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Never Too Late | Happy 2018 Everyone!

Whoop! I’m back!

After being on a really, really long period of being in a hiatus mode… I am finally back!

Writing is something I have missed for a long while. When I’ve decided to put things aside, it was this love for blogging I had to put down.

You see, the last two quarters of the year 2017 has been tough. I became yayaless in September and at the same month, my son got confined in the hospital for several days due to amoebiasis…

I’ve had tons of workload which I had to keep up with.

We also lost my husband’s grandmother, who is really close to my heart – such a kindhearted Nanay of ours – due to multiple organ failures in November, and finally, we moved into another house in December for the 2nd time in 2017. How tiring was it, eh?

Oh, wait! Tiresome is never an enough of a word to describe the feeling of moving out from one house to another. It’s all beyond exhausting!

All those contributed to a stressful life, almost everything became too overwhelming for this momma of a sweet yet sometimes defiant toddler and a hyperactive super mega likot infant that made me know for sure I have to put down some things I love doing or else I will lose my sanity.

So I paused blogging. I stepped back from writing and tried shifting my focus to the present life and the kids especially. But I know also, for sure, that I will want to get back to it. That blogging life. Yes. That “writing my heart out” life.

There’s been a lot of things I wanted to write about and share to this little space of mine. This blog has been my outlet for random thoughts and a bit of a source of income as well.

To be honest, I feel really happy right now having been able to write something for my little blog-y love. It felt like a good comeback and a great starter for the year ahead.

It’s never too late to start anew.

So here’s the Momma, though a bit late, greeting you all a blessed and a joyful new year! Happy 2018 everyone!

Let’s all hope and believe that the better things are coming!


Let me hear your precious thoughts! :)

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