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Online Support Groups Are Amazing!

I am a practical momma.

Whenever I want to buy something or go to some place for the first time, I would first open Google and search for first-hand reviews, comparison of products and places or even listen to recommendations I read from forum discussions. I don’t just dive into something without knowing what I am up to.

What if I bought a certain lotion that I would eventually stop using because it is not a good product at all? That if I have read those 3 blog reviews or the discussion on the forum of the people who have used it already, I would’ve known the cons of using it. Then maybe I should’ve not wasted money on it.

That’s how forums and blog reviews benefit me. I am somehow informed.

When I got pregnant with Gabriel, I started reading mommy and baby websites such as BabyCentre, WhatToExpect and Bounty. Those are my favorite sites that I visit every week and read about my son’s development in my tummy. They are such useful websites! Come the third trimester, I am already feeling nervous because I am already a few weeks away to giving birth. Reading articles on those websites doesn’t feel enough and so I hit Google again and chance upon some forums in FemaleNetwork or GT – the first forum for Filipina Women. There are various topics and there I’ve read pregnancy stories up to labor and delivery. Every day, I would read the forum and learn from other mom to-be’s experiences. I was only a lurker way back then. Until I saw a forum with the title: Babies due 2nd quarter of 2015. I got excited because finally, I can read something from mom to-be’s who I might also have the same estimated due date with. I read on and saw that they are on the Facebook group already. I tried my luck in requesting to join and it was one of the greatest decisions I made during my pregnancy days!

OMG Emblem – Best Mommy Group EVER!

I joined OMG Birthclub a little too late because I was already 2-3 weeks away from my due date at that time. But still, it’s a good thing that I got accepted by one of the admins. I got to share the same sentiments from the anxiety of waiting for my baby’s arrival up to postpartum experiences. I never thought I will be able to enjoy the company of the mommies that are in this group. Honestly, I do have trust issues that’s why my connections are very limited. I am selective about whom I should be friends with. Sharing of my stories was never in my vocabulary (except with my closest trusted friends). I am scared of meeting new people, especially over the internet. That’s why I only read reviews and people’s conversations inside forums.

But when I joined their support group on facebook, my anxiety with meeting new people went away. I don’t know why, but it just happened! It just feels good that I have a group where I can share the same emotions and experiences with. They are very warm and welcoming. They helped lessen the postpartum anxiety/depression that I felt after giving birth. I really never thought I would find such kind and genuine mommies whom I can be friends with and share my own happiness and fears as a first-time momma. Isn’t it awesome?!

The OMG birth clubs such a big blessing to me. I would have never pushed through with my breastfeeding journey, would not pursue using cloth diapers or would not have learned about babywearing if I wasn’t part of that group. I owe them a lot. Really!

After joining the group, I was able to join other support groups on facebook such as Breastfeeding Pinays, CDAPH, Babywearing Philippines,Spin and a lot more. Groups with different advocacies but has the same goal of helping and supporting the Pinay mommies. So if you’re a mother or a mom-to-be who is looking for support groups (especially if it’s about breastfeeding!), go find one and request to join. Most Pinay Mommies are amazingly willing to help and show support if there are things that you are struggling with something with regards to your pregnancy/motherhood journey.  It’s nice to be part of a community whom you feel understood. A group where you have the same advocacies with. And most of all, you’re gaining new sisters from another mother!

I am still amazed that with the use of the internet and modern technology, support groups are already within your reach. Gone are the days when joining support groups require you to go to a gathering of people with the same concerns as you have and be physically present in a room. Technology has worked its wonders to us that even support groups, wherever you may be, can be attained!

I am just lucky enough to have joined a group of people who are also passionate (as a mom), kind and caring. When I got pregnant, I thought I will only have one additional person in life. Never have I thought that I will gain new friends in this motherhood journey. They made momma life extra worthwhile.


Note: If you’re an OMG Mommy and you are reading this, I want to thank you for all the help and support you showed me. Cheers to us mommies who never grow tired of taking care our little ones (who are not so little anymore as of this writing. Huhu! Some are about to turn 1 year old already!!). May the Lord bless us even more and keep our family safe at all times.. 🙂 Mag-EB ulit tayo!! Hihi! 🙂



  1. annatrogo

    This is really nice to hear, I liked reading about it has empowered you and how it even helped you meet like-minded people. For a while I joined Breastfeeding Pinays, but some of the people there were strict on breastfeeding so I had to leave (I was mixed feeding). Tell me when you find a support group for moms with toddlers XD!

    1. Yes, some mommies are very strict talaga. Pero some are helpful and less-judging kapag naga-advise. I am a mixed feeding momma din before pero now napu-pure breastmilk na sya because he’s eating solids na. Nagiging enough na ang 11oz in a day. Super hirap kasi when I came back to work. Anyway, I know for sure that there are support groups for mommies with toddlers. Or you can start up your own! It will be fun! 🙂

  2. I also joined a lot of online support groups when I became pregnant. I learned a lot (and still learning right now). I haven’t attended any of the meetups yet, but I’m happy that everyone’s always helpful 🙂

    1. Yes they really are very helpful talaga and nice. I hope that when your group has meetups, you can join na rin. I’m sure it will be fun! 😉

      1. I’m usually shy around new people. Harhar. But this year, I told myself I’ll make it work. 🙂

  3. The group, Breastfeeding Pinays, kept me going when my son was still a newborn and I was still a struggling mama! I think there were only a couple of thousand members back then. I wouldn’t know what to do without online support groups!

    1. Me too! Baka nag-stop na ako sa breastfeeding journey ko if I wasn’t able to join the OMG Birthclub. Buti na lang nag-explore ako sa GT before kaya ko sila na-discover hihi

  4. Support groups, I guess, Are your go to sites when your husband just can’t understand you enough or your bestfriend is not available at that moment. I also love supper groups.

    1. I super duper agree!! Hahaha

  5. I turned to the Breasfeeding Pinay group for encouragement when I had initial doubts if I’ll be able to breastfeed my youngest (I failed with my 2 older kids). Exclusively breastfeeding him for 5 months now! The community is very helpful and whenever I hear that a friend/relative is pregnant, I pay it forward by encouraging them to join as well.

  6. Exactly why and how I got into blogging! I am the first one in my circles of friend to become a mom. The books you mentioned were also my references, but I longed for “feelings”. And I found it on online groups. Through these, I knew I wasn’t alone. 🙂

  7. […] time, I wrote about how online support groups did an amazing change in my pregnancy and motherhood. So then, if this kind of community do exists online, then I am […]

  8. I love groups. It’s the main reason why I stayed on FB. haha

  9. rollcoastermom

    I don’t think I would survive as a WAHM without my online support groups. I’m hoping to find another one though, for mommies who are pregnant now like I am. 🙂

  10. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    Kudos to all the support groups and ofcourse the technology! It has been an avenue to meet online friends nd expand our circle and connect with others through online socialization… Group support system rocks!

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