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Life Saver at 27 | The Gift of Love, Time and Life

Today is my husband’s 27th birthday. We didn’t plan anything grand for the day as we already had our birthday celebration last March 4 and 5 with our immediate relatives. And because we have to save up for something bigger (aside from the upcoming hospitalization bills we have to pay for my delivery on May 2017) we just bought a pizza, went to his parents’ house (my in-laws) and enjoyed each other’s company instead of going out.

I know I have mentioned that we’re extra tight on our budget nowadays but I can’t help but surprise my husband with a simple gift. I love surprises so I love surprising other people, too!

For my husband’s 27th, I thought of giving him a new watch. It was around 3 years ago when he surprised me with a watch as his gift for my birthday. It’s a couple wrist watch to be exact that he bought from Tomato Time.

Well, here’s a side story. When he gave me that gift, I thought it was a watch from Timex! Kasi letter T yung logo! With all enthusiasm and wide smile, I blurted “WOW! Timex!” and he said “hindi ah. Grabe s’ya. Tomato Time yan!” Hahahaha! That was a super funny moment because I really thought it was a Timex watch. Lol!

Life Saver Watch by LoveHopeFaith
I felt stupid for not knowing the difference between those two brands. Dahil lang letter T, Timex na agad?! Hahaha

Anyway, both our watches run out of battery last year and we had no wrist watch since then. We tried to bring it to repair shops for battery replacement but they’re having a hard time opening the stainless steel lid. And we seldom find a mall with a Tomato Time shop or boutique at it, so we just kept it in our cabinet at home.

So when I was still thinking of a gift for my husband on his birthday, I saw an ad on Facebook about LoveHopeFaith Group. I’ve actually heard about them since last year. LoveHopeFaith Group is a gift shop which sells stylish wrist watches and t-shirts for an affordable price. Their watches are priced at 250.00 Php where 50% of the net proceeds from every purchase will be donated to the medication of a cancer patient. So every purchase makes you a Life Saver.

I didn’t give it a second thought since it will be for a great cause! I purchased 4 wrist watches to avail of the free shipping fee. Funny, though, it was the husband whom I asked to deposit the payment through BDO since the bank is just at his office building’s ground floor. He even asked me what was that for and I just said it was for a blog collaboration. Good thing, he didn’t ask any more information though I have a hunch that he’s already suspecting that I am up to something again since his birthday is coming.

Life Saver Watch by LoveHopeFaith

Life Saver Watch by LoveHopeFaith

I placed my order just last March 8 and the package arrived on our doorsteps on March 13. The transaction was pretty smooth and I was even expecting the package to arrive by end of the week based on what they said after I’ve sent them the copy of the deposit slip.

That same day, I gave him the wrist watch and told him it was my birthday gift for him. It was a delightful moment and he is super happy with my gift.

Life Saver Watch by LoveHopeFaith

You know, my husband’s just a simple man so it’s not hard to make him happy because he appreciates small things. I’m glad I married a man with a grateful and joyous heart. 🙂

Life Saver Watch by LoveHopeFaith Group
And best of all, we feel so good that we have helped a cancer patient or two by purchasing these life saver’s watch!
Life Saver Watch by LoveHopeFaith
I also bought myself another watch in mint green color as I am so into shades of teal lately.

Anyway, to my dear husband – happy birthday, Mahl! You are now a Life Saver at 27! I love you and may you always stay humble, joyous and humorous! God bless you!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored post. I just thought of sharing this in the hope to spread the good news about LoveHopeFaith Group’s advocacy and that more people will have the chance to become a Life Saver if they feel they’re being called to. For more information, you may visit their website:


  1. I have seen this in a bazaar about two years ago and bought one as a gift to one of my nieces. It was just 200 apiece then. Last year, I bought myself one since I haven’t had a watch for almost 4 years (well, I have about 3 stashed somewhere but one was too big for my wrist, one was too girly for my taste and the other one needs a new strap). What I like about it is it’s very lightweight and, surprisingly, it doesn’t make my wrist itch. 🙂

    1. Mas mura pala before. 😀 Ang cute ng colors nila noh? Kung pwede lang i-collect them all na parang toys eh. Haha!

      1. True! Collectible ang peg! ?

  2. Love LoveHopeFaith Group’s advocacy as well. Got watches, bags and tshirt from them and i just love the quality of their merchandise. The watches are a nice accessory. Nice color od strap you have there!

  3. I’ve been planning to purchase a watch from them pero hanggang ngayon, di parin ako nakakabili. I think they’re really nice, bet ko ung watch nila talaga. One day, makakaorder din ako sa kanila. 🙂

    1. I guess you’re like me rin na kaya hindi masyadong nakakapurchase online is because nasa bahay lang nagwo-work and going out to deposit the payment sa bank is already a big chore for us. Hahaha!

  4. My husband also appreciates any gift, mura man o mahal ok lang sa kanya. It is really the thought that counts. The watch is not expensive, meron kaya sila pangkids? I’m planning to give my son a watch na hindi masakit sa puso pag nawala niya.

    1. Parang walang for kids. But the smaller one might fit a child’s wrist sis. 🙂

  5. Janice

    I’ve seen a Love Hope Faith stall in Glorietta before Christmas last year. I really liked their watches but wasn’t able to buy any yet. Seriously considering buying a few for myself, hubby and kids this year. I love the mint color you got! 🙂

    1. I ordered online! Go na sis. Your kids and hubby will like it. 🙂

  6. Buying that watch from Love Hope Faith Shop is a good decision. As youve described it, it’s for a good cause. Secondly, their items are really affordable but of quality. The watch we got from them are really stylish and still working. My son particularly loves the bag and he uses it during church practice and service.

    1. Indeed! I’ve been looking forward to buying a shirt from them, too. 🙂

  7. belated happy birthday to your husband. I’m sure he appreciate your gift so much. Ganun naman ang mga hubbies. Basta galing from the heart ang gift 🙂

    1. Thanks! I agree! My husband really liked it. 🙂

  8. EINz

    Nice watches! Good thing your husband was simple and easy to pleased. Buying items for a caused is something we need to do once in a while. I bought tshirt naman on group’s fund raising for cancer patients. It felt good that we can actually help in a small way.

    Ps. I am also into teal shade as of this time. I’m inlove with this color?

    1. Cheers to us helping on our own, simple way. <3 And apir tayo sis for liking the same shade of color! 😀

  9. Awww ang cute ng Tomato Time story! I love your gift choice sis, I think it’s perfect. 🙂 I’ve read all about Life Saver watches pero hindi pa rin ako nakakabili huhu. I might buy some for gifting, too!

    1. Yes, it’s a good gift idea lalo kung maramihan kasi mura lang sya. 😉

  10. Belated happy birthday to your husband. Your so sweet kahit gipit may naiipit para mapagbili si hubby ng gift 😉 I like the color of his watch. Actually I’m planning to buy also a gift for my hubby but I am still thinking kung ano ang maganda at yung magustuhan nya.

    1. Yes. Abot kaya naman ang prices ng watch ng Life Saver and it’s very fashionable. Go na sa pagpurchase for your husband. 😉

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