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Hello there! I am so glad you’re here. My name is Michelle – a wife to my kind and loving husband and a Mommy to my two adorable kids. I am also the owner of this Mommy and Lifestyle Blog – Millennial Mom Writes.

I was once a member of the Honda-dot club (on the dot umuwi from office lol) of every corporate office here in Manila but just like all the everyday commuters here in the Metro, I got so tired of it that I have decided to quit the office life. I mainly have quit because of how heavy the everyday Metro Manila traffic is.

I am now a work-at-home mommy for 3 years and a member of the Team No Yaya club. Barely surviving the every day mommy life but there’s no giving up on this so-called parenting life, right? 😀

What more? Uhm, I’m an introvert. I sometimes get panic attacks when I am in a place with a huge crowd of new people I don’t know. But I am not a snob. Pramis! I tend to get shy, yes. I think it’s safe to say I thrive socialising with a smaller group of people but I am friendly and I don’t bite. I love talking face-to-face to a maximum of maybe 5 people at a time? Otherwise, I might tremble. Lol.

Reading books is also my thing. Though I don’t have the luxury of time right now as it is more important to nurture my young ones at this stage. Honestly, I miss the times when I can stay up until 3 AM reading a book but priorities have changed. I have piles of books and e-books that are waiting to be read but I know sooner or later, I will get there – marking each of one them as read or re-reading the ones I enjoyed the most.

About the Blog

I am a proud member of the Mommy Bloggers Philippines – a community of Pinay Mommies writing about life discoveries, parenting musings, inspirational stories, and really, anything under the sun!

This blog started due to my long lost dream of becoming a writer. I thought I have so much to share that I wanted a platform to express myself. I once started tumblr-ing as the Nostalgic Damsel, then I got married and became a mother so I thought of changing my name to the Nostalgic Momma. But life happened from the last year 2018. I can’t say it’s a bad year, it’s actually been one of the great ones, I must say. Still, I paused from writing.

That pause actually did well to me. I realised so many things I wouldn’t have thought about if I was too busy with such a LOT. I had to set aside this passion project of mine while I do my ‘soul searching’. While it’s not easy, it’s become worthwhile. I learned how I should go forward about… life. 🙂

Thus, I changed my blog site’s name to Millennial Mom Writes!

It took me a while, but hey, the name feels like it suits me very well. Haha!

So what do I write about?

Along with taking a break from blogging, I have come to realise what I wanted to write about.

Apart from writing about my experiences and reflections, some Mommy tips, parenting aha-s! and my WAHM life, I feel strongly about spreading Mental Health awareness. Particularly and mostly about protecting our young one’s mental health. As Frederick Douglass said…

I, myself, have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety that has long been sitting with me since childhood. I know much of the people who know me would be shocked about this because I might seem to be doing OK for them. But the truth is, mental health struggles mostly go unnoticed.

As someone who has has been “on the verge” of giving up years ago, I wanted to somehow send help to the ones struggling through this platform or get in touch with them. Maybe inspire and let them know how and why it is OK not to be OK.

So there.

If you’re a new visitor, welcome to my newly revamped blog (and life)! I am genuinely happy you’ve stumbled upon my blog. 😀 If you’ve been here since my Nostalgic Momma days, hey! I am back! Just with a new name and a newer perspective. (Naks!)

Join me in discovering new things, some of my parenting aha’s, life’s (mis)adventures, spreading mental health awareness and anything (which I think) is interesting! You’ll sometimes read here some random thoughts but I do hope you enjoy navigating life with me. And I would want to get to know you also so do not hesitate to get in touch with me (I don’t bite) if you’re feeling extra friendly and nice.

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Talk to you soon! 😉

Quick Note & Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions represented in this blog are personal and belong solely to the blog owner and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless otherwise stated.

Side note: If you’re someone who’s struggling, feel free to get in touch with me. Let’s talk. Let’s support and help each other.

Let me hear your precious thoughts! :)

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