New Sole Mates From Terry’s Shoes Warehouse Sale

Terry’s Shoes recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary by conducting a Warehouse Sale in Quezon City last November 2016. It was indeed a haven for all the ladies who are on the search for stylish, durable and affordable Marikina-made shoes!

Photo grabbed from Terry’s Shoes Facebook Page.

Luckily, I had the chance to grab some pairs of shoes that suit my #preggyOOTDs for the past few days whenever we go out.

You know, for a pregnant Momma like me, strolling in the mall or just plainly doing the grocery or Christmas shopping is not that fun anymore especially for my feet! Hindi pa naman ako namamanas, so far but the fact that I am gaining weight also adds struggle to my feet! Good thing, Terry’s Shoes are offering really comfortable, Marikina-made shoes. And the beautiful shoes I’ve got from their Warehouse Sale are really a steal!

What I love about Terry’s Shoe designs, is that it seems to never go out of style. It’s like whichever mood you’re in, whatever dress you may be wearing, there’s always a pair of shoes which will definitely suit your taste and style for the day.

As for me, well, now that I am mostly wearing dresses, maternity blouses, and skinny jeans, I am glad that I have a variety of shoes to choose from our shoe rack and honestly, most of it are from Terry’s Shoes. 🙂

By the way, here are some of the shoes I got from their recent Warehouse Sale:

Terry's Shoes Warehouse Sale

Kelly shoes in white’s my personal favourite! I love pairing it with my dark coloured dresses. Though I have to be careful not to wear it on rainy days. Sayang naman kung maputikan! I’ve worn Kelly shoes several times already and I think it should really be worn with such care. My son stepped on my shoes several times while we’re at the mall and sadly, it had minimal scratches on both sides. I tried wiping it with a damp cloth to no avail. Hay naku! Ang likot kasi ni Gabriel!

Terry's Shoes Warehouse Sale

Anyway, it’s not noticeable unless you’ve taken a really close look which I doubt that people will do so it’s not a big deal.

Next, I have here Jacqueline shoes in my favourite colour of blue!

Terry's Shoes Warehouse Sale

I am actually not into pointed shoes. Malapad kasi ang paa ko. But this pair really got into me. And good thing, it suits my feet, too! I usually have problems even on trying to fit pointed shoes onto my feet but with this Jacqueline shoes, it was smooth and when I tried walking while I’m wearing it, it never hurt my toes – well, surprisingly! I am so happy with this pair.

Another one in my haul is their popular Ysavelle shoes!

Terry's Shoes Warehouse Sale

I really like ballet shoes but this is my first time to have one. I have always doubted whether ballet shoes will suit my feet. As I’ve said, malapad kasi yung paa ko. Haha! But nevertheless, I tried  it and there are no regrets! The Ysavelle shoes are really cute! I would’ve chosen the nude colour but I realised that I already have white Kelly shoes which look classy and simple already. I needed something for the days when I feel vibrant and jolly. Lol! And why not red? As the lipstick lover ladies say,“when in doubt, wear red!” And I think that can also be applied to shoes! Haha!

The last one is a pair of sandals – Kate in colour gold!

Terry's Shoes Warehouse Sale

I like this one but have not yet tried wearing it outside. It’s been 4 months since I had my last mani/pedi session and my nails are not presentable enough so I ought to always hide them inside closed shoes! Haha! But I am sure to wear this with one of my #OOTDs. That is when I already had my long due foot spa! 😛

Like what I said in my previous post about their Anniversary Sale, I don’t own a closet of shoes. I am not the type of girl who owns a lot of ’em, I even rarely buy a pair but when I do, I go for durability and affordability. And that’s what Terry’s Shoes could offer us, ladies!

If you missed their weekend warehouse sale last November, don’t feel bad because I’ve got some good news for you! For the love of all the ladies’ who also loves shoes, Terry’s Shoes Warehouse Sale has been EXTENDED up to three Sundays of December! So why not bring your girlfriends, your nanay, lola or sister with you? I’m sure you and your companions will find a pair or two which will definitely suit your planned #OOTDs in the coming days. And it’s super sulit! You may even find a pair of shoes to give as a gift this holiday season! Go get it, girl! 😉

Terry’s Shoes Warehouse Sale is located at Unit 31 Block 1, Romarosa Townhomes, Luzon Ave., Quezon City.

For more information, follow them on:

Instagram: @terrysshoesph

Facebook: Terry’s Shoes

Happy shopping, shoe lovers! <3


  1. When I was still single I always wear high-heel shoes but when I became a mom, I prefer ballet shoes. I need comfortable shoes that I can wear all day or in case I need to chase my son. I’m not into sandals, because malapad din paa ko, feeling ko farmer’s feet lang. hehehe!

    1. Naku sis, buti kering keri mo ang high-heeled shoes. Hindi ko kayang dalhin ang stiletto. Hanggang wedge lang ang kaya ko. And agree, kung lalabas ka na kasama ang anak mo, either mag-slippers, flat shoes or sneakers ka na lang talaga. Haha

  2. Gosh, speaking of malapad na paa, PRESENT! haha. My shoe size is 9 (or 8.5), tapos malapad pa. haha. Kaya hirap maghanap ng masusuot. May ibang maganda sana pero di kasya! lol. Now I remember I need to buy a new sandal pa for our upcoming church thanksgiving. You got nice pairs, sis!

    1. Pareho tayo ng size ng paa, sis! Haha!

  3. Bakit di ko to nabalitaan? Sayang malapit lang sana samin. Honestly I like their shoes. How’s the quality? And also the price? Maganda din to pang gift.

    1. Ideal nga sya for gift giving this coming holidays! Better visit their warehouse sale sis. Extended ang sale nila. 😀 You can buy up to 3 pairs of shoes less than 1k only. Super sulit! 😀

  4. They all look super cute! So inggit! I have wide feet too but I like wearing pointed shoes – I usually wear them a size bigger hehe. And look at you, you’re looking really pretty yourself!

    1. Thanks Maan! Nako, wag lang mamanas ng sobra like on my first pregnancy with Gabriel. Haha

  5. Sayang medyo malayo nga lang. Love your purchases. Iba’t ibang designs and colors.

  6. I love your shoes. They are indeed perfect for your preggy look OOTDs. I only have a pair I keep on using. My feet could be real stout and ugly when I am pregnant.

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