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Quarter Life And Two Babies

I’ve anticipated this since last year. That by this time of the year, I am again a Momma of a newborn baby.

That I will, again, have to slow down. I will have to lose sleep. I will miss long shower times. Well, not really that long. But showers less than 10 minutes are, I guess, pretty short. So how much more it is to shower on a rush for less than 5 or even 2 minutes, right? Lol.


I will be hungry for most of the time due to breastfeeding a demanding baby. The weight I gained from pregnancy will not be easy to lose. My tummy will be flabby just like the postpartum days of my first pregnancy. I was even mistaken for a pregnant woman in the UV Express terminal and they wanted me to be in the priority lane when in fact, it was over three months already since I gave birth to Gabriel that time! Funny yet it made me upset about myself.

I will have to deal with the emptiness that most postpartum mommas feel after they’ve given birth. It will be more than a week, two, three or even four long weeks of battling symptoms of postpartum depression. Some say they have it for even a year!

I will have to juggle taking care of my newborn with my firstborn who’s now a toddler so he would be able to adjust to our new setup as a family of four. I will have to help him cope up and understand that he’s already a kuya. At the age of 2,  it wouldn’t be easy for him to process it all, but I have to be there for him.


As much as I love to just chill and read a book on the couch, I have to attend to my newborn’s cry. My toddler’s playful personality requires reciprocation from me and I need to be on the same level as his energy. My babies need attention more than my hair needs combing.

Yep, that’s my motherhood. Almost the same version as to most mommas out there. I try to keep up with life and try harder to make ends meet.

It will be hard, I know. Most of the things I am used to doing before has to be set aside. Finishing this blog post would even take me hours. Sipping a hot cup of coffee is next to never. And I’m used to it by the way.

But still, no regrets. It may be a cliche already but it is true when they say that…

the days are long, but the years are short. 

So as much as possible, I cherish every single moment being a momma to my two adorable babies because I might not even notice that the next time I wake up, they’re no longer babies. They will be kids even before I know it.

Today, I am able to write this post while living the life I’ve anticipated a year ago. Today, I am a mother of two. Some mommas managed to raise 10 kids just like my Lola. And that somehow eases up the tension that I feel. If they did very well with feeding and raising more than 5 kids, I will do well with these two lovely babies of my life.

I can do this! Right? 🙂



  1. I only have one kid so I’m really amaze to those moms who have so many kids. It is hard to raise one child, paano pa kaya kung marami. So kudos to you for working, blogging and taking care of your children. 🙂

  2. You are a wonder mom! We also have a 2 year old son who’s very active and I agree, we need to be at the same level of their energy. Even when I’m working on my laptop, he will grab my hand and bring me somewhere to play. Kapag di pinagbigyan, iiyak hahaha.

  3. Oh, it’s very tough for me to taking care of self also before when my son is 1-6 months old. Parang ayaw ko nang sundan. Pero by Gods help nakakayanan naman natin. We should give equal energy and time sa mga anak natin kasi para walang magselos. Kuddos to you sis your such a responsible mother to your babies 🙂

  4. Janice

    I can relate to this because, as you know, we also have a new baby at home. This being my fourth child though, I’m already used to the feeling of having to sacrifice a lot of me-time in order to tend to my young ones. That is why my One Word for the year is “Focus” – on the things/people that matter most, which is of course, my family. Everything else just has to wait. I can honestly tell you though, that this really will pass. I have teen daughters now. Teens! It just seems like yesterday but I already miss their baby days. So, just try to enjoy this time of your life for what it is. You are going to miss it someday.

  5. Congratulations! Being a mom is a lot of hard work, but all the love you will feel is more than enough to compensate. You have a very cute little baby 🙂

  6. When I was in your shoes a few years ago, ganyan din ako hahaha. And I haven’t really recovered yet, you know. Preschoolers also tend to zap your energy agad. Mothers are superheroes diba? I love that TreeofLife app. Kaso hindi na ako nagpapabreastfeed. Kudos to you, strong momma! 🙂

  7. Belated happy birthday, sis! Congratulations on the babies once again! Si baby girl, kamukhang kamukha ni Kuya Gabo. ♥ I admire you, grabe, kakayanin talaga no? Ako hirap na, si Nate pa lang. Pero I’m sure pag nagkaron sya ng kapatid, kakayanin parin namin. lol.

  8. Ofcourse you can! That’s a lot of hardwork and sacrifice but we are made for this.??

    That’s exactly my fave quote “choosing the kids” over work. Just don’t forget to re energize and take good care of yourself first before anything else.

  9. Could very much relate especially the attention to give to the kids than give time to comb my hair. I really wonder how would our little man react with the birth our newest baby. But I find him kind and generous thus I am expecting him to extend the same love to his baby brother.

    1. I guess it’s because he has kuyas already kaya for sure he will be a good kuya rin to his baby brother.

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