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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Time has flown really fast, right? And I can’t help but try and take a look back on how 2016 has been. People normally do this. We love throwback photos and such. So I’d love to sit down in front of my laptop for a while and write what is a supposedly year-ender post but turned out to be my very first write-up for the year of 2017. Hahaha! I was that busy that I wasn’t able to finish this on time. But at least I have a short documentary of some of the highlights of my 2016 and how it is like a roller coaster ride for me. It’s fantastically filled with ups and downs yet it still looks fab – in my own opinion. 🙂

January 2016 – Our Anniversary Month

I love January! It signifies a new beginning for me. And this year, my husband and I celebrated our first year wedding anniversary as a married couple.


Being a young married couple, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary at Star City! Lol. An amusement park in Pasay City. We were with my in-laws and we had a lot of fun!



At Star City – (L-R) With Nanay, Tita Yet, Mamsie, Papsie, Gabo and Daddy!

Had dinner at the Sizzling Pepper Steak after the fun and tiring rides at Star City.
That month, I also had the chance to be with my family (the Deveza side) for a day devoted to celebrating the Feast of Sto. Niño. It has been a family tradition  every 3rd Saturday of January in New Manila, Quezon City. The date is set for next year’s feast but I won’t be able to attend since I have a scheduled appointment with my OB-Gyne already. Gladly, I was able to join this year’s feast!

Our festive dinner after celebrating the Feast of Sto. Niño in New Manila, QC! We’re not complete here, though.

February 2016 – The Month Of Love

What more could we think of when February comes into our minds? Of course, it’s the love month! It was also my sister’s birth month so we had another chance to celebrate, dine-out and get fat. Haha!


On this month, my husband and I also got the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day together alone as a married couple. Last February 2015, we were already married yet I was pregnant with Gabriel and it was more like celebrating the day with our first unborn baby. So this year’s Valentine’s day was more memorable. I shared how we celebrated the day in the simplest way possible in a previous post entitled Valentine’s Day In A Parent’s Life in case you’re curious. 😉

Another highlight of this month is when I purchased my domain name which is for this blog that you are currently reading –! It was a happy moment for me as I no longer am using the dot WordPress extension. 😀 Purchasing my own domain name also gave me a sense of commitment to continuously write on my blog. After all, I paid to get myself my own domain on the internet.


March 2016 – Me And My Husband’s Birth Month

Nothing much happened this month except that I was able to celebrate my blessed 24 fruitful years of life! Husband on the other hand also turned 26 that month and we also just had a simple celebration at home with my in-laws.

We’re always like that. We don’t like big celebrations because we both don’t want the feeling of being in the spotlight. Especially me! My birthday is not even displayed on my Facebook account. Haha! Only a few people know about the exact day of our birthday and some friends usually get to know about it when the day and simple celebration is over. Haha!


April 2016 – Deveza Family’s Summer Outing

Despite the busy schedules of most of us, I and my cousins were able to set a family reunion slash summer outing for the whole family. The accommodation was shouldered by the working adults (those who have already graduated from college and earning money from work, so that includes me) and the food was prepared by the older ones, our parents (a.k.a the uncles and aunties).

The full cast during the Summer Outing. We weren’t complete at the Summer Outing. Auntie Terry and Uncle Edward were in an out of town trip while the other cousins have some important commitment.

The older adults were really pleased and happy that we took the initiative to prepare such event for the family to gather together.


May 2016 – My Little Man’s First Birthday & The Month I Quit

This month was an important one. It was the month I gave birth to my precious little son which officially made me a Momma. It was also a memorable month for me after I have realized that I was able to breastfeed my little one for a year!

What a milestone it was…

After my son’s first birthday, I also resigned from my corporate work to pursue a career in the virtual world. It was risky, yes. But becoming a WAHMomma was the best decision I’ve ever made.


June 2016 – Successfully Transitioned From A Corporate Junkie To A Work-at-Home-Momma

Two weeks after I resigned from my corporate work, I got my first-ever virtual career opportunity. It was a very exciting month! And I feel so lucky for being able to get a client and colleagues who are so nice and appreciative.

And the biggest blessing of being able to work-at-home is being with this cutie-patootie for most of the hours of my day instead of spending it in Manila traffic! I love being a #WAHM!


July 2016 – A Family Member Has Gone Home

This is probably one of the toughest month of the year for the Deveza Family as our Auntie Annabelle bid us farewell to join and be with the Lord in Heaven. I honestly felt a bit devastated because of this really sudden loss but looking at the brighter side, at least she’s now in a place where there are no more pains and struggles.

Also, on this month, after our Aunt’s death was when my Uncle Edward, the eldest of the Deveza family siblings has undergone a heart bypass operation. He was losing a lot of blood after the operation that we really needed a lot of blood donation. Everyone in the family was on full red alert as we search for people with the same blood type as my Uncle.

By God’s grace and goodness, we were able to pass through this challenging month. Our Uncle was able to survive and recover from the frightening situation.


August 2016 –  Finding Peace In My Heart Through Joining The Feast

This month is a remarkable one. After all the struggles and depression I’ve gone through life, I was again able to find my way back to God’s merciful and loving arms through The Feast.

In case you’re curious, I’ve written a post about Attending The Feast Renews My Spirit And Faith, And Helps Me Battle Depression before. Our life has been blessed since then. 🙂

September 2016 – Second Pregnancy and Prepartum Depression

This was the month I discovered I am pregnant again for the second time. It was unexpected, like when I got pregnant with Gabriel, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. I had mild prepartum depression and was feeling unhappy with the second pregnancy. There was endless guilt and I was crying almost every day ever since I discovered it.

It took me a long time to realize that Motherhood Is Sweeter The Second Time Around and I thank God for the enlightenment of the new blessing in our life. Indeed, everything happens for a purpose and in God’s will.


October 2016 – Ninja Of The Quarter

Probably one of the biggest thing that happened to me this year is being recognized as one of the Ninjas of the Third Quarter of 2016 in my current virtual work. It was unexpected! And it was also the very first time that I was given recognition at work.



November 2016 – Breastfeeding Journey With My Little Man Ended

This was the month that I stopped breastfeeding Gabriel. Not because I don’t want to do it anymore but I just had to, for health and safety purposes. It was heartbreaking but I was able to overcome it through the support of my husband.

This month was also filled with opportunities I never expected would come. I was again declared one of the Ninjas of Month for the month of November and I couldn’t thank God enough because of it. I am just so lucky to have such appreciative colleagues and bosses.

Being the NOTM for November inspired me to work even harder. It gave me confidence in what I do and increased my drive to be a better virtual professional.


December 2016 – The Most Wonderful Month Of The Year

This has been one of the busiest months of the year! I think anyone will agree to it. I was even on a blogging hiatus for the last two weeks of the month. Good thing, we were allowed to take a Christmas vacation from work so I was able to spend more time for some of the important things like Christmas gift shopping and wrapping. I was also able to finally go to a nail salon again after 4 solid months! Hahaha! My family and I was able to visit Ayala Triangle Gardens to watch the Lights and Sounds show.


Here are some of the grabbed photos from my cousin’s album.

I think I am well rested and again filled with happy hormones because of the family gatherings that we were able to attend to on Christmas day and New Year.

My 2016, as you may have observed, was more about my family, relatives and my WAHMomma life. I seldom see my friends but I do have constant communication with them. For 2017, I look forward to collecting more memories with my family and hopefully with some of my closest friends, too.

And that’s it. My roller coaster 2016.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope we’ll all have a fantastic 2017 ahead! Better things are coming! 🙂



  1. Oh I love throwback memories and photos. Indeed 2016 gave us confident and memorable memories. but you know what sometimes it’s painful when while enjoying watching your throwback photos then you notice and realized na payat kapa noon at tumataba kana ngayon. hahah! Kelerkey!

    1. Hahahaha! I can relate! Fresh na fresh ako noon, haggard na ngayon.

  2. You’re not alone, I just finished my supposed to be year-end post. It is really nice to look back and see those pictures. Ok yung summer outing niyo ha, ang hirap mag get together pag malaki ang family.

    1. Oo nga eh. Pero excited rin kasi ang adults so nai-push through namin yung outing. 🙂

  3. It makes me cry and laugh whenever I look back and try to reminisce the past. Your 2016 was indeed worth remembering and sharing. I find your family as a close-knit one and I hope it remains the same. Nothing beats having families to run to through bad and good times.

    1. Indeed! 🙂 Thanks Momi Berlin! I hope the same for you and your family, too.

  4. I also love January because after the holidays, it is my son’s birthday naman. Looks like you had a blast last year, congrats dear!

    1. Thanks! And advanced happy birthday to your son! <3

  5. An awesome 2016 that was, right? I’m happy for you! Ninja ka pala. hehe. On pregnancy, I can only imagine how difficult it can be, specially that you never expected it to happen at all. I’m happy that you’re able to get through it. Look at you now, a cutie buntis! I’m praying for a safe labor and delivery for you, sis! Cheers to 2017! ♥

    1. Aww.. Thank you sis! Sana this 2017, ma-meet na rin kita in one of blogger events. Cheers! <3

  6. Seems January is your wedding anniversary, Happy happy anniversary for both of you. I am a proud breastfeed momma also for 2 yrs and few months. My Zd boy unexpectedly stopped because of his canker sore and well, I think t’was the right na din siguro kasi mag 3 years old na sya. Happy new year sis, and God bless sa delivery mo soon. weee, excited.

  7. Isn’t it such a joy to finally purchase your own domain? I remember when I bought mine, I was just extremely excited!

  8. Advance happy anniversary! You had an eventful 2016. May doors of opportunity be opened this 2017 for you and your family! 🙂

  9. A lot has happened in your year. 🙂 Love the virtual assistant appreciation. It really lightens the load and makes one enjoy work whenever there are simple things like this. A great motivation. 🙂 I wanted to make one round up for the year but January is almost over! Haha talk about busy life. 🙂

  10. to bring together

    Super nice to reminisce noh especially when you know that you’ve spent most of the time with your family.! I’m curious about your ninja work.. I’ve been looking for work at home opportunities kasi, pwede kaya ako dito? :))

  11. You had a busy 2016. May this year bring you and your family more blessings.

  12. That was quite a wonderful 2016 you had there! The surname Deveza rings a bell. I have a good old friend who lives in Tiaong, Quezon and he was Deveza from his mother side, her mom was very kind whenever we visit their place in Tiaong Quezon years back. He works on board a ship as a captain, Pasco was his family name by the way and you have a resemblance with his sisters 🙂 i hope you are not related, Lol!

  13. What a 2016 you got there! I’m sure 2017 will be more exciting especially with a new baby. Congratulations!

  14. Ang saya no when you have close relationships with your relatives. Nakakatuwa yung mga nagoouting with the whole clan with matching tarp pa 🙂 Congrats on the new baby! Have a safe pregnancy. Sana one day when I quit my corporate job, mabilis din ako makahanap ng work as WAHM. Dream ko talaga yan 🙂

  15. You had a fruitful year… nainggit ako bigla on how you compile the highlights of your life events. All I can say is, good or bad times makes us realize that we are still alive to enjoy every experience that life has to offer. Keep on moving forward! ?

  16. That was a roller coaster year for you. I’m happy that you can now work from home and for your 2nd pregnancy. I hope that you will have wonderful 2017.

  17. Ayi

    There are so many things we should all be thankful for, despite the bumps and challenges along the year. Cheers to another year momma! 🙂

  18. What a wonderful 2016 for you and your family! I’m hoping to be a wahm too, can you give me tips?

  19. Congratulations for surviving 2016! Glad that you are always looking forward to a better tomorrow. Life is really a series of ups and downs, and we have to always be braced for whatever may come along

  20. Happy 2017! Time really flies by so fast! It’s Feb already! Where did January go? It’s so fun to look back month by month on the year that was. I’ve never tried posting a blog like that though. Maybe I’ll give it a try for next year. 🙂

  21. What a great way to reminisce on 2016’s happenings! 🙂 I’m also a breastfeeding wahm. It’s a handful at times, but worth it. Have an even more wonderful 2017! And oh, Devezas remind me of Lucban. Are you from there by any chance?

  22. Janice

    Indeed a lot has happened to your life last year. It’s always nice to look back and reminisce, right? Best wishes on your 2017 especially with your pregnancy. 🙂

  23. Congratulations on your transition to being a work-from-home mom! And I’m glad you love it. You’ve made a good decision.

  24. What a nice idea to look back on the highlights of the year month by month 🙂

  25. Belated Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Such a fruitful year you had last yeat and wishing you the same

  26. nice,
    it was wonderful to have families that u can share your important moment
    advance happy anniversary na din

  27. millette05

    Glad that your 2016 was awesome! I hope that this year would be wonderful for you as well.

  28. Dane

    Wow! Monthly timelimes ! Ilove photo stories too! Cool

  29. I love what you did here. It’s like a monthly diary. I am sure you’re going to have a lovely 2017!

  30. Ah.. the year that was. I always say the purpose of a camera is to document memories. Take more photos in 2017 Dear! Time flies very fast. 🙂

  31. Looking back at the year that was reminds us of both the good and not-so-good memories. It was mostly a happy year for you. Hope 2017 brings you more joy, good health and abundant blessings!

  32. Congrats to your second baby, buti ka pa nakapag WAHM na I am still planning to be one of WAHM but i still need to save a lot 🙂

  33. Happiest New Year to you although this greeting may be a bit delayed. Just like my 2016 was a roller coaster ride with milestones and heartaches but all thought me valuable lessons. Glad to read your life in a flash…thanks for sharing.

  34. You had a full year last year and I’m sure better things will come this year. Cheers to blogging!

  35. It sure was an awesome experience to look back on the year that was and having a glimpse at your very exciting life! Congratulations on your milestones and accomplishments, and more importantly, on your new baby! Praying for your safe pregnancy and delivery.

    I have yet to sit down and blog about how my 2016 went, but here’s hoping we all have an equally awesome 2017 ahead of us! ^_^

  36. Congrats on being able to work at home! Pangarap ko talaga yan, huhuhu. Praying for your safe delivery this year!

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