To my other (belly) half…

Yes, labs.. It’s belly (bel-belly). Haha!
We’ve eaten a lot of food for the past 11 years! You are the best ka-vhie-tuka anyone could ever have, and i’m lucky enough to have that chance. It’s been a decade of crazy togetherness and I look forward to many, many more years of satisfying hunger and cravings with you. 🙂
More than just filling our tummies with food, you’ve been a great partner in every little thing (or crime).
From senseless, corny jokes to deep late night talks, you always have something to say..
From planned errands to “super-biglaang-lakad-dahil-lang-feeling-broken-hearted-tayo”, you’re always there and ready to stroll (though most of the time you were late haha).

From high school to college days (and if in God’s will, even up to working days) up to now that we’ve both transformed into a woman, yet we still laugh like retards… Like no one’s around us… Like nobody’s watching us…

Up to now that we’re both being called “mommy” by our lovely little ones.. (Ok, I know Gabbie’s just almost 7 months old as of this writing, but he utters “omi” or “ma-ma” when he’s crying so I guess that counts already haha!)

We’re still together…
And I am praying with all my heart, that up to the days when our hair turns to gray, or white, (or purple if you ever decided to give that hair dye a try and it’s your favorite color,  right?), we’ll still be together.

Eating gelatos, cakes, and any sweet treats that could satisfy our sweet tooth…

Going to salon together to have our pixie hair cut, or mohawk…

Both trying that new coffee shop in town and talking endlessly about anything under the sun, and how cute our grandchilren are!!

I look forward to those moments, labs! But for now, let’s just enjoy our little one’s milestones and tantrums. Let’s rock and celebrate motherhood together by heart. We barely see each other but I know I have a great, best (essssst) friend who will always be there no matter what! And always remember, keep this promise… Mark my words… I’ll do the same, never ever leaving you behind. You’re a friend for keeps. A friend for a lifetime. :)
Cheers to another awesome year and a longer life! Happiest birthday to one of the most wonderful being God has created! You don’t know how much you helped me get through almost everything that life has thrown at me.

You deserve all the happiness in the world lalabs! Gabbie and I love you and Skyepotpot very, very much! God bless your family, labs!

Basta sa friendship natin…

Love lots,

Note: not all photos are mine. Some of which I grabbed from her album and tagged photos of me in facebook. 🙂


  1. Genesis Joy Sayon

    Ohow-ehem-giiiiii labs! I’m so proud of you! While reading, I remember how creative and how imaginative your writing skills were back in highschool and I just can’t hide the excitement knowing you’re back into writing again yeeeey ? ??☝?️?? pero thank you muna, tawang tawa ako sa unang part labs pero muntik na ko maluha sa last part haha! 11 yrs and counting na pala…. Mula sa patae tae to….. Patae tae pa rin hahahaha pero this time mga babies na naten, we’ve been into so much as in sooooo much na pla tlga. Can’t imagine having the same experiences we had with anybody else too yung tipong kahit tumblr lang dala ko sa opis nio habang buma-basha ang peg hahahaha I thank the Lord for giving me a special someone where I can be the REALest ? minsan di ko alam kung bat di tau ung nagkatuluyan HAHAHAHAHHAA but I can’t be more thankful to share my life with a friend who loves me at all times ? Thank you for being my Proverbs 17:17 ? till death do us part. Charot!!! Hahahaha love u labs and gabbie and ur family and tito’s lechon kawali and all those you love hihi ?

    #1 FAN HERE!!!!!!

    1. Wahahaha! Salamat sa pagsuport labs sa aking “trying hard to write” journey. If you only knew kung ilang araw ko ni-compose yan dahil bawat talata yata e iiyak si Gabbie hahaha! Thanks din labs for letting me know you and for keeping me in your life. Alam mo naman na for a very long time sarado ang buhay ko sa madla at kakarampot lang ang nakakapasok sa buhay ko na kilala talaga ako. I know I made the best decision na magsasa-sama sayo. Hahaha! To more of the patae-tae days with you! Cheers!

      PS. Akala ko next birthday mo pa ako makaka-reply e. Wahaha!

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