The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque

Kilay On Fleek At The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque

I am not blessed with thick, beautiful eyebrows. My brows are just…. Okay. Thin yet messy. Haha! That’s why when I got my free voucher of express cleaning at any branch of The Brow Studio, I got really excited! Their express cleaning service would cost 188.00 Php and I got one for free because of the voucher. 🙂
I had a pretty rough month last July, but instead of stressing so much about all the things that happened, I opt on giving myself a pampering treat before the voucher reached its expiry date. (This is a late post :P)
The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque
Thanks to Mommy Mundo’s Mindful Mom Re-Treat! I got this voucher from our take home loot bags. Hihi
Since I rarely go to salons anymore, my eyebrows were really messy! Look!
The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque
Yay! My eyebrows definitely need some cleaning!
It’s even being teased by some who want to pluck ’em already. I wanted to do so! But I purposefully let the hair grow like that so the threading experience at The Brow Studio will be more worth it. Haha!
The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque
I took this photo while I was waiting to be called for the Eyebrow Threading
The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque
Here’s the cozy bed -that looks like Ube and Cheese to me- where the customers are asked to lie down before the threading session starts
I have tried eyebrow threading from some other threading and waxing spas, the reason why I know that The Brow Studio has something that differs them from the other well-known spa. I love that they have such friendly and accommodating staff. And I can really tell that they do know their craft. The one who did my eyebrows explained to me first what she’s going to do and also explained to me what the shape of my eyebrow should be. Something I never experienced with other waxing and threading salons that I’ve already tried, so I’m pretty impressed. 🙂 She also informed me that the last time I had my eyebrows threaded, it seemed like it was overdone and there are areas of my eyebrow which were supposedly left untouched yet threaded. 🙁
Also, unlike the stories which I have heard before, eyebrow threading is not painful for me. I don’t know if it’s just me but the little pinching sensation gives me relaxation. Ate would even ask me every now and then if the threading is painful already, but I would honestly answer that it is just tolerable.
Here’s the finished product! Lol.
The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque
Urgh! Panira ng moment yung pimple ko sa noo huhubels!
Ate offered to put on eyebrow powder just for me to try and of course, I agreed! Mahirap magkilay mag-isa, kaya I’ll leave it to an expert na lang. Just so I could experience the eyebrows on-fleek feeling. Lol!
The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque
The girl responsible for my on-fleek eyebrows! Kulang nga lang ako sa nose line haha! (Ate, I’m so sorry, I forgot your name 🙁 #momnesia)
Since The Brow Studio also offers waxing services, I availed their underarm waxing to complete my pampering experience. I would have chosen the Caramel Warm Wax which costs 188.00 Php but it wasn’t available at the time I visited so I ended up having their Depi Wax that costs 248.00 Php. I asked Ate about the difference between the two and she told me that Depi Wax is their imported brand of wax, the reason why it costs slightly higher than the Caramel Warm Wax. I usually go for cold waxing from one of the well-known waxing spas. Cold waxing process takes a bit longer process. While in warm waxing, the process takes more or less than 10-15 minutes since the pores are opening thus making it easier to pull the hair from its roots. My underarm waxing didn’t last for more than 10 minutes. Hooray!
The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque
If you’re wondering, there’s a separate room for waxing, of course! 😀
Overall, my experience at The Brow Studio is almost exceptional. Of all the Threading and Waxing Spas that I’ve been through, their service stands outs for me and I would be glad to have another pampering session with them when time permits (oh dear Me-Time, where are you?).
The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque

The Brow Studio is located at 3/F SM City BF Parañaque. They also have other branches which you may check out HERE.


  1. Thanks for the review! I actually am looking to have my eyebrows done professionally. But I can’t tell most of them apart! Will check other branches since Paranaque is way down south to me.

  2. In today’s kikay world, i always hear the girls say, “nasa kilay ang buhay!” Haha! Ive been wanting to visit the brow studio but still cant find time. I did my own eyebrows and its always not “pantay”..haha! Yours was nicely done!

    1. Don’t worry Mommy Betchy if it’s not pantay. Ganun daw talaga ang kilay natin. 😉

  3. Yan

    Oooh, I think I’ll try this, they have a branch nearby. Your brows looks really good after the service. I’ve only tried threading twice and the pain level depends on who’s doing it. May mga magagaling talaga magthread haha, swerte mo! The last person who did my brows made me cry so much cos ansakit nya mag-thread lol.

    1. Mukha ngang it depends sa nagawa yung pain level. I remember may isa rin nagthread sa akin before na masakit ang aftermath haha

  4. Kilay matters! I do threading over waxing, I suppose I just got used to it! But I’ve heard waxing is pretty good, too, just haven’t tried any service yet. This branch is on the other side of the city, though, so I doubt I’ll be able to go.

  5. Stepping up the brow game, yas! I have some kilay problems too and I guess I must try Brow Studio services soon! Thanks for sharing! Bookmarking this post 🙂

    1. You’re very welcome! 🙂

  6. Love the kilay. And I so agree with Martine, kilay matters talaga. Often, eyebrows make a person look too serious or masungit with her thin kilay. A bushy one makes an individual look too naive. Nway, love ate’s work. You have such a beautiful eyebrows 🙂

    1. Thanks Mommy Berlin! Kapag masyado din makapal naman ang kilay nakakasungit look din. Kaya dapat tama lang 🙂

  7. I agree! Your kilay is nicely done! 🙂 Now I want my brows professionally done! I have never tried doing that. It’s true, kilay is very important, that’s why I’m trying to learn how to do my brows. lol.

    1. You should try! Kahit once lang for experience hihi

  8. I trim my own brows. Ever since I had a horrible experience with a gay makeup artist who shaved much of my brows, I didn’t let others mess up with my brows anymore. hehe I just let my trusted makeup artists thread stray hair these days.

    1. Aww. Nakaka-trauma nga naman. Syempre mahirap din magpatubo ng kilay. Kaya dapat talaga maayos ang pagkakagawa lalo kung threading or shaving service.

  9. Sabine

    Eyebrows are very important parts of the face. I love to wax eyes brows. I do my husband too (manly ofcourse). My eyebrows are done so often that I can just take out some hairs some times. This looks good, you eyebrows are on fleek girl!

    1. Thanks Sabine! Haven’t tried waxing the eyebrows though. It seems painful than threading.

  10. These are the times I am so glad I am a guy. I don’t have to worry about these stuff. But I really wonder why guys eyebrows grow differently than women’s that you have to have your brows regularly maintained. Anyway, there’s a new trend right now and it’s brow tattoos. Have you checked them out?

    1. I’ve seen a friend’s photo in my facebook page who’s had her brows tattoed. She’s happy with it. Lakas daw maka-woke up like this. Haha

  11. Kilay is life! HAHAHA! I used to have mine waxed since I was born hairy. Now, when that salon closed, I opted to have threading once a month. I remember the time for the yearbook photoshoot, I was too scared to have my eyebrows shaved by the MUA since it was just waxed. But eventually, things were great. I still have my eyebrows and just do threading. Kilay game strong! ?

    1. Haha! Nakakatakot naman din talaga ipagalaw ang kilay pero kung expert naman ang gagawa, less worry ng slight. I’ve never tried brow waxing before. Manipis lang din naman kasi ang kilay ko eh. Hihi

  12. The studio is something which i will definitely try the next time my brows need attention. Thank yo for doing this review

  13. Oh such perfect way to de-stress ?. I do my own brow trimming though, I dont like people touching my eyebrows. It makes me anxious.

  14. I have messy eyebrows too but I seldom visit eyebrow salon. If I need to attend a formal occasion, that’s the time I go to the expert.

  15. Cheryl F

    I haven’t tried getting my eyebrows plucked by a professional. I only do it on my own. I don’t have that messy brows, though. Hopefully makatry ng ganito. This studio has been on my feeds for some time now. Curious!

    1. Good for you, madali lang ayusin ang kilay mo. 🙂 worth a try naman magpa-thread sa brow studio in fairness. Sana okay din sa ibang branch nila hihi

  16. Kilay is life. My tita who’s a make up artist was always telling me that the kilay is the hardest part to do on a woman’s face. Kaya sabi nya, the true test of a good make up artist is someone who could do kilay on fleek. Dati di gets ng mga friends ko yun pero now, naniniwala na sila. Hahaa! I am one of the lucky few na ok ang kilay. browcara lang pak na. 🙂

    1. Lavet! No sweat ka sa browcara sis hihi

  17. Coi

    Love your brows!! As what they say, “kilay is life” hehehe! I had my brows done by a professional before before ngayon, ako na lang hehe 🙂

    1. Minsan lang din ako magpa-thread kasi may kamahalan din eh haha! Minsan ako na lang nagaahit nung mga kalat 🙂

  18. Lhourdes Mercadero

    Kilay goals! I’m having a hard time sa pag-aayos ng kilay talaga. Thanks for this review

  19. Naalala ko lang while others have kilay on fleek, i have kilay that’s fake. Hahahaha.

    I trim my own eyebrows (what’s left of it) and draw on them. I lost one kasi after childbirth. Good thing umaayos na yata hormones ko kaya tumutubo na uli sya. I might have to try this para naman gumanda na kilay ko.

    1. Waaaah! I never knew pwedeng mangyari yun after childbirth. Akala ko yung hair lang sa anit natin yung nagkakalagas lagas. Pwede din pala ang kilay. Buti umo-okay na ulit ang kilay mo. 🙂

  20. Taray ng kilay! Hindi ko pa napapagalaw ever sa iba ang kilay ko! But would love to try it just for experience.

  21. OMG! Everyday of my life ang problema ko lagi ay ang putol ko na kilay. Hehehehe. Ang hirap kaya magkilay pero trying hard everyday talaga gusto kong takpan yong putol ko na kilay. The last time din na nag pa thread ako kay ate jo na churchmate namin kaso nag abroad na, so no choice ako nalang,.

  22. Ay so niiice! On fleek talaga! We have almost the same brows. Sparse but yours are more shapely haha. I’m letting them grow din to have them threaded this month. Kilay is life!

    1. Di ba? Mas sulit kasi ang threading experience kung makalat at makapal na ang kilay haha mas kita ang result 😀

  23. Based on my experience masakit ang ang eyebrow threading but it worth the pain naman! Sabi nga nila “Tiis Ganda” hehehe

    1. True sis tiis ganda talaga. Saka it depends din siguro sa nagawa.

  24. I there is brow studio at Festival Mall, ma try nga sila minsan

  25. Jen bave

    Today’s trend is hashtag kilaygoals and women who can do their eyebrows perfectly are considered Goddess. I have always been a fan of threading. Even if it hurts, it’s giving you that natural perfectly trimmed eyebrows look. Plucking sometimes look disastrous, specially after 2 days. Hahaha

    1. My first kilay experience was plucking! Never did I try plucking again. Hahaha

  26. Janice

    Love the brows! i’d love to have my brows cleaned and shaped properly too. SM BF is not that far from us. Will visit that branch as soon as I can find the time to be away from my newborn for at least a couple of hours. 🙂

    1. You’re from the South pala! Yey. Me time na din yan kahit 1 hour away lang from momma duties kahit mahirap naman talaga mag-me time for us Mommas 🙂

  27. Gracie

    Angganda! Haven’t tried The Brow Studio yet, I love threading kasi 6 weeks bago tumubo ulit, perfect for busy moms like us 🙂

  28. Wow I super love how it turned out! Brows on fleek talaga! I love them because they are so affordable and magagaling tlaga sila.

  29. Denice Diaz-Faeldonia

    Actually your brows are okay naman need some cleaning here and there lang. Very easy to maintain kasi may shape na. Just follow the pattern they made para di sayang the brow session. 🙂

    1. That’s what I do now kasi magastos din naman kung monthly threading hihi

  30. wow! so nice your kilay! i had also mine done, but i can’t replicate it myself afterwards so i just let it all grow out. hahaha! bushy eyebrows are a thing i think nowadays! you can also try browhaus. 🙂

    1. Oh yes I heard na maganda din ang service ng browhaus! Will try next time. 🙂

  31. OMG! Kilay is life haha! I’ve been doing my kilay myself but I think I need to have it shaped professionally din at least once. para achieve and kilay on fleek 🙂

  32. Oooh I’ve never really seen results before. I mean, I don’t see the difference until now that you showed it. It gives me reason to visit these recommended brows one of these days.

  33. Love the brows. Aside from hair the kilay is now also a girls beauty asset. It makes the total girl look. Good that we have these nowadays.

  34. Wow, so nice! My brows need some much-needed pampering too. I hope I can find the time to visit a branch. 🙂

  35. Ang ganda bagay sayo! There are women na hindi bagay ang masyadong maayos na kilay tulad ko haha.

  36. I also have my brows done there at Brow Studio. Kilay is life. 😀

  37. Nice eyebrows! This post just reminded me to get my eyebrows cleaned and threaded!

  38. I have think eyebrows also. Your “new” brows looks nice. So inggit!

  39. Gorgeous kilay is in! Like you, I’m also not an expert in fixing my brows, but I plan to experiment on my own again after I’ve received a nice eyebrow powder from Fashion 21.

  40. nice eyebrows! they did good service! im just not into the kilay thing but after reading this, hmmm…i will visit this place. i also love the purple chairs!

  41. Claire Santiago

    I think I am still not ready for a “brow-do” My kilays are still virgin and I am really afraid of threading hihi

  42. Ayi

    I need to visit this ASAP! Lol. My kilay is on comatose na :))

  43. My brows sure could use this kind of service. They are overgrown at one side and sparse on the other! Haha. I hope I can find a branch nearby one of these days so I can try their services.

    1. I hope you enjoy your eyebrow threading sesh soon! 🙂

  44. #kilayislife! Ganda ng brows mo, mommy! I am afraid to try services like these and I usually am DIYing my brows. I am trying different products to achieve that ‘perfect fleek’, but I guess asking the pros for help is easier! Hehe

    1. Thank you! Yes. I think so too! And then pwede mo na lang sundan yung shape na ginawa nila. That’s what I do now kasi I don’t have time naman palagi to go to salons and have my brows threaded. So inaahit ko na lang or pluck based on the shape. Pero mas maganda pa din talaga pag threaded. I do not know why. Hahaha magagaling yata kasi talaga sila.

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