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One Word For 2017: Joyful

I’ve given it a thought even before December 2016 ends. I just got very busy that I had to set aside writing for a while. But here I am, in the middle of February and I am about to share how I came up and why did I choose this One Word to live by for 2017.

Surely most of us, if not all have given resolutions and goals for the next year a thought every time the current year is about to end. Setting goals is a refreshing activity for our minds. It gives us hope and motivates us to keep going. But have you ever thought about that One Word you can live by for the rest of the year? That One Word you will give focus on and will always remember as you go along with your life all year long?

In my case, it is Joyful.

Of course, I have set some goals, too. Goals for my family and our health, financial goals, career goals, even blogging goals. The list just goes on. Yet I am a person who easily gets distracted and I feel anxious most of the time. I would often feel blue and worry about the things to come. I easily lose focus at the present moment, I even forget to be thankful for some of the simple up to the most important things I have in life.

Sometimes (especially before I became a mother), depression would pinch my heart and everything goes down. I am in my all-time low mode again and in just a snap, everything will be blurry and I am uncertain again. And sad. More than just sad. And it is hard to function when that emotion decides to attack me.

So at the base of all those goals, I vowed to always remember that One Word I should live by. Joyful.

All those goals I’ve listed wouldn’t be possible if I don’t have a Joyful heart.

I personally function well as a human being when I am at my happiest. I would’ve chosen the word Happy or Happiness as my One Word for this year. But I chose to be Joyful because it means to live life with gladness ALL THE TIME.

To be Joyful means to always look at the positive side of things. Even in the midst of adversities. It is living life with genuine happiness.

One Word Joyful

Being the Missus Sunshine that my family needs me to be. I can’t go unlit for a long time kasi ako yung ilaw ng tahanan namin. I should be happy, I should be Joyful.

According to CCCA’s Definition of Joy:

“Joy is a soul lubricant that strengthens our faith in God especially in times of trials. Jesus Himself said that we would have trials and sorrow (John 16:33), but we can still be joyous in these times. When there is joy, there is peace, when there is peace, there is total submission to the will of God.”

“Joy reassures us of God’s love especially in hard times. Due to His great love for each of us, God allows us to go through difficult times that try our faith. Through our challenges and difficulties, we can grow and hopefully develop Christ-like attributes – James 1:3-4.”

So being Joyful for me is more than just being happy and functioning well. It’s also believing that there is always something to celebrate, to rejoice and be glad at. It is submitting everything to God and believing in His plans for me. And when you pray for your goals every day believing it will happen according to God’s will, everything is possible!

That’s how I come up with my One Word for the year. Trials may come which I know will test my faith in Him. But if I have a Joyful heart, I shall not be shaken. I shall not be terrified of tomorrows to come. May everyone reading this have a joyful heart, too! 🙂



  1. ROBERT LEE | Amazing Life Daily

    To be joyful or happy, that is everyone’s goal. Everything people do is to realize that, to make that happen. Does a house make a person happy, then that person will buy a house. Does blogging make you happy? Then you would blog if that makes you happy.

    It is a state of mind. But having that as a motivation is better and keeps us productive and positive, rather than the opposite.

    Good choice!

    1. Thanks Sir Robert. 🙂 Yes, I do find joy whenever I blog and write about something that I think is worth sharing. It gives me the positive vibes I need to get going with my life. 😀

  2. I think you chose a really good word as your new year’s resolution. Who wouldn’t want to he joyful in a life when we tend not to smile too often… My word chose for this year is “try”. I want to stop being afraid of new things and start trying out the ones I’m afraid of. And I started the year with doing rafting, something I would have never dare to do. But i did it and I loved it and that’s when I decided that “try” is going to be my word this year.

  3. I love the optimism in this piece. I agree that no matter what we face, we should not forget to be joyful. Being joyful can be infectious too. Who knows, you might be able to help someone who is going through a lot of struggles in life.

  4. I love your one word. 🙂 I agree that to choose to be joyful is active. We can choose to be joyful even in the midst of trials and challenges. My one word this year is BELIEVE. I wrote about it here:

  5. I love your word to live by for 2017. I chose a word too when the year started and it was “gratitude”. After going through a miscarriage, I found it so hard to express gratitude and to continue to be grateful but like you I am supposed to be the ‘Missus Sunshine” and “Momma Sunshine” of the family so I had to learn how to grieve privately – away from the curious little toddler. I know I’m never going to recover 100% and I will never be the same again but I will take this to heart, “If I have a Joyful heart, I shall not be shaken. I shall not be terrified of tomorrows to come”. Thank you for sharing your word for the year. Cheers!

  6. I like your concept. Instead of coming up with a series of several bullet points to achieve and eventually giving up on all of it, I like how you just decided on 1 word to live up to, this year. I’m wishing you so much joy throughout your life!!!

  7. That’s a positive way of entering a new year. Coming up with one word is a challenge but once you’ve decided it’s something to stick by. I’d probably choose grateful so I can remind myself that despite my troubles I have much to be thankful for.

  8. Joyful is a great word to live by! Love your choice. I agree. Goals are important. And I set them too. But what does it all means if you’re not joyful? Being joyful should be the goal :). It’s also good to keep realize we can be joyful. And think about the reasons we have to be joyful. Which will make sure we’re happier!

  9. reading this somehow gave me more reasons to stay positive despite all that’s happening in the world. It is important that we stay joyful everyday, it is the best food for our heart, mind and soul.

  10. Joyful is my word for 2017. That’s the time I gave birth to my son. But I can also copy you and make it my year’s word because I feel i finally adjusted to motherhood this year now that my baby’s a little older. Though I believe we always need to be joyful in life.

  11. Sometimes, it is really hard to be joyful if we are experiencing challenges in our life. But having one word for the year will remind you to be joyful in spite of difficulties. May you have joyful 2017 year! 🙂

  12. Reminds me of the many children songs during Sunday School about joy. Also takes me back to one of our Sunday School lesson when I was young that defines joy as J.ESUS O.thers and Y.ourself. I bet this year will be a joyful one for you, especially with the new addition to the family arriving soon. 😉

  13. Love your one word for 2017. I also aim to be joyful but seems I prefer to be gloomy. Hormonal imbalance perhaps or I am.just so stubborn. But I dont stop praying that God grant me the serenity to accept things I can’t change and courge to change for the better.

  14. Oh what a precious goal you have and I’m behind you 101%. Only a person who has a relationship with Jesus, a genuine one, will truly know of joy.

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