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I am not a fan of online shopping. That’s because I prefer going to malls and personally see the items I want to purchase, so I can have a look-and-feel of it before I actually buy it. That was my preference –  until I became a Momma. You know, the usual mommy problem that even trips to the restroom are time-constrained and even a 10-minute bath time is already a luxury?

I used to have the luxury of a whole day roaming around the mall, like a shop ’til you drop kind of life. But after giving birth, I found myself browsing online shopping sites and mobile applications because I don’t even have the time and energy to go to shopping malls anymore! Good thing, technology brought a lot of innovation that helps give convenience to people, especially to busy moms like me! And I have the latest discovery!



HappyFresh | Joy Delivered To Your Home


I recently downloaded HappyFresh mobile app in AppStore (it’s available on Android, too!). I met HappyFresh at the Blogapalooza Horizons: Uncharting the Uncharted event held on May 21, 2016. At first, I thought it was a brand of fresh juices because the logo looks like a happy fruit, but it wasn’t! Lol.

HappyFresh is the first and fastest growing groceries platform in the Southeast Asia! They offer services that deliver groceries from the stores you love right in front of your doorstep! They recently launched here in the Philippines and right now they are in partnership with Robinson’s Supermarket. In the busy world of mommas, isn’t this a happy treat to all of us who barely even have time for ourselves? Technology has just given us another convenient way to do the shopping and I can’t get any more excited about this. I’m yet to try this application, but let me share with you the 5 things I instantly love about HappyFresh and why I’m convinced with this new innovation.

1) You can do your shopping in front of your laptop or PC, and even on your smartphones!

Yes, you’ve read it right! HappyFresh is available in a web-based or mobile application so you can choose your groceries at the tip of your hands and be at home. And when you’re done, you just sit down on your couch, bond with your family, or do other household chores while you wait for your groceries to be delivered to your doorstep. Now, wouldn’t that be a convenience for you? 🙂

2) It’s Cash-on-delivery basis.

I know you’re probably worried about not receiving the items you ordered online. I’ve been skeptical about online shopping as well, for such a long time! But with HappyFresh, you don’t have to worry about not receiving your groceries because you will only pay for them when it has already arrived at your doorstep. I hope someday they will accept credit/debit cards as the mode of payment as well. Hmm, well, maybe in the future.

3) Your groceries are handled and delivered by a specially screened and trained shopper and driver.

For the shopper, you only have to pay them a fee which will depend on oh how much you’ve purchased. It’s like paying the service charge in a restaurant. And you don’t have to worry if the items you selected are suddenly out of stock in the market because you have the option to let the shopper contact you if that happens or you will let the shopper choose for you or not replace anything – before you place your grocery list.

Meanwhile, the delivery fee costs a fixed amount of 149 Php regardless of how many bags or boxes will be delivered to you.

Those fees are already included upon checkout of your item so you get the total amount of how much you have to pay when your groceries have arrived.

4) There are deals and discounts available for you.

Those are magic words to the Mommas, I know right?! 🙂 We’re always on the look for items that are a great deal because, what? We’re mommas, right? We do the budgeting most the time. So it’s good if we got to save money by being able to avail of discounts!

5) They deliver your groceries in just an hour – or even less.

Here’s our usual setup when we have to do the grocery:

An hour to get ready to go out, an hour of commuting to get to the shopping mall, then if we’re hungry we spend another hour (or two) eating in a restaurant, then another hour for doing the grocery. After doing all the errands and we have to go home then that’s another hour of commuting again.

All those hours and effort VERSUS the HappyFresh’s online grocery platform and an hour of delivery. Tell me, what’s not good about that? I get to save not just time but also an amount of energy. I get to play with my son or watch a movie at home with my husband instead of personally doing the grocery. Yay! 🙂

HappyFresh is an answered prayer for the SAHMs, WAHMs and also the working in the corporate office Mommas who are most of the time in charge of doing the grocery stuff. Instead of personally going to the supermarket to buy the stuff, you can just lie down in your bed while selecting the items you need to buy via the web or the app, and wait for it to arrive on your doorstep! You get to relax at your home instead of falling in line at the cashier. Less hassle, more rest! Who wouldn’t love that?

I am excited to try HappyFresh! I checked my planner and I am scheduled to do the grocery this coming weekend. I hope to have a pleasant online shopping experience with HappyFresh.

How about you? Have you tried HappyFresh yet? Let me know of your feedbacks below. If you’re planning to try it out for the first time, you may use my code v3KYT in the HappyFresh app to get a voucher for free delivery if you shop for ₱5,000.00. May you have a pleasant shopping experience, too! 🙂




  1. I have this app too. But, I haven’t used it even once. I know happy fresh only get the grocery items from robinsons supermarkets and it’s a bit far from us. But, I will try them out when need arise.

  2. COD only, I prefer to use credit card for my grocery because of 6% cash rebate. But this is nice because you can save time and effort. 🙂

  3. uyy masubukan nga ito. Doing the groceries can sometimes be very exhausting for us because we have to take our 3 kids along with us unless our babysitter is available to take them off our hands.

  4. wow, groceries can now be done online? grabe, everything is becoming more and more digital. The last thing I learned was a seafood company is already offering online selling too! wow! As per this one, I may try, I’m not sure yet. 🙂

  5. I’d love to try their services! Doing the groceries may be tiring and time-consuming at times. It’s a good thing that there’s Happy Fresh. I will download their app and see if I can take advantage of their services, too.

  6. I love this app! Saka it’s worth kase ganun din you’ll take a cab home with the groceries you bought so the delivery fee makes sense.

    1. I agree Mommy! The cab usually costs us 100-150 Php one-way only! So parang nakatipid na din ako ng 150Php. 🙂

  7. I have this app, but haven’t tried it. Nahihiya ako bilang nasa tabi lang ng condo namin ang grocery. Haha!

    1. Hahaha! If the grocery store’s just a 5-minute walk from our home, I’d also stretch my legs and personally do the shopping hihi

  8. i am still afraid to do online shopping. I will try this site you recommended.

  9. It is really a very concept. Too bad they only cover the metro manila area. I hope they can expand their serviceable areas soon. Real convenient especially for busy working moms like me.

  10. I haven’t tried HappyFresh yet, but I’d love to because it’s time-consuming to do our weekly grocery shopping. I’m definitely downloading their app.

  11. My husband and I love grocery shopping. It has become a sort of “date” moment for us and make is feel totally responsible since we argue and analyze each item we put on our cart. But I agree that this app helps spare us some hours to do other more important things.

  12. I saw this on my FB newsfeed and downloaded it immediately. Why won’t I? Grocery shopping takes half of my Saturdays and sometimes more. But I havent tried the app. I’ll try it soon though. How are they with selecting fresh produce, fish and meats?

    1. Haven’t tried with the fresh produce and meats kasi the wet and dry market is just 5min walk lang from our place. But I think their professional shopper knows how to select the best quality of those goods naman. 🙂

  13. Rhoda Fajardo

    OMG! This is a relief for busy moms like me! I really don’t have time to shop for groceries since I work 6 days a week. If I’m likely to think about grocery shopping to stock up for the week ahead, Happyfresh would be a great solution to get my lazy ass to shop for groceries. =)

    1. I think you really need this app, so that the 7th day of your week will be spent with you family instead of hustlin’ in grocery stores 🙂

  14. Ayi

    Exactly what I need. LOL. Perfect for moms who are yaya-less too na walang mapagiiwanan ng kids 🙂

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