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Help Getting Pregnant Fast | Tips by ConceiveEasy

When a couple is trying to get pregnant, some get easily frustrated because the result is not as fast as they thought it would be. There are many factors that can affect a couple’s fertility and sometimes, timing is the key. Either way, there are some things one can do in order to get pregnant fast.

  1. Weight control – being underweight and overweight both affect a woman’s fertility. Women who are underweight are at a high risk of miscarriage while those that are overweight may not be able to ovulate regularly. One should learn to be able to control her weight in order to get more chances of conceiving.
  1. Sperm protection – men also have to do their part in order to get pregnant fast. Wearing tight boxers, jeans and cycle shorts may not be good for his sperm. Additionally, it is also not advisable to stay in places that increase the heat of their scrotum like saunas and hot tubs. Tell your hubby to stay away from the hot tubs and baths until after you conceive!
  1. Food and Drink – a healthy food choice goes a long way, not only for couples trying to conceive but for everyone. Avoiding alcohol use and junk foods may help boost your chances of conceiving.
  1. Pinpointing ovulation – knowing your cycle and pinpointing ovulation will help boost a woman’s chances of conceiving. Trying to get pregnant without being able to pinpoint ovulation is like hitting a goal with eyes closed. A woman can use a BBT thermometer, an OPK and an online fertility calculator to detect her ovulation.
  1. Avoid STRESS – we know what this big word do to our bodies. It affects our hormonal balance, especially for most women. Sometimes, the more that our mind and body is feeling stressed, the more we are having a hard time to conceive a life.
  1. EXERCISE – in order for us to avoid stress, we need to exercise. We need to keep our physical, mental and emotional being as healthy as possible. And exercising is one way of achieving that healthy balance.

When you don’t see the result that you want right away, don’t give up. Work on improving you and your partner’s fertility. Trying to conceive may get a little frustrating at times especially when you and your partner are very eager already to have a baby. Think of happy thoughts and just persevere. The next thing you know, your bundle of joy is kicking right inside your tummy soon enough! 🙂

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  1. These are helpful tips. A nice read for those trying to conceive or even for info dissemination.

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