recommended baby photography services in South

Recommended Baby Photography Services in the South

Are you someone who adores a baby photo? Because why not? A baby’s photo can suddenly lift a bad mood away, right? Even the sight of a photo of a sleeping baby can give you the coochie-coochie mushy-squishy gigil feeling it will leave you giggling and smiling at the same time. That’s actually how I feel. Lol.

When I discovered that I was pregnant with Gabriel, I immediately looked for baby photography services because I wanted my baby to have his own newborn pictorial session while he’s sleeping inside a bucket just like this:

Baby Photography Services
Ain’t he adorable? He’s so cuuuuute!!!
Photo Credits: Pinterest

But I failed to do so because by the time that I gave birth, Motherhood shocked me and I barely even have time for anything other than feed and comfort my little man (and I was yaya-less!). And mind you, baby photography services aren’t cheap. So I told myself I will postpone my baby pictorial dream for my son, save enough money, and have it done before his 1st birthday instead! 🙂

Fast forward to a month or two before his birthday, I searched again for baby photography services in the South. We live in Parañaque, so I looked for nearby places and inquired about the prices. I even looked on some Mommy Online groups in Facebook and did crowdsourcing of some of the most recommended Baby Photography Professionals in Alabang, Parañaque, Las Piñas, Cavite and Laguna.

So if you’re also someone who’s planning to avail Baby Photography Services and you’re from the South, this post is for you. 🙂

iBaby Photography

I availed my son’s pre-birthday shoot from iBaby Photography. It is owned by Mommy Brenda and Mommy Nica and they are also the ones who do the photo opt for your baby and your family. Their home studio is located in Merville, Parañaque City but they also do an outdoor photoshoot in case that’s your preference.

I chose their service of all the others because I think their package is the most sulit! I was able to get all the shots even the raw ones, and they are very patient with my little moody man. Here’s a sample of my baby’s photos in high resolution. I am really impressed. 🙂

iBaby Photography baby photography service south
My son is so pogi! (Forgive me, I’m a proud Mommy. Lol!)

If you want to know more about our experience with iBaby, click here to read how I love their photography services.

Keno & Krit Baby Photography

This one’s located in Biñan, Laguna. Most mommies in SpiNanays have mentioned this business whenever someone would ask for baby photography suggestions. I visited their Facebook Page and have seen some of their finished output. They are indeed awesome in their crafts and they take adorable photos of babies and kids, too! Send them a message now if you’re from Laguna area!

Ingente-Valencerina Photography

A photography business owned by a husband and wife from Muntinlupa City. I find it sweet that they get to work together, capturing for events, lifestyle, and wedding. They also do baby portraits so it’s good to check their website and see what they can offer you. They also have vast samples of their work on their Facebook Page and they are really good! Just one thing – they still don’t have their own studio. But that’s good news for the ones who look forward to doing outdoor pictorials instead. And for those who are a bit far from their location, they basically shoot anywhere! (Additional costs apply, of course, depending on the location).

Baby Love Studio

I’ve been following their Facebook page even before I learned I was pregnant with my first born. Their baby portraits are too cute and comforting for me especially those photos of newborn sleeping babies! I adore every angle and they indeed have an eye for capturing the sweetest baby moments. Their studio is located in  R. A. Suarez Bldg., 363 El Grande Ave. corner Cebu St., BF Homes, Parañaque City. They have plenty of packages you may choose which are more of baby and kids photography packages.

Just remember that when choosing the one who will do your baby’s portrait session, consider the place of the studio where the photo shoot will take place and the kind of weather that’s prominent by the time you’ve decided to have a photo session. The reason why I chose iBaby Photography is because their home studio’s just 5-10 minutes away from our house and because that was summer, I didn’t want to have a photo shoot under the scorching hot rays of the sun. Hehe. Well, that’s just me! 😀


  1. This is one thing that we haven’t tried when my son was still a baby because he was so active at that time, baka di makunan ng maayos ng photographer. 🙂 Cute smile of your son.

    1. Thanks Michi! The photographers of iBaaby also had a hard time waiting for my son to smile. Medyo nangingilala. Actually kailangan ko pa ngang kilitiin si bebe. But I guess it’s one skill that the baby photographers must have talaga. The PATIENCE. 😀 Haha

  2. Thank you for sharing this Photography studios. There are some which are accessible near Laspinas. ♥ Loved the photo:)

  3. I have high regards for baby photographers. The end pictures look beautiful, but behind each pretty picture is a lot of hardwork and patience.

    1. Sobra! Lalo na kung nangingilala ang baby like my little man. Hihi

  4. Photoshoot with babies is a challenge. Ive been doing photography years back and in some occassions today and babies as the subject is really challenging! But they’re the cutest ever!

    1. Yes! Super nakakagaan ng feeling kapag natyempuhan ang smile nila noh? 🙂

  5. I know someone who can take really good photos and she’s the one we really on when it comes to taking photos. But she hasn’t tried baby photography yet, she’s afraid baka daw masaktan nya ang baby. 😀 Your son is cute. 😀

    1. Thank you! :)vParang I’ve a read a post of yours nga dati about your friend doing photography rin. Medyo challenging talaga ang baby photography but she’ll eventually get there rin siguro hihi.

  6. Denice Diaz-Faeldonia

    Haven’t done a photoshoot yet with Bunny but it is something on my to do list. Maybe next year before she turns three! Para she knows how to smile on cue already. 🙂 How much is the rate for iBaby?

    1. That would be so cute dahil marunong na magproject ang bagets! 😀 When we availed our son’s photo shoot, we spent not more than 5k. That’s a package of baby portrait and family portrait. Super sulit talaga sila for me. 🙂

  7. Baby pictures are really worth keeping thus our desire as mothers to have the best photos taken of our children. Even if my youngest is already a tween, I’m still planning to have our family picture taken and I’m happy to note that you have given several choices here for the service provider.

    1. I’d also want to have another family photo sesh when my kids grow up na rin. That would be 7-10 years from now pa. Hihi

  8. Cheryl F

    Baby photography is so hard daw. I have a photographer friend who shoot babies too and said mas mahirap daw yun compare to adults. I would love to have my son’s first shoot before hi 3rd birthday next year. Still looking for some concepts.

    1. Yes, I witnessed how hard it is talaga. Lalo kung yung malikot na baby na. Kailangan mabilis sila kasi one second the baby’s smiling then the next 3 seconds, the smile fades away na. Haha! Good luck on conceptualizing your son’s pre-birthday shoot. It’s always fun thinking of a theme to apply for photoshoots! 😀

  9. Janice

    Thanks for this list! I gave birth a month ago and have been thinking of getting a photo session for my baby within the next few months. 🙂 iBaby is so near our place.

    1. You’re very welcome! And congratulations for successfully giving birth! Recently lang pala. I bet you’re still busy caring for your newborn. Enjoy every moment! 😀

  10. I also wanted a baby photoshoot for my kids. But yeah, I got shocked with the demands of a newborn and kinda postponed it when they were older. Thinking about it, they could’ve been really cute in a bucket or a hammock!

    1. Hahaha! Yes! I also never thought that caring for a newborn would demand 200% of your time and energy so naisangtabi na ang plano ng newborn pictorial. Lol

  11. Do you have any idea how much is the per session rate of these photographers?

    1. I only have iBaby’s since sila yung na-try namin. Baby Love has their packages posted on their site the last time I checked. 🙂

  12. I can relate mommy 🙂 Like you, I planned of having a photoshoot for my son after he was born, pero yun nga, motherhood happened. Still planning to have one pa din lalo na now that he’s walking and smiling na and iBaby is near our place lang din! Can you give me an idea of their rates? Thank you in advance!

    1. Ibig sabihin magkalapit lang rin tayo! 😀 Anyway, sure. The package we availed cost us around 4-4,500 Php. It consists of a baby portrait session and family portrait session as well. We got all the edited and raw shots plus a high resolution family framed photo (of our choice) that’s now displayed in our living room. So sulit! 🙂

  13. Your son is adorable indeed! How I wish I got my son professionally photographed when he was a baby

    1. Thank you, Maan! Oh, it’s not too late! Pwede kayong mag-pictorial rin as a family. That would be lovely! 🙂

  14. Sabi ko din dati gusto ko ng newborn photoshoot sa bulinggit ko kasi di nag meterialize. Wala pa kasi kaming sasakyan nun. Ayaw ng asawa ko hiramin sasakyan ng tatay ko. Eh di naman namin ma byahe ang baby ng commute kahit taxi kasi syempre mahirap padin dahil newborn nga. Isa to sa mga “sayang” moments ko eh. Di na kasi maibabalik yun.

    1. That was our dilemma rin noon kaya hindi kami nakapagpa-newborn pictorial for my son. Mahirap talaga magbyahe ng newborn kahit pa naka-taxi.

  15. That’s a great list! I’m sure this will be of great help to moms in the south. Baby photos are keepsakes. Hence, creative shots of these photographers are availed even sometimes they come with a hefty price tag.

    1. And they have their reasons rin naman why they charge higher than the usual. Lalo kung magaganda ang outcome ng pictorial then the price is right! 😀

  16. We haven’t tried baby photoshoots yet kasi they’re pricey. I’m more looking forward to a family sesh. 🙂 we do get nice shots from my son’s ninong who’s a photographer. Yay!

    1. Wow ang swerte naman that your son has a photographer ninong! I smell a discounted photography service which is really great! 😀

  17. Jen

    Wow! Those are great. I’ll bookmark this post just in case I needed one in the future. Yes, baby photos are very captivating and I love them too.

  18. Got Ingente-Valencerina too to shoot our Craft Party last year and the photos turned out really good!

  19. I haven’t tried hiring a photographer for my boys. I did DIY photoshoot with them. I hope I still have the energy and time to do it with baby number 3. 😀 Oh yes, your son is so pogi indeed! 😀

  20. lovely memento indeed, will recommend the studio to friends near the location.. thanks for the share

  21. Your son is indeed very pogi. Ihihi. Thanks for this. Would want to try sana for my son but its so malayo. Nway, this also reminds me that i should try one near own place so my son could have a decent studio pix naman.

  22. Your baby looks adorable! Yes, I agree that baby/kiddie photographers should have patience especially in capturing that perfect moment. I remember my daughter’s first pictorial session at 5 mos. Buti na lang meron akong yaya a.k.a. clown, even the photographer was laughing at yaya. And yes, super nice ang smile ni baby 🙂

  23. Im not from the South but great idea on compiling Photography services in one. Photos are really the best souvenirs for us moms and syempre sa mga special occasions. At ang cute cute ni baby mu!

  24. Wow my kids are in their tween and teen years already and they’ve never had a studio portait session XD

  25. This is a very helpful list! I will check these out! Thanks for sharing!

  26. My daughters haven’t had a studio photo session. Maybe in the near future and to a studio here in a North.

  27. Joy

    I want to have a studio photo session for the kids. Hopefully we can find a good one here sa North like dyan sa South. 🙂

  28. Ang sarap mag keep ng magagandang photos ng mga bata. And kahit malaki na. Studio photos are different kasi from one manually shot. They look prettier and more memorable.

  29. I’ve had the chance to feature iBaby and Baby Love for a Smart Parenting article before. These baby photographers weren’t very popular when my kids were babies, sayang. I only knew of one but it was soooo expensive.

  30. Adorable! How I wish this kind of photography existed when my kids where small. Pictures brings back memories and what a good way to preserve moments.

  31. Mayu

    Cute cute ni baby! I never had a chance to have a studio photograph of my son when he was a baby pero we had one when he was three. I love how these studios get so patient and professional when it comes to the kids!

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