up at the Recovery room and immediately asked the nurse inside if my baby was able to latch on me as I don’t remember anything after I passed out. They assured me that they performed unang yakap protocol to me and my baby. Daeny latched on my breast with their assistance even if I was asleep. Somehow, I felt bad not experiencing it for the 2nd time. I was too groggy already that I went blackout. But at least we’re both safe! And anyway, I was given a chance to hold her and breastfeed her before the nurses brought me to my room.

The moment she was brought to my room. She’s just so pretty! <3

My experience with giving birth the second time around was definitely different from my first. The duration of my labor is actually faster than what I experienced with my first born, my water bag broke first and this time I had no epidural so I endured all the pain until the baby’s out.

And oh how glad I am that my baby’s finally here. Our dear bunso and little miss. The one who completes our family. We’re now two boys and two girls. Quota na!! Haha!

But kidding aside, I really am happy now. Of course, it’s stressful having a toddler and a newborn to take care of at the same time. There are days I’d be battling with postpartum depression. But whenever I remember how blessed I feel after seeing the beautiful faces of my son and my daughter on the time I’ve given birth to them, I am reminded to be joyful instead.

Both our kids might have come by surprise, but they are definitely God’s greatest gift to us. And I can’t thank God enough for being given the gift of motherhood. I will forever praise His Name for such wonderful babies He’s given us. 🙂


  1. Congrats to your new baby. I agree, when you give birth, 50-50 ang chance ng mother na mabuhay. Natakot din ako nung manganganak na ko kaya sobrang dasal na lang. Super ready ka ha, pati savings natransfer. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Haha! Yes sis, I prepared almost everything even my mindset. But thank God, I’m alive and that my baby’s safe and pretty healthy.

  2. Congratulations to your new baby! 🙂 Having a new baby is always a blessing. Kisses to your new bundle of joy.

  3. Janice

    Every birth is really unique but each one is really special. 🙂 I always love hearing birth stories. You and I have some similarities in our recent birthing experiences. I wasn’t able to have epidural too but it was because my anesthesiologist arrived late. They didn’t think I would give birth too as soon as I did. Haha!

    1. Yes, I remember reading your birthing story, too! At napanganga nga ako when I read na hindi ka nag-epidural. It somehow gave me courage na kakayanin ko rin. And so I did! <3

  4. 4 kids, wow! ang saya! if it weren’t for age as consideration, i’d have wanted one more. but quota na rin kami at 3. Anyway, ako rin, yung second and third children ko, ambilis ko nakatulog. i only saw my babies a short time.

  5. Amazing! Yes, we all have different birth stories. I experienced it fast and easy with my youngest but with my other two kids, it was really painful. I had postpartum blues and I literally cry for no reason at all. Keep your faith and you can surpass that moment.

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