Do you know who Mang Raul of Las Piñas is?

If you ask Las Piñeros where the best barbecue place is, they will probably tell you it’s at Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus! I have visited the place a lot of times already with my family, friends, my ex-boyfriend-now-husband and it’s still my go-to place when I feel like craving for barbecue and chicken isaw! Their place is really well known as one of the top places to eat out in Las Piñas.

My husband and I were able to have time to ourselves so we gave Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus a visit. It’s been roughly 2 years since the last time we dined in there so we’re pretty much excited.

We went there around 4 o’clock in the afternoon to avoid prolonged waiting. We’re surprised of how the place have changed over the past two years. The ordering system was also revamped. Before, you will have to fall in line in front of the table where all the tupperwares containing the barbecue in sticks are in place. You choose your order and have it grilled. Then you go inside and wait for your orders to arrive and then pay after you’re already feeling full and satisfied. 😀

Now, the system is that you have to tell Ate (the one who’s handling the payments) what your orders are, pay for your orders and just sit down and relax ’til your orders are served. I find it more efficient than their old ordering system. They might be somehow avoiding customers who are fond of cancelling orders or leaving the place when they’re not yet even paid. Sadly, some people intentionally do those things. 😐

Mang Raul BBQ Haus Price List as of May 2016
Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus Pricelist as of May 2016
Mang Raul's BBQ Haus Las Piñas
Husband – mimicking #Du30 in this picture. Lol.

Mang Raul's BBQ Haus Las Piñas


Amidst the changes that took place at Mang Raul’s, I must commend that their barbecues are still delicious and mouthwatering! Even the sauces are still the same. Their staffs are still the friendly ones and for just less than 300 Php, we’re delighted and full as we walked out of the door. Still one of the bests yet affordable eating places in Las Piñas!

Kudos to them for maintaining the same taste and quality of food. That, I guess, is what makes their business a success. We will definitely go back. And we’re actually hoping they could have a branch near our home in Parañaque! Hihi.

Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus is located along CRM Avenue BF Homes Almanza Las Pinas City near Holy Family Parish. And from my experience, the place is jam packed every weekend every after holy mass celebrations. That’s a tip! 😉

How about you? Have you gone to Las Piñas and visited Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus? Tell me about your experience!


  1. My son loves BBQ and sometimes he can eat this food every single day basta alam niya na may mabibilhan. hehehe! I wish we have Mang Raul BBQ Haus here in our place.

  2. Eating isaw is one of my guilty pleasures! Haha! I haven’t eaten in Mang Raul’s yet but have heard a lot about the place. I always see it too since its on the way to a friend’s house. The place has improved na talaga through the years!

  3. HEre in Tarlac, there’s a famous bbq vendor where many people line up. I go there almost once-two times a week. I was planning to blog about it then I saw this. haha. Although many people make bbq’s there’s simply one that best suits our taste. =) I feel you about this post. haha

  4. Sadly, the place is too far from us. Good that they were able to maintain the taste of their bbq’s. That’s always the reason why customers keep coming back for more. I’m glad that you enjoyed your date day.?

  5. Ay natakam ako sa bbq. Sayang ang layo.

  6. Juvy Amn

    My kiddos love bbqs too. They like Inengs and we are frequent visitors in their Robinson’s Antipolo.

  7. I love bbq! 🙂 I remember when I was still small. My brother and I used to help out in making pork bbq and we help grill them. Sundays are usually grilled food lunch for us back then. 🙂 Where is this in Las Pinas?

    1. It’s in BF Homes, Las Piñas! I forgot to add the location’s address! Will update the post. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

  8. The BBQ looks delicious indeed! too bad we’re too far from Las Pinas. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Even small businesses can make a difference if they keep their products and services extraordinary. May Mang Raul’s business thrive even more!

  10. Isaw!!! I’m not much into bbq but isaw is l-o-v-e 😀 We also have a similar place like that here in my neighborhood. The only difference is that there’s no place to sit down. If you want to eat your order, its either you eat it in the car or stand up in front of the store.

  11. Oh! I’ve never been to Las Pinas yet I’m already curious! Give me Filipino-style barbecue over steak any day. Lol!

  12. One of my comfort food is BBQ! Makes me crave for one now tas a bottle of cold beer hahaha! Las Pinas is too far though, but I bet the trip will be worth it in case mapadaan kami. 🙂

  13. den

    BBQ and isaw, comfort food ko yan I’m from the other south though (Cavite) so I haven’t been to Mang Raul’s. Will try to drop by though if we are in that area. 🙂

  14. BBQ is such a tasty food! We all love it! Too bad this is too far from us.

  15. Where in Las Pinas?parang ang sarap

    1. It’s in BF Homes, Las Piñas City. Just along CRM Ave., if I am not mistaken. I will double check and edit the post to write the exact location. 🙂 when we go there kasi we only ride the tricycle and tell the driver to bring us to Mang Raul’s hihi

  16. Thanks for this post, mommy! I’ve long been requesting for my husband to bring me to this place. Boyfriend ko pa lang ata sya, ito na request ko sa kanya pero hindi natutuloy ’cause it’s a bit far from our place.But I love isaw bbq. Your photos reminded me to mention this request to my hubby again!

  17. We love BBQ around here. And those barbecues of mang Raul’s indeed looks delicious — mura pa. Parang gusto naming dayuhin!

    1. May reputation talaga ang place nila na dinadayo even ng mga nasa nearby places sa Las Piñas. ☺️

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