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Moving Forward And Some Changes

Almost a year and a half since being on hiatus, here I am writing another post in a newly revamped blog site. I thought I’d be ending the blogging life a year ago. I thought I’d be letting my domain expire, the web service hosting put down my site and never to renew it again. But hey, I am still here. 🙂

It’s been a mind-boggling battle of whether I should continue this or stop writing… at all. But I came across this…

And I guess this is so true in all aspects.

I had to rest. I had to slow down. I had to figure out how to move forward. I had to figure out what really matters to me. And taking a break lead me to some changes which I positively think are good changes.

On Changing My Blog Site’s Name

A part of thinking if I should maintain my blog’s presence is whether I should change its name or not. Nostalgic doesn’t seem to fit me anymore. I thought I needed to become someone who lives in the present and looking forward to the future.

Yes, keeping memories alive is still my thing but I know I don’t have to allow memories to take a toll on my life. And I should be keeping good memories only, right? For all my life, I have been holding on to the past and letting it define who I am right now and I don’t want that anymore. If there are bad memories from the past that’s been holding me back from reaching my potentials, I won’t need it erased. Rather, I would want these bad memories to become good learning points of my life.

So for a change, I am moving on from being the Nostalgic Momma to being just the real me. Thus… Hello! It’s me! A Filipina Millennial Mom who writes! 😀


Of course this blog has to have its purpose for existing! I started this blog for thinking I have something to write about that’s worth sharing. Aside from random mommy thoughts and experiences, I aim to spread mental health awareness through this blog. This thought bloomed from having been diagnosed myself with a mental health struggle (more on that later!) and the call to get back to this platform has been strong ever since.

So yes, this platform, aside from being a mind dump will also be filled with information that I hope will help people like me (especially my co-parents) cope from what is called life.

I am still struggling for words. But I believe, the break has been long enough for me not to write these down.

Hello Internet, Mommy’s back! And oh, how I missed writing.

Let me hear your precious thoughts! :)

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