Thrifty Living Tips From A Millennial Momma



In this post, I am going to share with you some of my Thrifty Living tips, especially to the first time mommas out there, on how you can somehow survive the crazily puzzling world of motherhood and parenthood. Especially the financial aspects of it!


I’ve been practicing Thrifty Living ever since. Thrifty not in a negative way but I think I can say that I am someone who always makes sure that I make wise decisions when it comes to spending money.

My thrifty attitude grew a lot stronger when I became a wife, moreover, when I became a momma. As first time parents, giving the best for the family and saving money for the future at the same time, are the top priorities of me and my husband.

Building a home and raising children are one of the toughest jobs in life.  Geez. It ain’t easy! I still wonder how my father and my mother were able to raise us, their children of 3, when raising a toddler somehow makes me feel crazy sometimes. Lol. But somehow, thank God that we’re surviving.

How do we do it, really?


1) Budgeting is the key!


Budgeting is discipline. I learned that when I was still in College. Back to those days, I am being given my allowance of Php 500.00 per week and it’s up to me how I’ll make it last the entire week. Even though I go to school 6 days a week, my allowance will just be the same. From that experience, I’ve learned how to really strictly follow a specific budget for the day. And surprisingly, I was able to open a bank savings account from what is left from that weekly allowance and I still use that same bank account up to this day. 😀

It’s pretty much the same now that I am already a Momma. I think my husband thanks me (though he does not say it, I just assume) that she married a woman who knows how to do budgeting of money. Because he just can’t. HAHA! I just really take budgeting of our money very seriously. I hope you do, too. 🙂


2) A first-time soon-to-be Momma? Breastfeed your baby.

Breastfeeding my son allowed us to save really big! If I gave up on my breastfeeding journey, we would be spending approximately Php 4000.00 to Php 5,000.00 a month on formula milk alone. And that’s one of the reasons why I pushed myself towards breastfeeding my son.

If you don’t have other health complications that would prevent you from breastfeeding you little one, I urge you to do the same. Go breastfeed! Not only will it save you money, but it’s safe, it’s healthy for you and your baby.

And also, don’t ever doubt yourself. When I was starting, I had countless struggles especially when I was still working in the corporate office. But that didn’t stop me. I trusted my ability to produce milk. So believe in yourself, too. And if you’re a Dad, be a breastfeeding father by showing full support to your wife. Believe me, she really needs it!


3) Be a Modern Cloth Nappying Pinay Momma / Pinoy Dad

Using cloth diapers is one of the most economical moves my husband and I has ever made. I am glad my husband supported me when I am still building my son’s nappy stash because it can get magastos at the beginning. But once you’ve reached your nappy stash goal (ideally 30-40 cloth diapers), you will then feel the fruit of being able to save money instead of spending it on buying disposable diapers. At least, cloth diapers are reusable. Plus, you also help save our Mother Earth!


If you’re keen to learn more about cloth diapers, join MCNP or Cloth Diapers Addict PH – cloth nappying support groups in Facebook. You’ll learn a lot from there, plus there are BSTs of cloth diapers.


4) Invest in your (and your family’s) health.

This is really an important point. I think, especially for those like me who lives in the Metro where the healthier the food is, the more expensive it becomes – eating nutritious food is a bit difficult. A fast food cheeseburger is way cheaper than a bowl of caesar salad, right? So if you’re really thrifty, you’d rather be ordering that cheeseburger because it’s more filling to your hungry tummy.

But if you’re a smart spender, you’d rather buy fruits and incorporate veggies into your daily meals to make sure that you and your family are getting the enough nutrition. After all, that one month worth of nutritious food is maybe just 50% of your one-day worth of hospital bill if you get sick.

So invest in your health. Eat healthy. Drink your multivitamins. Exercise.  Prevention is still really way better than cure.


5) Learn to invest.

Millenial people (present! Hihi) are lucky enough that financial literacy is accessible enough through the use of the Internet. I actually learned a few things about ways to invest money wisely rather than just putting it all in a savings bank account by just reading blogs in the financial niche. And by asking some friends, of course.

Right now, my husband and my son have their own insurance from two different well-known insurance companies; while I invest in a Mutual Fund I opened last year. It’s still in my financial goal to avail and open an insurance account for myself (this actually should ideally come first before other investments) and to learn how to get the ball rolling in the stock market.

I will get there, eventually…

But I am glad that we have already started with our financial goals as a family. Somehow, I know that my husband and I will be retiring 20-30 years from now and be able to live a comfortable enough life because of being thrifty and making wise decisions today.

By the way, if you plan to meet a registered financial planner, I can refer you to a friend of mine (the blogger behind JuanPersonality!). He’s the one who conducted a financial planning session for us. It isn’t the traditional I’ll lecture you something about financial literacy and offer you an insurance plan afterwards kind of talk. I swear it’s way better than that as it focuses more on ways how you can better manage your finances. 😉


6) Needs > Wants

Reality check. Because I grew up with the thinking that I have to earn money before I could afford some of the things that I need, I learned to discipline myself to only spend money on the things that are needed. In short, I’ve learned to set priorities.

So if you really want to live life wisely, learn to prioritize.


Those are the things I practice towards Thrifty Living. I’m not kuripot. I am just wise and tipid. I still make sure that my family is still living a comfortable life even though we’re living frugally.

How about you, dear reader? Do you have additional tipid tips you can share to me? Drop it in the comment box below! 🙂


  1. When I was studying, my mom gave me monthly allowance so maybe dun din ako napractice magbudget para hindi maubos agad. I stumbled on this term “Kuripoint”, we’re not really kuripot, we just make sure that we spend the hard-earned money wisely. May point ang pagiging kuripot natin mga mommies.

    1. “Kuripoint” is new to me! Haha! And yes, the term makes sense.

  2. I am also a frugal mom and milennial as well. Good to know that there’s already a higher number of people getting financially educated. Cheers to financial freedom! 😉

  3. Discipline is the key to being thrifty. I have to admit that this ‘budgeting’ is hard to do since we are both magastos. Haha

    But this year, we compromised to lessen our expenses. I even planned to get another life insurance for myself to set aside more amount of money. My original plan was to get insurance for my kids, but our financial advisor suggested that it is more practical to get for ourselves, since we are the one who are working that needs more security.

    So there, husband get to have two, as I was planning to have another from other insurance provider.

    In terms of investment, we only have short-term that I can pull out anytime as emergency fund. I also wanted to learn investing in stock market as a way to wisely grow our money.

    Little by little, I get to prioritized the needs vs. wants and slow down a bit on buying.

    Also, delaying a purchase was a big help to realize whether you actually need that product, or not.

  4. I think I am quiet good at handling our family finances. We only spend within our means. We use credit cards on gasoline and grocery purchases for rewards and points, but pay the outstanding in full.

  5. Love this post! 🙂
    I agree to all that you’ve shared.. I love thrify living tips. I agree, its living wise and frugal + you’re still living a comfortable life 🙂

    As per additional tipid tip.. “go to palengke” grabe, sobrang laki ng difference sa prices 🙂

  6. Meg Mortega

    Thanks for these tips, Mitch. Due to lack of knowledge, I was not able to maximize the benefits of breastfeeding. Sayang, ang dami kong gatas noon sa eldes ko. Sa youngest ko, mahina pero hindi ko alam na maraming ways para magparami ng milk. Sana nakatipid kami. Sa third baby pag binigay ni Lord, hopefully maging ebf at I’ll practice ang cloth diapering 🙂

  7. Great tips! Agree with breastfeeding 100%! Saved so much because I’m still breastfeeding my two year old. 🙂

  8. Breastfeeding! Haha I breastfeed my 3 kids and I just know how it has saved us a lot. From steamer, bottles, milk! O my! I do home mommies could get to see that. Not many moms are well informed about breastfeeding. 🙂

  9. Investing should be taught in school palang sana noh? I hope your article will reach a lot of people especially first time moms.

  10. Ayi

    These are all great tips 🙂 It is important to be wise with money and spending habits, lalo ngayon, ang hirap na with kids.

  11. Wonderful tips! I always hear people say that when the salary increases, the lifestyle increases. Personally, we don’t apply this in our family. We always lived by with my husband’s salary. Before having a child, both of us were working, but my salary went to our savings. From pregnancy till maybe a few months before the 1st birthday, I was a SaHM, but since we had such set up, it wasn’t so hard to adjust. Fortunately, we’re now back to being both earners as I got a regular online work late last year. 🙂 I am also a breastfeeding and a cloth diapering, and a co-sleeping mom, to add. That meant not having to spend on a crib and its accessories. We’re mostly pescetarians, too, so we don’t spend so much on groceries as a lot of veggies are cheap (except ang manok, haaaaay, ang mahal na ng kilo ng manok, hahaha). We’re yayaless, commuters and CC-less. Investment na lang ang kulang, and we’re saving up for our first one this year. 🙂

  12. Great tips! I have to be honest, i still need to work on this department. I really need to talk to a financial advisor soon!

  13. I’ve been selling things we no longer use to get rid of clutter and recover some money off them.

  14. investment is what i love to do, you can never know what wll happen,
    dapat laging may back up plans
    good job mommy

  15. I agree with all this tipid tips! But its challenging coz the easier path is always the expensive. And we want the easy. For me, the needs vs. wants is really very challenging! 🙂

  16. This is so enlightening! Being a first time mommy is truly overwhelming that sometimes we go overboard with the things we buy and do for our babies. I’m currently breastfeeding and tama ka, it really saves us a lot of money.

  17. That’s what I have to learn how to do. I have to learn how to tipid! Great tips you got here.

  18. Janice

    Great tips! Breastfeeding my son now is really saving us a lot of money for other important things such as vaccines. Investing is something we want to do as well but haven’t been able to do yet.

  19. Great tips! I’m on the frugal side also although I sometimes give in thinking that I’ve been frugal too much. Haha!

  20. millette05

    Like you, I consider myself a frugal mom. We seldom throw parties but we invest in insurance coverages and healthy food at home.

  21. I don’t think I can do the cloth diapering part. I’m usually thrifty but that one, di ko talaga kaya. I wish they’ll just come up with biodegradable diapers so I won’t feel so guilty haha! Oh wait, I’m no longer diapering…what am I talking about???? LOL.

    Anyway, I agree with all these. Bilib ako sa 500 a week mo ha. Di ko yun kaya when I was in College.

  22. Okay, sa number lang ako bagsak, budgeting hahaha. I let my hubby do this since I’m a big spender lalo na kung may makeup na naka sale. Hehehe.

  23. Yes, budget and invest. There should be a budget as a guide to handle our finances.

  24. Breastfeeding my son was something I wasn’t able to do because of a medical condition I had back then. What we do right now to save is to pay our credit card bills in full to avoid paying interest.

  25. Great tips especially for mums who plan to save up for the family this year! I am particularly interested in learning how to invest, as I would love to start investing for my little man this year. Hopefully, I would be able to learn more about it so I can start saving up for my future millionaire! 🙂

  26. 500 pesos a week! Yes! Hahaha. Grabe, I can’t even begin to think how I survived that. I did most of these except for cloth diapers. Hindi ko kinaya. Had twins first and when they were 16 months old, I got pregnant with Baby No. 3 while studying my Master’s. 🙂

  27. Nice tips and the one I love the most is breastfeeding..the ultimate expression of a mom’s love that comes for free. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Budgeting is a key talaga, for me I always take note all my expenses. Yah there are times na exceeded usually sa food ang mahal mahal na kasi. That is why I am starting to learn how to cook and bake

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