July. The Toughest Month (So Far!)

Yay! Look who’s back! I have been on blogging hiatus for quite a few days already. Never have I thought that the month of July would be this tough for me, my family and relatives. The days that gone by were very difficult. But we are thankful to the Lord that we’re still surviving the fight. And just to release the tension that the past days brought to me, to us, here I am writing not to rant but to share how blessed our lives are in spite of the hardships that we have gone through.
On the 3rd day of July, I’ve been bombarded with a very sad news that my Aunt Annabelle has passed away. It was so sudden and nobody’s prepared. I know now one’s ever prepared for anybody’s death. But her death was really so sudden that no one has seen it coming. You know… There was no terminal disease that was diagnosed. She just died in her sleep and we do not know if it’s because of heart attack (but most probably is… Which might have been triggered by her asthma). There were no premonitions except that she’s really happy and she really pushed through having family reunions this year (we had our family outing last April 2016). We then just realized that it maybe is the reason why we got the chance to gather to have fun last summer. *Sighs*
Our family outing last April 2016. We're not even complete on that day.
Our family outing last April 2016. We’re not even complete on that day.
But we actually believe that she sacrificed herself for his eldest and youngest brother. Two of my Uncles were both in the hospital at the time of her death in our home in Las Piñas. She’s gone to respond to the calling of the Lord so my Uncles could stay with their families.
It saddened me more because I was planning to give her a tablet for her birthday (on 13th July) that she can use to play her facebook games. I was just waiting for my back pay to arrive. But it won’t happen anymore because she didn’t even make it on her 63rd birthday. She died and I had regrets for feeling too late on giving my birthday present to her. She’s the one who helped me get through college by providing my daily allowance. I remember that it is because of her that I learned to value money by learning how to budget and save it for future use. She would give me 500 Php on Sunday and would remind me to always save money so that when I have project-related expenses, I won’t have to bug my parents anymore to ask for money because I have savings in my bank account. I still have that ATM savings account with which I opened when I was still in college.
One realization that my Aunt’s sudden passing gave me is to show appreciation and love to the people around you while they are still with you. Communicate with them. I know my Aunt loved us – her nephews and nieces, and her grandchildren from us – in the best way she can. Though I do not live with them anymore, I still feel like missing her. But I know she’s in a better place now. She lived her life serving God and loving her family, and she’s been called by God to come Home to His arms.
It’s always sad to lose someone but if you get to accept that they are in a much safer place where there’s no pain but all happiness and joy, the wound of losing a loved-one will slowly be healed. 🙂
The next week, when we’re about to gather again as a family to pray for my Aunt on her 9th day (“Pa-siyam), my laptop died. Yes, the one that I am using to work at home suddenly just won’t turn on anymore. I feel devastated and scared to lose my client because I do love what I am doing. So to cut the story short, I had to buy another laptop (using the final pay I got from my previous company and a little of my personal savings) before going to the place where I’ll meet my family. I am still thankful that I got some savings to use to buy myself another laptop to use for work. These are just one of the disadvantages of being a work-at-home mom. You have to invest on the gadgets you use so you can assure your client of your efficiency and quality of work. At least I have a better laptop to use now and funny, though, my old laptop went ok after my husband brought it to the ASUS service centre. Haha! At least, I now have a spare laptop to use in times of another unforeseen event. 😛
Come the third week of July, one of my Uncle who I also mentioned above need to go back to the Philippine Hearts Center to undergo his bypass heart operation. The thought of it scared us all in the family. Another challenge has come and we need to survive it. After the operation, my Uncle Edward had excessive bleeding that he needed a lot of blood transfusion. Surprisingly, if you have to buy blood here in the Philippines, you have to be someone who’s rich enough to buy one. Blood bags here in the Philippine are very expensive. And it’s so frustrating and disappointing because we all know that those bags of blood were acquired through donation drives! 🙁 I don’t get it. Of course, there’s storage fee and everything but… We really find the cost way too expensive. My Uncle’s family spent 30-50k on blood transfusion alone (if I am not mistaken). Oh dear… But good thing, we have good samaritans and very good friends who donated blood in the blood bank in exchange for B+ blood type for my Uncle. His condition is now improving. After 3 major operations in a week, he survived it all. And last Sunday, we had the chance to view him at SICU (Surgical Intensive Care Unit) of PHC. We waved at him and he waved back at us then smiled. Seeing him do that gave us a feeling of relief. And I really do hope he’ll recover quickly so we can have another family gathering to at least celebrate the goodness of the Lord to our dear family.
All those things that happened in a month, my Aunt’s passing, my Uncle’s being in a very critical condition and us, his relatives pleading to everyone we know on facebook and twitter to donate blood for our Uncle… All these things I may say brought our family closer to each other and even closer to God. Now we look forward to family gatherings not because there’s a burial or there’s someone in the hospital but because we just want to be by each other’s side as much as we can and have fun – because life is short! I am personally excited about our trip to Sorsogon by next year. And we’re also planning to have another getaway this year may be after my Uncle has finally recovered and restored his health. 🙂
July has been really pretty tough on us. But it also made our family stronger. Family really is, next to God, everything. 🙂
Thank you, Lord, for bringing us all closer to You. And please bless the kind hearts of those who helped us asking nothing in return. You are really amazing for answering Your people’s prayers in Your own special ways.


  1. Yes, it is really very hard to lose someone you hold dear. But life has to go on and we need to be strong no matter what.

    And hey, July is almost over! Let us hope that the coming months will be much easier for you and your family! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I must agree. Everything about life here on earth is nothing but temporary. After all, we’re all destined to go Home din naman. And yes, I look forward to August with more positivity and happiness! 🙂

  2. I always say to myself, pag ako nawalan ng mahal sa buhay, parang hindi ko kakayanin:( pero things needs to be accepted e. Sending prayers for you and family mommy. Stay strong and God will give you strength to move on. Keep on inspiring people.

  3. Life is indeed precious. We must always be vocal about our feelings especially to our love ones.

  4. Condolences. Don’t feel bad that your Aunt didn’t get her gift. I know you’ve always made her happy!
    I hope August will be a better month for you and your family!

  5. I feel you… I lost a friend this July. She’s just 43. My deepest sympathy…

  6. God really is amazing. Condolence to you and to your whole family. Things happen for a reason and it’s always according to God’s plan for us. Keep the faith. God bless!

  7. Oh what a tough month nga! I hope the rest of the year will be better. Prayers for your family and quick healing for your uncles!

  8. My condolences to you and to your family on the passing of your aunt.

    Sometimes, things are rough and as if we can’t take it anymore. Just hang on tight and pray for more patience and wisdom. God doesn’t give us trials that He knows we can’t surpass..

  9. I understand what you mean by being saddened because you simple ran out of time before you could do something for someone you love. My brother suddenly passed away a week before he was going to stay over our house so we could spend time together. He was going through a rough season in his life and it was all I could afford to give him…to open our home and our family to him. But we never got to do it.

  10. Prayers for your family. Everything has a purpose. Your Aunt is surely in a better place now.

  11. I feel you 🙁 I recently lost my best friend and sobra sakit. Pero at the same time ang dami ko natutunan in life para minsan sabi nga nila everything happens for a reason and minsan hindi naten gusto pero it is a way for us to be stronger and teach us a lesson to make us a better person. Wake up call that life is really short so we just have to make the most out of it and do good things for ourselves and others. Praying for your aunt that she may rest in peace and find the gates of heaven.

  12. With all the deaths happening, I already realized that na life is too short and we have to use every minute of it wisely. It made me more forgiving and understanding.

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt. 🙁 I also heard that the husband of a friend died in his sleep also because of heart attack and he was just 24. Waaa. Hoping for your uncle’s speedy recovery. Hugs and prayers for you and your family during such a tough time.

  14. My condolences to your family. It’s a good thing you have savings for that laptop emergency. My July was bit challenging too. But there were many blessings as well.

  15. Our condolences. surely your aunt is enjoying her stay in a place where she wouldnt feel any hurt. And for your uncle, we also pray for his speedy recovery. We will include your family in our prayers. And yes, in times of difficulties, family tends to be more glued together and join forces to survive.

  16. Your positivity amazes me. Challenges, like death or health problems in the family, happen, and sometimes, we really can’t do anything about these. Having a positive attitude in life is what will keep us going.

  17. Pinknomenal

    Condolences. Yes, death is a natural part of life. Let’s just be thankful that we were given some time to be with our loved ones no matter how long or short the time may be.

  18. Condolence, loosing someone that is so dear to you is so hard to accept, but we have to move on. But God has a better plan for all of us, we just need to trust and have faith with Him

  19. Aw sorry sis, condolence to you and your family. But it’s okay because to live is Christ and to die is gain in Phil.1:21. Stay strong if we have regrets in life I’m sure God has a purpose on it for us to realize. God bless you always.

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