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Hakab Na! 2017 | The Global Big Latch On

Being a Momma for the second time around made nursing my daughter an extra bearable job for me. Sure it wasn’t easy! But when you’re doing it for the second time, it means you’ve already gained experience from your first time of experiencing it, right?

When I gave birth to Gabriel, my first born, everything is new to me. Every little thing, though it may seem very simple to someone, was actually hard for me.

One of those things is breastfeeding. Honestly, I’ve underestimated breastfeeding. I thought it was easy. When I got pregnant, I told myself that I will definitely nurse my baby with my breastmilk. I even imagined myself sitting peacefully in one corner, carrying my baby in a cradle position while breastfeeding.

But behind every expectation, there’s a reality! My baby’s first latch felt weird and painful. There was no milk right away. And my baby was most of the time agitated. Haha! I lacked enough knowledge and I almost gave up.

Online Support Communities

One thing that made me survive my breastfeeding journey is by having a supportive online community on Facebook. They’re the OMG Birthclub Group. A group of Mommies who gave birth in the 2nd quarter of 2015. They’re one of the reasons why I continued to breastfeed Gabriel despite the hardships. They’re also the ones who encouraged me to join the online Facebook community of breastfeeding mommies which is the Breastfeeding Pinays group.

I would always encourage the first time pregnant mommas or the mommas who will breastfeed for the first time to join Breastfeeding Pinays as they will learn a lot from this community as I did. The members of this group encourage each and everyone to pursue and push through with breastfeeding their little ones. The admins are real advocates of breastfeeding and in fact, as the National Breastfeeding Awareness Month is already approaching, they are organising another “Hakab Na!” event happening in August!

Hakab Na! 2017

“Hakab Na!” is an annual event in the Philippines hosted by the BFP admins. It started in 2013 and has been successful since then. This event aims to spread awareness about breastfeeding and this year, it is made even more exciting! As it is also the celebration of the International Breastfeeding Awareness week, the central focus of the event is the Big Latch On wherein breastfeeding mommas all over the world is set to simultaneously breastfeed their children in an effort to set a world record.

“Hakab Na!” will be held at Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on August 5, 2017. This will be the culminating activity of the ASEAN BREASTFEEDING FORUM which is projected to be the biggest Hakab Na! to date with the support of the Department of Health (Philippines). If you want to be part of another history, you may check their Facebook event Hakab Na! 2017 for more details.

Hakab Na! South Mommas

If you’re from the South like me and you’re worried about the EDSA traffic going to Araneta, worry no more! There’s a “Hakab Na!” event near you that is happening on the same day and time, too! Through the effort of the South PiNanays FB Group, “Hakab Na!” is made possible in the South. Hakab Na 2017

For more information, you may visit the event invite here: South PiNanays Hakab Na! 2017

I am yet to join SPiNanays’ Hakab Na event for South mommas. I still need to figure out my schedule but God willing, I’d be there. If you’ll be there too, then I hope to meet you! Go Padede Mommas! <3


  1. I so waited for the PR to be emailed to me about Hakab, pero I never got one. Maybe because I don’t latch anymore, hehe. I’d be fun to join this one, kung nagbi-BF lang ako hanggang ngayon, I could really join this event. 🙂

    1. Nag-wean na si Nate? 😀 Big boy na talaga sya. 🙂

      1. Yes, sis. Weaned na sya since December last year. I’m happy hindi naging mahirap para sa’ming dalawa. Pero actually, even up to now, I know he still loves his first food. Minsan inaamoy nya ng walang dahilan! hahaha.

  2. Haven’t had the chance to attend this fun event. Conflict lagi sa schedule. I heard some of the celebrity moms will be attending this year’s Hakab. For sure, that would be so much fun!

  3. Breastfeeding moms are lucky to have a support group that will help them in their breastfeeding journey. I breastfed for 2 months and it is not easy. I hope marami umattend sa Hakab.

  4. One of my regrets when I became a mom is that I wasnt able to breastfeed my son longer. The moment I went back to work, I stopped breastfeeding him. During that time, I wasnt aware of all the encouragement I could get online. Good thing there are things like these today.

  5. I’m going sis! 4th year na namin ni Zee bago sya mag-wean gusto ko mag-join ng big latch on ?

  6. This Hakab event is this Saturday na. I would want to join the event but surely my husband and mom would not allow me to leave the house. And isa pa, i think it would be hard for me to manage a toddler and an infant. ehehe. Maybe next year. Or I could do naman my part by breastfeeding at home as most mom participants breastfeed at the Araneta.

  7. Wow nakakatuwa tong event na to. If I’m a breast feeding mama, I will surely be happy to join this kind of event. I wish to have more milk pag may baby no. 2, I just breastfeed my daughter for more than a month. Sad pero atleast nakatikim siya at hindi sakitin 🙂

  8. I haven’t heard about this but nababasa ko to sa mga mommies na nagshare about HAKAB.. God bless sa event, breastfeed din ako kay ZD and very thankful ako kasi malaking tulong sa kanya sa immune system nya at nakatipid pa ako. Heheheh! Pero ngayon malaki na at kusa na syang bumitaw thankful pa din ako kasi ibig sabihin di na sya baby 🙂

  9. EINz

    Oh, I am with the Southpinanays group but wasn’t really active because sadly, I can’t join such event. My breastfeeding story wasn’t a successful one, even our pedia suggested that we switched to formula because I can’t meet my kids’ feeding requirement. Even baby wearing, I never got to experience it, my kids were too big for their age! I now have 9 and 3 that looks 12 and 7 ?

  10. Ayi

    I breastfed my kids, but mas matagal sa youngest ko. Good thing there are support groups and events such as this compared to few years ago. Very helpful for mommas since not everyone has a walk in the park breastfeeding experience.

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