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The Day I Stopped Breastfeeding My Son

If you frequently visit and read my blog, you may already know how eager I am to pursue breastfeeding my first born for at least up to his second birthday. I am so keen and dedicated to it that it’s taken a big part for me to have finally decided to quit the corporate work that I have at that …

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Mommy Milkshare – A Milkdrive For The Moms Who Care

I have a secret to reveal. After I became a Momma, it’s always been my dream to be able to donate breast milk! Yep. It’s true. But sadly, I wasn’t blessed with abundant milk supply and I never experienced  expressing more than 4 oz of milk per pumping session (that is done every 2-3 hrs). That’s one of my insecurities …

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Lactation Cookies For The Nursing Mommas

I have always been dedicated on breastfeeding Gabriel. My goal is to at least breastfeed him up to 2 years and it actually is one of the factors why I chose to  quit my corporate work and find online opportunities because I think that setup would work best for me and my family as we are yaya-less. My commitment to …

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Gaining Confidence On Breastfeeding

There are things that I think are more valuable to me now after I became a mother. One of those is the ability to breastfeed my son. It is tiring for most moms, but truly fulfilling. (At least for me, that’s how I feel after seeing him satisfied and happy that he’s able to latch on me. His “Mommy, busog na …

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Confessions of a breasfeeding Mommy| 7 months and counting

Becoming a mother is the greatest blessing of my life. And as a millennial mom that I am, I chose to breastfeed my first born. I thought it was easy. I might have underestimated breastfeeding thinking I can do it as easy as blinking my eyes or breathing in and out. It wasn’t. It’s hard. It’s exhausting. It’s very tiring. …

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