My Pestorrific Tuna Pasta Holiday Recipe with Contadina + Giveaway

The last two weeks of December are the days which are the happiest yet tiring at the same time for me. From gift wrapping to preparing and cooking food and then catching up with the family reunions and Christmas / Year-end parties – it can be pretty exhausting, right? Well, lucky for me that my little family and I spent …

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Chicken and Veggies in Cream of Mushroom SoupArchives

Healthy Chicken and Veggies in Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

Sharing recipes have been a past time lately. Though I am not that great with cooking and food presentation, I strive into trying new or experimental recipes. Those of which I don’t use instructions I usually find online. SinceĀ I love chicken and I love creamy dishes, I combined the two and voila! Another successful cooking I may say. šŸ™‚ This …

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Recipe Idea: Creamy Pasta with Ham and Broccoli

There are days when I feel adventurous and energetic in the kitchen that I end up with experimental dishes. I cook with no recipes on-hand and step-by-steps to follow. I just think of what the output of the dish should be and get on with it. Yesterday was one of those days. I cooked Creamy PastaĀ with Ham and Broccoli. What …

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A Lenten Lunch: Garlic Buttered Chicken and VegetablesArchives

Garlic Buttered Chicken and Veggies

I rarely have time to cook meals. In fact, there are days that I cannot even cook a dish so we opt to buy food on cafeterias or fast food chains (eek!). Having no Yaya is really a distress especially on busier days in the office. There was one day that my husband told me to cook vegetable-based dishes so …

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