The Sharp Steamwave Oven: Your Quick and Reliable Kitchen Partner



If there is one thing we, Filipinos, are known for besides our hospitality, it would probably be our love for food. From deep-fried favorites to local sweets and delicacies, the dining table is never short of one spectacular dish or two.

This love for food also made way for us to experiment with different ingredients and cooking techniques, producing even more mouthwatering dishes. But usually, in our passion for finding the dish that would tickle our taste buds, we have forgotten to be more cautious and picky about the ingredients we use. While experimenting with food items sounds fun, it can also become time-consuming, expensive, and unhealthy.

With the right equipment, though, you can turn even the simplest of ingredients into a scrumptious—and nutritious—meal.

The Sharp Steamwave Oven is a 3-in-1 cooking system that allows you to Steam, Grill, and Reheat. With its different features, you can keep on cooking your favorite dishes and at the same time explore new recipes.





Using the Steam feature, you can have healthier meals in just a press of a button. The oven is built with a non-steam vent for a hassle and mess-free cooking. Steaming also keeps the food’s nutrients, color, and texture intact for a more appetizing meal.

Steaming might sound bland at first but with some creativity, it might just become your favorite cooking method. Not only can it be used for vegetables and fish, but it is also a viable cooking technique for meats like pork and chicken and for some desserts too.

Try this simple steamed salmon with asparagus and white wine recipe with your Sharp Steamwave Oven. See how this healthier and tastier option can jazz up your lunch or dinner.

Steamed dishes with the Sharp Steamwave Oven can be your newest favorites. And with the Grill option, you can even explore other great recipes. Whether you’re up for any steaming, grilling, or simply reheating, your dependable kitchen partner is here to help.

The Sharp Steamwave Oven—your quick and reliable kitchen partner for meals with nutrients, colors, and textures, still in place.

Visit the nearest authorized Sharp dealer to know more about the Sharp Steamwave Oven or visit the Sharp official website, Sharp Philippines on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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Disclaimer: This post is a Press Release for Sharp Steamwave Oven.


  1. Janice

    Wow this would be so great for our house because we have very limited space for kitchen appliances. Would love to have one!

  2. Something new to try. Unfortunately, we have no space na for this one. I just love the fact that there are so many intentions that truly help homemakers make their tasks easier and quicker.

  3. oh how very interesting that it also has a steam function. I have a steamer separate from my oven and when you’re tiny living, that means bulky stuff with not much space haha.

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