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Better Preggy Days Are Coming!

Hi there! A couple of weeks ago, I revealed my second pregnancy in another post. The journey itself was hard enough that it felt like my month of October was messy and unorganized. My planner’s a proof! The weeks of October has empty pages because I even barely have time to take a look at it or even write my plans and to-dos on it. That’s so not me! Lol. Anyway, as the month of November starts, I’d like to write about how I’m doing with my current pregnancy and how I was able to surpass the first trimester of pregnancy blues and booboos!

So far, my second pregnancy has been very much different from the first one. It’s true that each pregnancy experience is unique. I never even thought that I will be having a difficult time going through the first trimester with my second pregnancy.

When I was still pregnant with Gabriel, I can say that it was a happy journey. The first trimester went by smoothly. I was only put on bedrest once because of threatened miscarriage due to so much stress at work. But other than that, it’s an easy peasy adventure. I can eat whatever I want except siomai which I really despised that time (I cringe even with just the smell of it), and of course, anything that’s not allowed to be eaten by pregnant women (good thing, I am not into sushis!)

In my second pregnancy, aside from the guilt I felt from being pregnant once again, I was very nauseous. I would sometimes vomit all the food I have just eaten, and to make the feeling much worse, I was having indigestion and heartburn most of the time. I feel miserable in my first trimester of pregnancy. Ang hirap kumain kasi kahit gutom ako eh wala akong gana.

Also contrary to what is believed by many, or to what I have experienced with my first pregnancy,  I wasn’t the sleepy preggy. I barely even take a nap in a day. I am mostly awake, maybe because I am nauseous most of the time, or I am simply worried about our family life now that there’s a new baby on the way. And I am also worried and praning that the there are reported cases of Zika Virus already here in the Metro! Haaay… I think I can only count on the fingers of my two hands how many times I felt sleepy and I opted to take a nap during the first three months of being pregnant.

Speaking of worries, I talked to only a few people about this. But honestly, I was so anxious about being pregnant again. The emotion has subsided already, I think. But I did a little research if prepartum depression is possible and indeed it is! I really tried my best to divert my thoughts because I do not want to fall into the pit of depression again especially now that I am pregnant. God is good because I felt His Love through the people around me who offered comfort and support. Thank you guys and Thank You, Lord! 🙂 We just really have to put our trust in Him and everything will be just fine.

Another good thing, as of today, the first trimester of my pregnancy has finally come to an end! Yay! I am already feeling much better. I have the appetite for food again but I am still cautious with the quantity of food that I eat because I am afraid that indigestion or heartburn may come into the picture again ‘pag masyado na naman akong nagmatakaw. Hahaha!

I’m having occasional headaches but it’s somehow tolerable and it’s not preventing me from doing wife and momma duties and perform my work as a freelance professional. And also, I am so thankful that I still have breastmilk for my firstborn who’s still demanding to be breastfed!

He has no signs of weaning so thank God I don’t have complications which will prevent me from breastfeeding my little man. We only try to limit his latch time to just morning and in bedtime and just fill him in with nutritious food (as much as possible) and fresh milk during the day.

Better days and better appetite (lol) are coming na! I can’t stress it enough how glad I am that I’ve overcome my first trimester blues and booboos! I am looking forward now to feel my baby’s movements inside my womb and to finally know what the gender of our baby is! Though I’m already claiming that my baby’s a girl, the excitement of figuring out what the baby’s gender is, is still there.

How about you? How was your life lately? I hope you’re doing great, and if things aren’t going as to how you’ve planned it, just remember to pray and always believe that better days are coming! 🙂


  1. Congrats sa new baby mommy 🙂 I agree with you, better days are coming no matter how painful and hard it is ♥ God bless you and your family ♥

    1. Thank you, Mommy Yvette! God bless you and your family, too! 🙂

  2. I don’t have a smooth pregnancy, as in from the start hanggang sa manganak ang dami ko nararamdaman. Nakakapagod din magpacheck sa dalawang doctor. But anyway, I’m happy that despite of those things, I have a son now. Have a safe pregnancy.

    1. Aww parang feeling ko tuloy, traumatic ang whole pregnancy mo. Pero at least, worth it ang mga hirap talaga especially you’re with your son already. 🙂

  3. I can relate. I just gave birth to my 3rd son 2 weeks ago and all the preterm blues are depressing. I had to for e myself to be encouraged and be inspired everyday to finish the journey. 🙂 looking back, all I can say is God is good. 🙂 All my prayers and worries were answered and calmed down. Just hold on and stay strong! 🙂

    1. Thank you sis for your good wishes and for sharing your experience! It’s always better to leap up our worries and fears to the Lord. God bless you!

  4. Have a healthy pregnancy, sis! Grabe meron pala prepartum depression? I didn’t know that ’til now! With Nate, only the 2nd trimester was great. 1st and 3rd, nah! I don’t even want to remember! lol. Sana it will be easier for me when I get pregnant again. And I hope maging ok ka na din. Soon enough, the baby will start moving – best feeling ever! ♥

    1. I’m dreading that the third trimester will be hard, too. Just like the first trimester. Huhu! Kaya I am enjoying the second trimester as much as possible. But of course, I hope that the last trimester will be a lot more manageable. 🙂 Sabi nila, on your second pregnancy daw, mas maaga mong mafi-feel ang kicks and movements. Kaya ngayon pa lang, nakikiramdam na ako. 😀 Hihi

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