My Little Man’s First Halloween Trick-or-Treat Experience

I didn’t intend to attend any Halloween Trick-or-Treat events with my son. Aside from the fact that I never even experienced it way back when I was still a kid that’s why it doesn’t seem to excite me as a Momma, I am also avoiding activities which might give me the awful pregnant exhaustion. Lol. Tamad talaga minsan ang buntis eh! But then my sweet mother-in-law was the keen one to have her first grandchild experience a trick-or-treat event. So we pushed through with it.

The husband and I registered my son to McDonald’s Trick-or-Treat event which was held at The World Trade Center in Pasay last October 29, 2016. I got excited, eventually, as a parent because I imagined that there will be a lot of treats for the kids since it’s in big well-known place!

The registration fee was Php 250 per child, including one meal. We only intended to get a meal voucher for my son because we planned to dine out somewhere instead after the event.



The night before the event, I was stressing out kasi na-stranded pa si Bryan sa Ayala. There were only a few buses, maybe because of the traffic jam caused by Payday Friday madness and the fact that most of the people are going home to provinces made commuting a bit more challenging. I wanted him to be home earlier than the usual kasi gusto ko maaga kaming matulog since the event will commence early in the morning.

The husband arrived home at 2 in the morning. And the alarm was set to ring at 5:30 in the morning. Despite the lack of sleep, we still got up early and arrived at The World Trade Center around 8:30 AM.

McDonald's Trick Or Treat Experience 2016
The most siksik and liglig skeleton in the universe. 😛 Photo credits to his Auntie Yohan.

Honestly, I had high expectations of this event. We went inside and felt a bit clueless of what’s about to happen. Our thoughts were:

“Ano na?”
“Ano’ng gagawin?”
“Walang candies?”


Uhm… Now, what?


There were booths of different businesses and organizations where people are lining up. I actually thought that it was where we have to fall in line as well for the treats. But eventually, we found out that for most of the booths, we have to sign-up first (Name, Address, Contact Number, and Email Address) before we could play a game. There was a booth that we’ve been waiting in line for our turn for more than 20 minutes, I think, and got nothing. Lol. There was another that we got lucky to have a small pack of cotton candy. Haha!

My son was still a toddler, and we can’t join the other games which are mostly for kids of ages 3 and up. We got bored, sad to say.




We were sitting on the cement for most of the time like the other families and mind you, I am pregnant. Medyo mahirap umupo ng matagal sa semento ah. There were pregnant moms in there, too. And I felt bad for us because of the lack of enough chairs to be seated on.

My son also fell asleep during the event. Lol. I guess he got bored, too.



I’ve been hearing announcements that there will be a show so we stayed. The show started late contrary to the time that they’ve announced. Good thing the children enjoyed the theatrical musical show. I, too, enjoyed the latter part of the show somehow. Buti na lang! Hehe.


mcdo-trick-or treat-experience-2016
Miss Jackie Lou Blanco took part of the theatrical musical show, too! Photo Credits to Yohan.


Photo credits to Yohan.
Photo credits to Yohan.

The show ended with Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar and Birdie the Early Bird dancing along with the other performers. And that was it! Really… I thought we’d be able to bring home a basket full of candies for my son.

I guess we expected way too much because it clearly indicated on the voucher that it was going to be a trick-or-treat event. And who wouldn’t? It was a 250 Php event. Pwede na ring pang-cine. Lol! At dinayo pa namin kahit puyat kami and all. We got so excited because we imagined our son walking with his pumpkin basket receiving candies inside the event.

Even the photo booths aren’t free.



We had our picture taken anyway for 25 Php just for a remembrance. 😛


To be fair, we enjoyed the show somehow. But we got sad not having to take home a pumpkin basket full of treats as we expected. Lol.

After the event, we’ve decided to eat lunch at Luk-Foo. We forgot to take photos because we were so hungry and we had to eat out our disappointments with our son’s first trick-or-treat experience.

We’ve gone home around 1:30 PM, exhausted and sleepy so we took our afternoon siesta. We had to recharge for another Trick-or-Treat Event c/o and organized by the HOA Officers in the place we live in.

Recharged and energized, we went down and placed our share of treats in the table placed in front of our building. We live in a mid-rise condo unit with over 10 buildings and each building has tables with treats in it. Pretty exciting, right? 😀

The event prepared by the HOA officers was fun! There were prizes waiting for the kids who will be declared best in costume so there’s no doubt that the parents made an effort in dressing up their little ones. There were games and a magic show performed by a clown which the kids really enjoyed. I enjoyed the show, too! ‘Coz I’m a kid at heart. 😛



Also, snacks were given to the participating kids and one of the best things is that – it was for free! Actually, the whole trick-or-treat event was for free. It’s nice to know that the HOA funds are being spent to fun events like these. It’s also a way for our community to get to know one another.



The show ended with the announcement of who the winner of the best in costume award is. The one who won freaked me out a bit. But the boy in the costume is so pogi. Super tuwang tuwa ako sa kanya so I asked for a photo opt session with him. Lol.




I had no doubt that this kid will win the best in costume award. The kid’s Mom must’ve put a lot of effort in thinking how she’ll dress up his son in a unique costume which will be different from the kiddie costumes we usually see.

When the clown announced that the kids may now go and hoard their treats from each of the buildings, they all (especially the older ones) hurriedly run while shouting. Hindi kami nainform na unahan pala! Haha!  Bryan had to carry Gabriel so we can catch-up with the other faster kids. Hahaha! It was like The Amazing Race. It was fun, though. Kahit mas mabilis ang ibang kids and naubusan kami sa ibang buildings, we didn’t mind it at all. We just think that maybe in a year or 2, Gabriel will be one of those kids rushing to the tables full of candies and other treats! And I bet all the kids went home happily. I saw some with a full pumpkin basket and they’re so happy about it.

I can’t help but compare the experiences we had within the day. Obviously, the son and us, parents, enjoyed the 2nd event more. At least we’re able to experience both Trick-or-Treat events but to be honest, there was a feeling of regret attending the event organized by McDo. Or I guess, we weren’t just informed clearly of what to expect from the event, that’s why we got disappointed. We still love McDo anyway! <3

These are just my two cents. Everything stated in this post is based on our experience. It is not intended to malign any company, organization or individual.



  1. In the event that we have attended before, there are shows and games that your kids can participate. For the candies naman, loot bag na siya so no need na sa pumpkin basket. So P250 for meal and shows lang sa Mcdo and the rest may bayad pala.

    1. Yes. Kaya medyo nalungkot kami. Mas nag-enjoy pa si LO sa libre lang na event. Hehe

  2. No doubt that little man will win. Effort talaga sa costume at highly creative ang nag isip ha. So sad re the first halloween party. I too would feel bored if I would just sit there most of the time as well. And trick and treat is always candies and goodies inside that pumpkin bag. Pwera na.lang if puro trick at walang treat.

    1. Oo nga. I honestly felt like I attended a business-to-blogger event sa first one that we attended. Disappointing. Buti nakabawi sa second event and it was a free event pa! Haha!

  3. Good you enjoyed the 2nd one. It can really be frustrating when every move has to be paid. Hehe plus, I feel you about the stress of being pregnant and exhausted in events. I had the same experience 3 weeks ago. I had to attend to my son’s costume party, I wanted to, so I had to endure the whole event. 🙂
    Thabks for sharing your experience. 🙂

    1. Yes! Parang we paid to get inside tapos we have to pay pa ulit. Anyway, kahit puyat and all at alam mong you’ll get tired, go pa rin talaga basta para sa anak noh? 🙂

  4. Napakahusay ng gumawa ng costume nung winner! Naku, buti nalang McDo, buti nalang maganda ang show nyo, kung hindi, baka magdemand ako ng refund kung ako, charot! haha. I’m sorry to hear about your experience pero good thing bumawi agad ang other event. I can only imagine sitting on a cement while pregnant, huhu.

  5. Winner ang costume ni bagets! Buti na lang may isang event na pang konswelo. Kung ako siguro yan at dalawa pa ang dala kong tsikiting, malamang nagreklamo na ung partner ko plus malayo pa kasi sya. But I hope nag enjoy pa din naman si bagets mu.

    1. Hay nako. Buti nga hindi naman super duper layo kundi pagoda tragedy ako lalo na at buntis hehe.

  6. rollcoastermom

    Sad to know you guys didn’t enjoy the McDo event much. But at least the second one was a lot better. My second son just had his first trick or treat experience too this Halloween. Kaya lang he was only 1 month old and slept the whole time. Haha!

    1. Indeed! I was really disappointed, but I have to move on. Hahaha! Well, newborns don’t care much of what’s happening around them as long as they feel their momma’s arms around them and they are fed then they’re happy… and asleep! Lol

  7. We are suppose to go kaya lang was not able to secure ticket, buti na lang hindi kung hindi sayang ang effort pag gigisig ng maaga

    1. Waaah! Buti na lang di kayo natuloy, Mommy Anna! Sayang rin talaga ang effort. Hehe

  8. It wasn’t until my little man is a bit bigger that we were able to attend his very first Trick or Treat. He did not like costumes and hats much when he was a baby. I guess it is important that we really take their lead on things like this so we won’t get disappointed. Anyway, what’s important is they still get to enjoy a bit of the activity and looks forward to the next one! 🙂

  9. Awww I feel your dismay. Knowing it’s a big company tapos ganun lang yung event. Ay naku, if I were there, mag aaya na lang akong umuwi. Glad that you and your family enjoyed the HOA Halloween party. Makabawi man lang heheh

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