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Writer’s Forum and Blog Sharing Meetup Experience!

Until now, I am still overwhelmed (in a very good way) with the recent Writer’s Forum and Blog Sharing Meetup I attended just last Sunday, November 20, 2016. You know, as an introvert momma, it helps that I get to attend small group sessions because I tend to shy away and keep my thoughts to myself sometimes when I am with a big bunch of people. Especially with the people  whom I do not personally know! Haha! So it’s actually a big challenge for me when I am about to socialize with other people.

But because I love attending self and career improvement events, talk or sessions, I took the leap of faith and attended The Writer’s Forum and Blog Sharing Meetup headed by The Youthful Granny VA – Liberty Arriola Baldovino, and The Email Copywriter Guru – John Pagulayan.

It just happened that one night, as I lurk into the group’s feed on Facebook, I stumbled upon John’s post inviting about 11-15 people to join him on the 20th of November for some sharing session about freelancing. His main objective was to actually share with his co-freelancers some tips and strategies on how to earn more and thrive with their freelancing careers.

He actually got my full attention and interest when he said that his invite is intended for those who are struggling with their freelancing careers! Because that is SO ME! Lol. At least, I know that it won’t be a conversation over a coffee about joining a pyramiding or networking company. Hahaha!

Since the meetup will fall on a Sunday and I have no other major events to attend on that day, I immediately typed in the words I’m in! I also tagged my BFF – Genesis, so that in case she’s also free on that day, we can go together! And yay, good thing she said yes, too!

The meetup was set to happen at 1PM in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in SM Megamall. Genesis and I arrived just in time and we were then greeted with warm hellos from our co-freelancers. 🙂

Writer's Forum and Blog Sharing Meetup Experience
Me and Gen with Thea – one of the admins of Online Freelancing Filipino Community in Facebook. Photo grabbed from TYG.
Writer's Forum and Blog Sharing Meetup Experience
R-L: Elois, Charm, Gen, Me and Thea
Photo grabbed from Ate Milay 🙂

Most of the attendees are women (girl power!) and the space in CBTL seems small for us so they’ve decided that we transfer to Starbucks in Megamall instead.

Writer's Forum and Blog Sharing Meetup Experience
Mariane on my right! 🙂 Photo grabbed from Ate Milay.

Because we transferred to another venue, we weren’t able to start on time as agreed. But it gave us an opportunity to have a chit-chat with other freelancers (some are also mommies already) before the sharing session starts. And we’re also waiting for the free drinks (care of the generous Email Copywriter Guru himself! Thanks, John! May free session na nga, may free drinks pa!) so we had some spare time to get a glimpse of what some of us do and why we’re attending the meetup.

Writer's Forum and Blog Sharing Meetup Experience
Photo with TYG – Mommy Liberty! Yay! Photo grabbed from Ate Milay.

When the drinks have arrived, the session also started. As I know I will be learning so much from the small talk, I brought a pen and a notebook with me to write down notes. And good thing I did! 🙂

John talked about the foundations of a successful freelancing career. I’ve written a lot of his insights which he just learned along the way – as he grows in the freelancing industry. All that he said (which I will be writing on another post 😉 ) really made sense. I have so many aha! moments and realizations but what I really learned during the whole session is this:

Believe me. I do not know how to sell myself – my skills. I do not even see myself being in the sales industry. I’ve been also asking myself, what are really my skills? Haha! But after the talk, I just realized, that even the clients I’ve met have this one trait. They are Entrepreneurs. They have guts to thrive and succeed in whatever they do.

Now, I feel challenged to adapt to the Entrepreneurial mindset. Actually, I have to learn and apply it in my life. Kailangang lakasan ko ang loob ko! Hahaha!

I am just so grateful that I’ve been given a chance to join the small group talk. I now feel inspired more than ever!

Writer's Forum and Blog Sharing Meetup Experience
Nice to meet you Co-Freelancers and Virtual Professionals! Photo grabbed from TYG.

Thank you again to Liberty and John P.! I really enjoyed meeting you guys, along with the other Virtual Professionals! I still feel hyped-up at the thought that I, too, will someday become a high-earning entrepreneur! Good luck to all of us and God bless!

P.S. Hey readers, if you want to know more about Liberty, head on to her site > The Youthful Granny VA. I’ve been following her site ever since I started my work-at-home journey. 🙂 And if you want to hear more about John P., and what he really does, watch the FBP Episode 119 podcast in Freelance Blend by Marv de Leon entitled How To Become A 7-Figure Freelancer. You surely will enjoy and learn a lot. Enjoy! 🙂

And if you’re a writer or blogger, you may join this fun-loving writer’s group in Facebook > Writer’s Forum and Blog Sharing Group.


  1. I joined the group! Thanks for sharing! I actually read TYG’s post about this when you shared it on FB. And I thought, wow, that’s really cool! 😀 I hope to learn more too. ♥

    1. The Writer’s group is an awesome group! I’m glad you joined it. May sharing of tips rin doon. At minsan blog sharing din. 🙂

  2. Wow, it is really nice to attend events or sessions like this. Free session + Free Coffee + you learn more about freelancing. I don’t really have time in attending events so I always look for free webinars na lang so I can enhance my knowledge.

    1. It’s worth the time talaga pag mga ganitong session na all about learning and meant for self or career improvement. Webinars are great, too! Especially for us moms! 😀

  3. attending workshops is something I like. nakakatuwa to learn a lot from people who we see as “experts” in their fields. inspiring too na tipong i want to be like them someday.

    1. Agree! Nakaka-inspire and nakaka-motivate kapag may mga nakikilala tayong mga “experts” diba? And the best is, they encourage you to do the same. They’re not madamot. They share their knowledge with a sole, good intention and that is to help. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a very interesting meetup ha. And what a generous host. I’m a VA too, and it’s great that you have a support community. It helps.

    1. Hello fellow Mommy Bloggery May and fellow VA! 🙂 Yes, maganda ngang may support community like this. They love sharing tips in the group which really helps each and one another grow in their field as a freelance professional! 🙂

  5. Uy that’s my type of event! You know, I really believe that for one to be successful in one venture, he needs to have a successful mentor, too. So good move!

    1. Tama! And it helps na may iba’t ibang mentor in different areas of our lives, diba? Be it spiritual, personal or career.

  6. I haven’t tried joining meetups like this. Ang saya! I’d love to join the group, as I am now a SAHM and love to know more about working at home. ?

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