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Life Lately…

Why hello there! I’m back!

I barely have time to write and share anything for the past few weeks. My mind and body aren’t cooperating. I blame the fact that I am in my last and final trimester of pregnancy. The exhaustion’s just way too unbearable. Haha!

So life lately has been, well… pretty much busy. I’ve got a lot on my plate, all my hands are on deck. Heck, I don’t even have time and energy to go shopping (for my incoming baby girl this May) anymore. But don’t worry, she has almost every newborn necessities care of her Wowa (my mama) so I think we’re somehow ready when she decides to launch and see the world! 😀

Now that we’re just counting the days ’til her arrival, I am mostly trying to have a good rest so I won’t go into labor while my OB’s away. She’s currently on vacation and she advised me to just rest as much as possible so I’ll be able to wait for her to come back. I wouldn’t want to give birth and have another doctor handle it.

Anyway, my backlogs are so full. I don’t even know where to start. So I will just try and share how my life lately has been. It was such a roller coaster ride!

Burn and Minor Operation

One reason why I was on hiatus for such a long time was because I had burn injury some 4 weeks ago. While I was cooking breakfast, I accidentally touched the scorching pan with my right thumb. I guess it’s because I am trying to do everything in a rush. And honestly, I wasn’t able to perform the first-aid procedure for that burn because I was too preoccupied with cooking and on trying to accomplish everything household related before I start working. I also thought it was just nothing serious as it only turned a bit pinkish for a while and the pain didn’t last long. So I shrugged it off. I even finished cleaning our comfort room – with caution, of course.

Not until the next day when the part of the burn started to feel a bit prickly. It started to turn pinkish again and it looked like a small acne is about to begin. I even suspected that I might have infected that part of my skin and I was about to develop a boil because it looked like it has an ‘eye’ in the middle. Because I got scared that I might pass it on to my toddler if it is indeed a developing boil, I wrapped it with a band-aid after putting an antibacterial ointment. But turns out it was actually a bad idea! Putting on band-aid into my thumb just created more pressure inside my thumb until it became sore and more painful and looked like this…

On the 7th of April, a week after I got the burn injury, I’ve decided to have it checked for me to get properly diagnosed instead of guessing what will happen next. I visited Casa Medica in SM Southmall, Las Piñas, and I was referred to a surgeon. That’s when the surgeon confirmed that it wasn’t a boil but a blister that developed inside instead of outside the skin. The reason why my thumb looks like it’s going to pop from the inside and that there was a formulation of what looked like a blood stuck in a circular form.

I thought I was about to get an incision on that day but since there are no abscess seen by the surgeon, he told me he can’t cut it as it will be unfair for me to endure the pain when in fact it was just blood and liquid that’s inside the area of soreness and pressure. It might also worsen the situation as I will be more prone to infection if I have an open wound, especially in my dominant hand. He advised me to just go back in case I already see something yellowish from the inside – a sign that it got infected already and that I will need to undergo incision and draining procedure.

The thought of getting an incision cut is terrifying, to be honest. And just four days after I got checked by a surgeon in Las Piñas, my burn injury got infected from the inside. So I was scheduled for an I & D operation on the 12th day of April. I felt like a scaredy cat that time but I wanted to feel relieved and be able to rest again so I had to be brave. Haha!

The days before the procedure was, I swear, so painful! That little part of my thumb was aching so badly that I can’t even sleep through the night. I was just crying silently for me to avoid waking up my toddler and my husband. I was so tired and helpless and was praying all the time that the pain will be taken away as soon as possible because I wanted to sleep. I don’t remember feeling as restless as those times, really. Paracetamol doesn’t work anymore as a pain reliever that I needed to ask my OB to give me another option just so I could rest before I undergo the operation. She prescribed me a Tramadol with Paracetamol medicine which really helped for me to get the much-needed sleep before I go through the operation.

This, I swear, is soooo painful! 🙁

On the day of the operation, I was a bit a nervous. Though I didn’t need to be confined in the hospital after the procedure, the thought of getting an incision is already enough for me to get terrified.

Me – minutes before the operation. 😛

The operation lasted only for about 15 minutes and a local anesthesia was used, too, so I didn’t feel anything while the surgeon was draining the abscess from my thumb. I wasn’t looking because I just cannot bear watching myself being cut and the bleeding would make me faint. (I salute the nurses who were there assisting the surgeon during the operation. I just know the nursing profession wasn’t for me and I am glad I didn’t push through with getting it as a course when I was about to enter college way back then!)

Mukhang nasabugan ng bawal na paputok! LOL.

After settling the bill, I was sent home. I had a bit of trauma from cooking, fearing I might injure my hands again. Since the injury was in my right thumb, I had a hard time performing the things I used to do like writing, washing the dishes, even taking a bath needs an effort because I have to avoid my right hand from getting wet as the wound may get infected again.

Messy, unorganised yet blessed.

Up to this day, I still can’t get hold of a pen properly as my wound from the incision is still in recovering stage. My healing process was a bit slow because I guess I’m also pregnant…?

I wasn’t able to do my BuJo for the past few weeks. I only put my TO-DOs in my phone. I admit I felt so uneasy for the past few days because I know I’ve been unorganised.

But at least I am no longer in pain from that infected burn injury! Yay! Thank You, Lord!

Waiting and Praying.

And now I am about to give birth and I know I will be again much busier than I used to be. Before it was just living the #WAHMLife and #LifeWithAToddler. But in the days to come, I will be evolving and will be taking life to the next level as I have to journey the #WAHMLife and #LifeWithAToddlerAndNewborn. And life will be more demanding yet fuller. It will be more exhausting, yet happier.

Am I ready again for the sleepless days and nights? Honestly, I feel ready and anxious at the same time.

And up until now, I don’t have a house helper yet! Finding a good kasambahay nowadays is so hard! Many families can relate to this, I know. I don’t know why there’s a scarcity of good kasambahay these days. It adds up to my stress level because I know I am about to give birth really soon! But anyway, we’re still praying that we’ll be able to find a good kasambahay as I know I will really need an extra hand for the house chores. Hopefully, she’s already on her way and we’ll be crossing paths soon. *crossed-fingers*

And that, dear lovely people, is how my life has been lately. 🙂 How’s yours?


  1. aw! Mukhang ang hapdi nyan sis ah… Kunting tiis nalang ang paghihirap mo ngaun sis mapapalitan yan ng joy pag makita muna si baby paglabas nya. And also I will help you to pray for your helper sana before ka mag deliver ni baby may helper kana.

  2. Just looking at your photos, I remember my experienced before. Though hindi siya burn pero accidentally nahiwa ko yung daliri ko nung nagluluto ako, I thought ok lang din pero nagpanic ako nung ayaw tumigil ng dugo so napaER ako. Para din ako naputukan sa laki ng balot sa daliri, ang hirap magwork nun at di makapindot ng keyboard. hehehe!

  3. Saw this post on FB e, napa-ouch talaga ako nung nakita ko! Lumaki ang hinlalaki! lol. I’m really hoping makahanap kana ng yaya. I agree with you, sobrang hirap maghanap ngayon. Haist! You know what, re: sleepless nights, yan ang ayoko ng balikan, huhu. I’m not ready to have another child yet. I don’t know if I ever will. 🙁 Pero sabi nga nila masaya daw pag may kapatid ang bata.

  4. I hate burns or cuts. They seem too small ir harmless but then they could hurt so much. Nway, at least ok ka na, that’s the most important. Ingat sa susunod 🙂

  5. Wah! buti pala nabasa ko to. i have the tendency to ignore my burns and to wrap them. grabe! inabot ka ng procedure. Glad you’re okay na. Recovered well?

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