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Kilay On Fleek At The Brow Studio SM City BF Parañaque

I am not blessed with thick, beautiful eyebrows. My brows are just…. Okay. Thin yet messy. Haha! That’s why when I got my free voucher of express cleaning at any branch of The Brow Studio, I got really excited! Their express cleaning service would cost 188.00 Php and I got one for free because of the voucher. 🙂 I had …

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Letting Go New BeginningsArchives, Musings, WAHM Diaries

Of Letting Go And New Beginnings

Hey there! I am back! I have been idle for the past few days because a lot of things happened that sapped out the energy out of me. I thought I should share it so here it is. Last Wednesday has been one of the hardest days in my career life. It was a day full of mixed emotions that …

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My First Year Anniversary As A Momma

True to what most people have told me, babies and children do grow up pretty fast! Today, I cannot help but look at my 1-year-old son and wonder how I did everything that I have done as a mother in a span of one year. Have I done OK? Good? Is it enough? Have I been the best Momma to …

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Maybelline Long Lasting Gel LinerArchives

Maybelline Long Lasting Gel Liner Review

I am not the kind of person who can put on make-up on a daily basis. There are days that even putting on some face powder is already a chore for me. I am that kind of Momma. The always-tired-and-busy-no-time-to-comb-hair kind of Momma. But since I am a working Mom, I try my best to at least make myself presentable. I’ve …

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A Lenten Lunch: Garlic Buttered Chicken and VegetablesArchives

Garlic Buttered Chicken and Veggies

I rarely have time to cook meals. In fact, there are days that I cannot even cook a dish so we opt to buy food on cafeterias or fast food chains (eek!). Having no Yaya is really a distress especially on busier days in the office. There was one day that my husband told me to cook vegetable-based dishes so …

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