Why I stopped writing and why I opt to blog once more.

So this is it. I’m back! 🙂 It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a blog. This is my first and my come-back-to-writing post on my new blog! I just woke up this morning feeling so new so I signed up here in wordpress and made a new blog! It was two years ago since I stopped blogging.

First, because my thoughts are really clattered and it feels like all of it are just plain trash. I cannot even come up with a good post (even just a title!) or anything that’s worth reading at all (even a bit!). I felt senseless and stupid, really!

Another thing that hindered me from writing again was because I became afraid to open up. A lot of times I’ve been criticized and looked down to by most judgmental human being (not that I wanted to be superior or what). I was belittled and it took away the little confidence I have in myself. It made me feel that I was up to no good and I was helpless… and hopeless… and <insert-more-negativity-here>… I was awful! I was bullied. I was anxious. Then I felt really bad (or even worse, to put it all to words). So I stopped writing ‘coz all I have in mind was pure negativity about myself. And I am not proud of most of the things in my life that I don’t want to share it to anyone. I became afraid i’ll be once again misunderstood and misjudged. Na-duwag ako, in short.

Lastly, I just became so busy in the corporate world that I can’t give myself some “me-time”. Hindi ko ma-gather lahat ng nasa isip ko sa sobrang dami! HAHA!

So, I stopped from writing. I stopped sharing. I stopped… being me. And now, this blog will be my come back. Not to bring back the old me, but to introduce the bolder and stronger me molded by the experiences and failures I have had in my life. As of this post I am now 22, and I believe that I am more mature and independent now. As I grow old, I hope to grow up, too! Right now, I’m opening “my book” once again and I am ready to share my journey, my dreams and aspirations, my randomness to everyone who’s gonna bump into my blog. I can’t promise to share it all, and I don’t intend to. But I aim to be true, positive and carefree! 🙂 I aim to radiate nothing but positivity and happiness. So I will. 😉

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