5 reasons why i love the wahm life
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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Be A WAHM

The decision of leaving the corporate world didn’t just happen overnight. The thought of resigning from my corporate job has been running in my head for more than 6 months already until the time I’ve finally handed over my resignation letter to my manager.

I’m sure many, if not all, of the working mommas have their fair share of stories of not wanting to leave their babies at home for work. And so do I, but that was more than a year ago. I’ve already left Makati City and have been in the comforts of our home for almost every day. But I still earn. And yes, that is possible!

We, the freelancing mommas call ourselves as the work-at-home-moms or WAHMs.  A career path that’s not easy to take on, but surely a fulfilling one.

It took me a long time, a long list of pros and cons to convince myself and a lot of courage to enter the WAHM life. But it all boils down to these top 5 reasons why the WAHM setup works for me.

1 – Goodbye, traffic!

Yep, I know. This is the dream! Why would I even leave my corporate work if getting to the office takes just about 15-20 minutes? That should be my ideal commuting time – so that’s 40 minutes a day for a back and forth ride – if not for the Carmageddon of Metro Manila. Sad, sad story.

This is my number 1 reason for leaving my corporate work. Metro Manila traffic is so bad! That 20 minutes of transportation ride to the office can take up to 2 or even 3 hours just for me to get to work in the morning. That extra time spent on traffic is such a waste of this mommy’s precious limited time that could be spent into cuddling with my cutie patooties at home.

2 – Play time!

As I’ve mentioned, being a WAHM is not an easy career path to take on, but it’s achievable. There is a success to it. My babies are happier little humans because their mommy’s just a hug away.

I enjoy every bit of it. Sure there’s anxiety sometimes from just being at home. Sure I am also tired and still not well rested enough. But there is more play time with my babies!

They are my number 1 source of happiness (and also, stress! Lol) at home.


Wag lang silang iiyak ng sabay kundi parang signal number 4 ang bagyo sa bahay! Hahaha!

Plus, I am a breastfeeding momma. Thank God, I no longer have to wash my pumping tools and my baby’s feeding bottles because I can just stop for a while whatever it is that I am doing and feed her directly. It’s the same thing a year ago with my first born. I was also nursing him through direct latching until I got pregnant with my little baby girl. 🙂

3 – I am my own boss.

And by that, I mean I get to manage my own time. I’m no master of time management, though. Twenty four hours still don’t give me justice and the time still doesn’t feel enough. But being a work-at-home mom makes me accomplish more of my scheduled tasks while taking care of my babies.

I work on semi-flexible hours and that lessens the stress somehow. 😉

4- I’m an introvert.

No, it’s not that I don’t like people. I LOVE interacting with people. I even miss it sometimes because most of my human interactions are with these tiny, little cuties I call my babies. But being a WAHM works well for me because I get to use my energy on more important things.

It’s no longer a secret that introverts are well energised when they have time alone. And being an INFJ, having a little more time to myself is how I grow in every aspect of my life. And being a WAHM provides me a little more of that needed alone time which makes me more a productive human being than I ever did when I was still a corporate junkie.

5 – I’d love to have more time for writing

I can’t stress this enough. As much as I’d love to build my career in the Software Engineering industry (because it’s a high-paying industry!), I keep on coming back to my very first love. My very first dream. And that is writing. That is why this blog exists. I’d love to improve on this craft of mine.


There’s no looking back.

Looking back to the days when I am much more exhausted, of course, I would sometimes miss the corporate life. The annual company parties, my friends at work, the perks and freebies like free coffee and refreshments. But I can’t imagine or even see myself going back to work in the corporate world again. I am happy with the WAHM life.


I am happy with the WAHM life. Not everyone thrives on being one. But if you’re anywhere like me more than a year ago, thinking of leaving the corporate life and giving almost the same reasons as listed above a thought, then the freelancing life might also work for you. 🙂



  1. I’ve been lucky to be given a chance to be a WAHM also after I gave birth to my daughter. I agree with all your reasons especially playtime! hahaha. It is so nice to be able to watch our kids grow up before our eyes.

  2. I don’t see myself going back to the corporate world as of the moment. Like you, I enjoy being WAHM. And even though I like to think that I’m a very sociable person, I can actually stay at home the whole day without going out, lol! And yes, we all hate the traffic and we all love to have more time with our children. So cheers to us, sis! My dream after WAHM is to become a SAHM. Idk why but I really want to be a plain housewife. lol.

  3. Sa laki ng problem natin sa traffic, mas okay talaga magwork at home. I just hope yung ibang companies mag-offer ng work at home days lalo na if you can do your job kahit sa bahay, walang client na imimeet. Nakakaubos din kasi ng oras yung biyahe pagpasok at pag-uwi from ofc.

  4. I like the there’s no looking back. I am no work at home mom thus sometimes I feel regretful leaving my old post. But I like best about staying at home is I get to cook for my boys, be at home when they arrived from school, and of course stare at my babies anytime I please. I should say this to myself repeatedly until iaccept it – there’s no turning back.

  5. EINz

    We are all lucky to be a WAHM! and yes, there is no turning back. I sometimes missed being in a corporate setting, but then again, having my own boss and being with the kids all the time is something I woudn’t trade in.

    Congrats to us!?

  6. Janice

    Like you, I also can’t imagine going back to the corporate world. Ever! Hahaha! I’m really happy with the flexibility of working from home. My decision to do so though was immediate because I was ordered by my OB to go on bed rest for a while. I was so scared of losing my baby that I decided that no job meant more than him, so I resigned. 🙂

  7. I am glad you’re loving the WAHM life! Your post made me feel nostalgic for the “old” days, when I was still breastfeeding my son and we can stay home allll day. I’m still a WAHM now, but because my son is going to school and I have appointments left and right, I’m more of an WOTRM (work on the road mom – just made that up haha!)

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