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Confessions Of A PTB Disease Survivor + PRESS RELEASE By SHARP Plasmacluster Technology

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Maybe some of my family and friends are a bit shocked by the fact that I was indeed a Pulmonary Tuberculosis survivor. I have to admit that when I learned I have the disease, I was so depressed! The first thoughts I had in mind were:

  • I am going to die!!!
  • I have a contagious disease!
  • Nakakadiri ako, I don’t want to socialize with other people muna…
  • …and so much more of  the negative thoughts.

I actually have no other symptoms aside from gradually losing weight which was I thought, the result of my workout routines and healthy eating. Imagine? I was even trying to be healthy at that time! I have no cough, fever or anything I should be worried of.

But one night, I was having a really bad headache. I can barely do anything so I just went to sleep thinking I would feel better the next day. When I woke up, I had this feeling that there’s some fluid in my throat so I got up and went to the CR. I coughed and a huge amount of blood came out of my mouth.

I paused. I really thought I was going to die because… I JUST COUGHED OUT SO MANY BLOOD, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! OA man, pero sobrang nakakatakot. For all I know, I was trying to live a healthy lifestyle, then there I was, staring in a pool of blood right before my very eyes. Really, really, one of the terrifying moments of my life.

After crying alone in my room, thinking that I have some terminal disease and self-pitying, I’ve finally decided to go to the doctor. And as I narrated to the IM (Internal Medicine) Doctor what just happened to me, I was shaking. She then ordered for lab tests. One she’s keen to have the results as soon as possible was my chest X-Ray. So I complied immediately.

We got the film within that day, too. She then confirmed one of her suspicions that I indeed have Pulmonary Tuberculosis. She said I was actually strong because there were no other symptoms aside from losing weight. If I’ve not spat out blood that morning, then I wouldn’t even know that I was infected. She even said that it might have been that my nose was bleeding the night that I was having a bad headache, but since I was lying down, it flowed back to my throat.

By the way, the infection I had was actually the dormant TB meaning it’s not the infectious strain and I had little chance of passing it to the people around me unless of course, it becomes the active strain. See, I still have a strong immune system then! Thank God!

After 6 months of continuous, DAILY treatment, I recovered from PTB! Yay! I’m a survivor! I have friends who also confessed they caught the disease, and I tried my very best to encourage and advised them because one of the most common thought an infected person has is that they are going to die because of the disease. Hey guys, you won’t. Just look at me. 🙂 I just strictly complied with drinking the prescribed medicines every single day for the whole 6 months, ate healthier meals, no alcohol intake, and the most important of all – REST! I avoided sleeping very late nights as it can weaken the immune system. We all know that.

Anyway, because I am a survivor, it’s been one of my advocacies to spread awareness. Pulmonary Tuberculosis is a terrifying, DEADLY disease, but the good news is, it’s also treatable and actually preventable only if you’d be cautious with how you live your life today! So I urge you to exercise and eat healthy and real food! Also, erase the bad thoughts away kasi stress lang yan! Nakakahina ng resistensya ang s-t-r-e-s-s. 😀

You may read below an awesome technology by SHARP which is proven to decrease the risk of Pulmonary TB Infection.

Plasmacluster Ion Technology Proven to Decrease Risk of Tuberculosis Infection


Manila, Philippines—Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that mostly affects the lung area. Its person-to-person spread can be attributed to whenever an infected person coughs, sneezes, spits, or even talks, and subsequently transfers microscopic saliva droplets to the air where they can be inhaled by anyone nearby.

The disease is still hitting the country hard with over 290,000 Filipino victims every year. The World Health Organization has confirmed a total number of 9 million cases worldwide with yearly death tolls reaching up to 1.5 million.

Developing countries like the Philippines are still the ones heavily affected by this disease and the fight for its total wipe-out is a movement that should involve different institutions—from the government, to the academe, and down to private organizations and corporations.

This year, Sharp, together with the WHO Global Health Workforce Alliance National Center of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, has put together a team of experts to test and study the power of the Plasmacluster Ion Technology in preventing the spread and infection of Tuberculosis. Plasmacluster Ion Technology, or PCI, is Sharp’s proprietary air purifying technology that uses positive and negative ions to deactivate the effects of airborne viruses, bacteria, allergens and microbes by up to 99%.

For the study, 140 Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology devices were placed inside a special Tuberculosis hospital in Tbilisi, Georgia. Both healthcare workers and patients were requested to join and participate.


The healthcare workers who were initially tested to be negative carriers of Tuberculosis became the first core group of participants. To check the effectivity of the devices, they were once again tested for any TB infections 8 months after the installation.

For the 155 Tuberculosis culture positive patients, 49 were intially found without ADR (Acquired Drug Resistance)1 after the intitial Drug Susceptibility Test2. These 49 patients soon underwent the Plasmacluster Ion Technology trial—this time to determine its efficacy in preventing ADR in TB culture positive patients.

For both groups, the experiment came in with favorable results. The Plasmacluster Ion Technology reduced the risk of healthcare workers to carry the Tuberculosis bacteria. Only 1 out of 10 workers in the PCI-protected area tested as a positive carrier while rooms without PCI resulted to 6 out of 15 positive carriers.

There was also a reduction in number of patients with Acquired Drug Resistance from the Plasmacluster Ion Technology-equipped room with only 1 out of 25 patients compared to the 4 out of 19 affected patients in rooms without the devices.

These results only prove that the Plasmacluster Ion Technology truly helps decrease the continued spread of the Tuberculosis bacteria and helps culture positive patients avoid ADR. Given these impressive findings, the clinical study will be presented during the 21st Congress of Asian Pacific Society of Respirology this coming November 2016.


With over 28 academic trials executed over the years, the Plasmacluster Ion Technology has already proven itself effective in reducing the spread of other hazardous substances such as influenza virus, drug-resistant bacteria, and mite allergens. It even lessens the risk of tracheal inflammation in childhood asthma patients.

Since 2000, Sharp’s involvement in various testings only attest to their dedication and passion in affirming the Plasmacluster Ion Technology’s effectiveness in keeping people around the globe safe and secure. With this vision, Sharp will continue to challenge and test its own engineering to further serve the population better.

Know more about the Plasmacluster Ion Technology by visiting and follow us on Facebook (Sharp Philippines) and Instagram (

1 ADR is the ability of microorganisms to resist antimicrobial agents in which it was initially susceptible.

2 Drug Susceptibility Test or DST is a test used to determine the correct medicine to administer to patients who carry the TB bacteria.



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  1. rollcoastermom

    If I were in your shoes I would have been scared too. I know nothing about tuberculosis but this post of yours gave me much needed information. Good to know you have been cured! 🙂

  2. There are diseases that have no symptoms at all or if meron man, you won’t think na malala sakit mo. Good to know that you are ok now. I agree, PTB is curable and preventable now, siguro kung decades ago, deadly disease talaga siya.

  3. Just recently we thought my father-in-law has PTB but thank God it’s not. People must be educated with such information about PTB. Most of the people kasi think it’s not curable and deadly agad. Thumbs for Sharp for this good cause.

  4. I salute your for surviving. Such an inspiring story. I also love how Sharp was able to drvelop such a very useful tool for medical practitioners and patients. 🙂

  5. I love how Sharp thinks of ways to improve the lives and standard of living of people. Would love to have this kind of appliance at home as well. And yes, thank you as well for orienting me about TB.

  6. What a scary thing to have experienced! I’m glad to hear that you surpassed it. I wonder how much the Sharp plasmacluster costs. Is it for home use also?

  7. I am happy for you! You’re strong ang brave! I would certainly feel scared and anxious if that happens to me too. TB is something that I was also scared of when I was young coz I really thought it’s incurable! Stay healthy sis, I’m sure nakatulong talaga yan sa pagrecover mo.

  8. Oh if I were in your shoes, I will get scared also. Before kasi akala ng iba hindi nagagamot TB at least your okay now

  9. Oh I salute your courage and determination to overcome this. It’s really a scary thing but God is always there for you to heal your TB. Stay healthy sis and sana tuloy tuloy na ang recovery mo. God bless.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 TB is scary talaga but good thing it’s curable. 🙂

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