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How to survive College Life

You just graduated from high school and is very excited to be in college. You chose the course you wanted to take up and had yourself enrolled at your chosen university. Then you realized that college is very far different from high school. Well yes it is, and you’re not alone! Most of the college freshmen are really having a hard time coping up with their college lives. Maybe you were one of those who had experienced culture shock; maybe you are already cursing one of your professors for ruining your to-do-lists because he/she had given you loads of homework you can’t even be sleeping until the next morning. The reality is, “that’s college life”, and we can’t change the fact that it really is hard to be a college student.  If you are thinking of giving up, well think again! You can cope up with college if you would want to. You just have to know the do’s and don’t’s, and the how-to’s to survive college.

Fisrt, learn to manage you time wisely. Good time management is very essential for you to be able to survive your college life. Oftentimes, you would be loaded with homework and projects, and when it comes to it, most of the professors are very strict with deadlines. The key is, when the professor had already given you the task and you have a free time, do it right away. Never settle for “I’ll do it tomorrow or the next day” habit. Even though the deadline is two weeks from the time it was given to you, it’s always better to do things earlier so you won’t end up procrastinating.

Second, try not to schedule back-to-back classes. In college, your time is in your own hands. You get the chance to choose your subjects and schedules. As much as possible, get a class schedule that has at least an hour break in a day so you won’t wear yourself out. College will keep you busy no matter what and an hour break will let your mind rest and have time to absorb the information you’ve had from your previous class/es.

Third, establish a routine time and techniques for studying. When major exams are nearly approaching, you have to review your previous lessons you’ve tackled inside the class. If you are participating and listening to class discussions, you won’t be having a hard time recalling the past lessons, so be an active student when inside the classroom. Make a reviewer. It is very helpful that you trim down the most essential parts of the lessons. You don’t have to memorize the whole book! Studies shows that memorizing and reviewing for school examinations is much more effective when it is written and being read in a yellow paper so learn to summarize. And don’t forget to study on a daytime, much better in an early morning so everything’s fresh and you could easily retain the information on your memory.

Fourth, try not to skip your breakfast. It is the most important meal in a day. You could skip lunch and dinner but not the morning meal. It’ll be the source of your energy for the whole day. Just like in a car before it could run, you have to start its engine and you can’t do that if it doesn’t have fuel or gas.  Breakfast can actually act as your fuel before you start the day. It should be food that contains carbohydrates. Even a banana in the morning can boost energy. And if you can, take vitamins for body resistance. In college, being sick is a burden because when you missed class even just a day, it’s like you’ve missed a week of class in school.

Next thing to know that could greatly affect your college life is to choose your friends wisely. Don’t just trust anybody in the first place. Know who you’re going to be with first because it isn’t like high school anymore wherein you’ve met your best friend. There are two types of friends in college; the good and the bad ones.  The bad ones are those who cut class everyday and don’t care whether they pass or fail the semester. They only go to school whenever they want to. Partying is more important to them than their homework and projects or even the major exams. They just want to have fun. Try to avoid them as much as possible. Whatever you say, they can still influence you in a way. On the other hand, the good circles of friends are those who will encourage you to study with them. They are the ones who also have dreams and aspirations; has the motivation to pursue their careers like you do. Your group of friends doesn’t need to be the nerdy people or the perfect ones. They could be just someone whom you can laugh with, eat with during lunch breaks, or someone who can be your study buddies. Just as long as they are of good influence to you, they are worth being with everyday.

Lastly, be good to yourself. Rest when its’ your free time. Enjoy life. Seize every moment with your friends. Eat, laugh, or go out with your friends when exams are over and watch a movie with them. College life is hard but it doesn’t mean you couldn’t have fun. You’ll end up pressured and stressed. When you chose to be serious with your studies, you don’t have to lose your social life or even lose yourself. Learn to relax and balance everything. It’s a surefire way to survive the stress that college life can bring you.

It really is hard to be a college student. It is where you start building your career for the future but it won’t be just an easy task. You should have good time management, a good class schedule and study routines to be followed. Eat so you will always have energy even you only slept for an hour or two. Choose who your friends will be. Love yourself and everything you do, and you’ll find yourself loving college life, too!

— Found this on my e-mail. My homework for expository writing way back in college. 🙂Image

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