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Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage Experience

Easing stress became the goal of our Valentine’s day when we chose to go to Nuat Thai. We just wanted to get rid of traffic so we opt for the places nearby our home and besides, we have been longing for some relaxation. I think treating ourselves with a whole body massage is the best option.

This is the branch in Dona Soledad, Better Living, Paranaque. (Photo from their FB Page.)

Nuat Thai is just along Doña Soledad Avenue in Better Living Subdivision, Parañaque. It’s just one of their many branches here in the Philippines that provide foot and body massage and their branch in BLS was already our second spa experience with them. The first one was around 2 years ago when I am still living in Mandaluyong. We tried their branch in Shaw Boulevard and I enjoyed the service that I availed which is 1-hr whole body Swedish massage. Meanwhile, my husband (who’s still my boyfriend at that time) tried their signature Thai Massage (without oil) and I can say that he did not enjoy it at all! Hahaha! He told me when we’ve gone out of the place that instead of being relaxed, he got stressed because it’s not the kind of massage he expected. LOL! We’re both clueless what a Thai Massage is when we arrived there. Little did we know that Thai Massage, according to Wikipedia,

…is  an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures.

So there are times where the masseuse would lift you up and stretch your body just like when you do yoga. And it’s not the kind of massage he wanted. LOL! I heard the clicking and cracking sounds of his bones whenever the therapist would lift him up.

The lesson was learned and we never opt to avail of a Thai Massage again.

We availed an hour Swedish Massage service the second time we go to Nuat Thai in DSA branch. We’ve been wanting to try out that branch services but it got delayed since the roads of DSA is always (I mean really ALWAYS) in a heavy traffic. On Valentine’s, since most people are at some other places like malls and cinemas, we arrived in their branch in less than 10 minutes. Upon entering the place, we were greeted with an aromatic minty kind of scent. The reception area is bright enough yet small. Good thing, there are still available therapists so we were catered right away. We didn’t wait for a long time.

Just like the branch in Shaw, in DSA they offered us slippers so we can change from our footwear. They gave us some foot bath before entering the cubicles. The area of the massage cubicles is dimmed enough for the clients to doze off and rest while the therapist is doing their thing. There is also a relaxing background music that is really soothing to the ears that if you close your eyes, you will feel like you’re in line with nature or just beside the beach. If you didn’t feel any relaxation on that kind place or scenario, I don’t know what else will make you.

Then they asked us to change into boxer shorts provided by them and lie down while waiting for them. Both our therapist arrived and started at the same time. I asked for moderate pressure only while my husband requested for hard but later on asked to make it moderate only. I guess he wasn’t able to take the hard pressure. (Which he told me that it seemed to him that there was no difference between the hard and moderate.)

The massage lasted for an hour – on the dot! There are times that I almost fall into sleep but the therapist would repeatedly tap the area of my body she is putting pressure on (seems like she’s chopping meat and I’m the cutting board, that’s how it feels to me :P), which I guess is part of cooling down your muscles. They offered us a small cup of tea and since I am not really a fan of it, the half of my cup was then consumed by my husband. There is also a warm towel given to us which I rubbed into my skin that gave me a very soothing effect.

Below are the list of the pros and cons:


  • the place is clean and serene. All we hear is the background music and some murmur of other clients in the other cubicles but the sound of cars passing by the place cannot be heard.
  • the price is affordable and justifiable. It’s a good place to go-to once in a while.


  • I think it’s the location of the spa that is something to be concerned of. Doña Soledad Avenue has been known as one of the most traffic congested roads and even the homeowners living in Better Living Subdivision are enraged about that. So if you opt to go to this branch for some relaxation, you have to endure the traffic first especially in the daytime.

Overall, our Nuat Thai experience was magnificent. I recommend this place for everyone who’s looking for ways to de-stress from work for an affordable price.

Will we be going back? Definitely yes. Nuat Thai will definitely be our go-to place whenever we feel really very tired that our body’s killing us. And I wanted to try their other services as well. 🙂

PS. I wasn’t able to take some photos because the place is dimmed and I don’t want to distract other clients with the flash from my camera. 🙂


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  2. We have Nuat Thai here in our area too. I haven’t tried it yet but my husband already paid a visit. Okay naman experience niya. Affordable nga rate nila and minsan yata may promo din.

  3. I haven’t tried Nuat Thai and I haven’t tried that type of Thai massage when I had it before. In fact, when I asked before the difference between Thai massage and regular massage offered at this spa before, the answer to me was the person — A real Thai gives you Thai massage, haha! Seriously.

    But yeah, I don’t like being lifted as well, so I might not avail of Thai massage.

  4. I think we have branch near our home, might consider this. But yeah, I don’t like being lifted too. Might avail other space services hehe!

  5. Jealous! I’m in dire need of a massage right now, but I don’t know where to fit it in my current schedule huhu. I’m glad your husband enjoyed it this time!

  6. My husband introduced me to Nuat Thai and I like their services. I also find them relatively inexpensive. The branch near ours closed shop so I need to find a new place again. Iba rin ung alam na nila kung hard or ano preference mong masahe.

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