I Am Attending The Mindful Moms Re-Treat Series 2!

About a month ago, I attended the Expo Mom 2016 by Mommy Mundo held at Glorietta Mall in Makati with my co-mommy blogger, Nina. It was my first time to attend an expo or event for Mommies and I am glad it was just in a mall nearby office, so we were able to come by after our office shift.

There were a lot of booths and games and freebies in the expo but what I personally enjoyed most is the Mindful Mom’s talk by registered Psychologies, Michelle Alignay. I had no idea what it will be like. I thought it was going to be about co-mommies giving tips on parenting and the how-tos of taking care of your child. But it was even more than just that!

Mindful Moms talk held at the Expo Mom was actually based from the Mindful Mom Re-Treat held last January 2016. Michelle invited two  Moms, Mommy Mitch Llaban and RJ Dancel (known mommy blogger of MillenialPanda) who were also participants in the retreat to share their learnings and experiences as they become a Mindful Mom.

It was such a heartfelt discussion between the three of them. No kidding! Every word they said hit me straight to the heart. I had to control my tears from falling down from my eyes ’cause I don’t want to look weak as I am just in front of the stage watching and listening to them. It was even a timely discussion for me to hear, as I’ve recently written a blog post that expresses how tired and burnt-out I was, for the past couple of months.

That’s why I got excited when they announced that they will be having another series for the Mindful Moms Re-Treat! And that will be this coming May 28! Can you sense my excitement over there? 😀 I really am very excited, that on the day the event was announced and created in Mommy Mundo’s Facebook Page, I immediately signed-up to reserve a slot to myself even though the venue wasn’t still announced that time.

The Mindful Moms Re-Treat will be in Earth Kitchen, BGC. Good thing it wasn’t that far from the South. There will be 2 batches of attendees for the morning and the afternoon session. I reserved a slot for the AM session so I can spend quality time with my family in the afternoon. The cost of the session is 800 Php, though a bit costly, I know it will be an event worth spending money for as I will meet other co-Mommies and will learn to be a Mindful Mom as well. I know I need this!

Are you attending the Mindful Moms Re-Treat? If yes, what batch did you choose – the AM or PM session? If not and you want to check if there are still available slots for you, just go to their event in Facebook: Mindful Moms Re-Treat (Series 2). I hope to see you there! 🙂


  1. Totally forgot about this. 🙁 The first time I saw this poster pa naman I told myself that I will be going, and even told the husband about it. Hay. Oh well, I had a commitment already on Saturday. Huhuhu. Hopefully next time I will not forget about this na! Enjoy! 😉

  2. I really, really, really love to attend this! I actually pre registered, but the money was used for something more important. I know it’s just 800.00, haha! But we’re really on a tight budget. Anyway, maybe it’s not for me yet. hehehe 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. Wonderful share. I am sure this event will truly benefit many women who tries to be the best for their families.

  4. Eve

    I hope i can also join the retreat in the future, we’re also on a tight budget at this point. Never attended any Mommy Mundo events but I’ve heard good feedback, so this is something to consider.

  5. Awww, tom na! How to join? kaso di yata pwede magdala ng kids. 🙁

  6. This seems to be a meaningful activity for moms, something I can try myself. I hope they schedule another retreat within the year so that I can try it, too.

  7. rollcoastermom

    I really wanted to attend this. Unfortunately, I’ve already said yes to another event tomorrow. I hope they organize a second run in the months to come. I hope you learn a lot! 🙂

  8. I wanted to attend this when I saw the announcement. But I have prior commitments, so I had to let this pass by again. 🙁 we all need a bit of a time out sometimes. Hopefully, next batch. Enjoy the retreat!

  9. There seems to be so many events happening tomorrow. Unfortunately, I’m already going to another one. This sounds like a nice one though and I’m sure there are a lot of learnings from it.

  10. Oooh interesting. I’ve not heard of Mindful Moms but I’m familiar with Mommy Mundo. Speaking of burn out, I know what you mean. I went through that and how I responded was nothing less than catastrophic, haha. Glad you’re getting a break even if only for half a day.

  11. I supposed to attend the first one, but something come up and the second part conflict again in mu schedule. Hoping if they have a third one, I can come na

  12. I attended a mommy mundo event last year. Very informative talaga.

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